Can Cats and Rabbits Breed?


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Surprisingly, a male rabbit and a female cat can interbreed – though the cross-breed is an incredibly rare occurrence due to their different genera. Because of the discrepancy in chromosome numbers between rabbits and cats, it’s impossible for a male rabbit to fertilize a female cat’s eggs; even if impregnation was successful, the resulting offspring would be infertile.

Can Female Cats and Male Rabbits Mate?

Many animal breeders have asked if rabbits and cats can mate, but the answer is unfortunately no. Although there are some exceptional cases to this rule, it’s generally impossible for these animals to reproduce due to their incompatible chromosome number; cats normally possess 19 chromosomes while rabbits typically contain either 16 or 18 pairs of chromosomes. Hence, mismatched pairings make it infeasible for them to produce offspring together.

Nevertheless, hybrid animals like the liger (the result of mating a male lion and a female tiger) can be seen in their natural habitats. This is because two wild creatures from the same genus have been known to crossbreed naturally. Unfortunately, rabbits and cats are not from the same gene pool – hence making this combination impossible.

While rabbits and cats can be kept as pets together, this doesn’t necessarily suggest that they are mating. Should a male bunny and female cat live in close quarters, it is very improbable for them to procreate- though romantic relations may come into play.

Can a Male Cat and a Female Rabbit Mate?

The simple answer to this question is no. While such hybrids have been known to exist in the wild, such occurrences are extremely rare, and such animals have almost always been sterile.

Even though it is exceptionally unlikely, if a male cat and female bunny were to breed, their offspring would be unable to survive due to the incompatible genetic profiles of these species. The differences between rabbits and cats are so profound that any progeny resulting from such an unnatural union could never become fruitful.

However, if you’re looking for unusual hybrids, there is such a thing as a ‘buck rabbit’. This type of hybrid animal is a cross between a buck deer and a tailless manx feline, and such a pairing is possible due to their close genetic profiles. These animals are not sterile and can reproduce; however, their offspring would be nonviable if they were to breed together. Consequently, rearing them is highly discouraged.

Does a Cat and Rabbit Hybrid Exist?

Despite rabbits and cats being closely related and able to interbreed, there is no known case of a hybrid between these species. For centuries though accounts exist of a mythical creature called ‘cabbit’, consisting of the front half from cat genes and the lower one from rabbit DNA.

Unfortunately, no scientific evidence or proof of this creature exists, and the cabbit is likely a legend. Hybrids between closely related species (such as lions and tigers) are possible, and there are examples of this in the wild, but a cat and rabbit hybrid is biologically unlikely.

Despite the absence of proof or accounts, fantasy world stories and films have continued to portray the cabbit – a hybrid creature of the crossbreed made up of a cat’s head, torso, and hind feet with rabbit back legs.

Reasons Why a Rabbit and a Cat Can’t Mate?

Interbreeding between pet rabbit and cat is not possible, as they are of two distinct animal species: Felidae for cat species, and Leporidae for rabbits. To make matters worse, domestic bunny breeds usually consist only of does (females), while pet felines commonly take the form of toms (males).

Further compounding this issue is the fact that bucks – buck rabbits male – are much larger than their female counterparts; thus making even physical mating impossible. Even if by some miracle a cat and rabbit did mate successfully, any resulting offspring would be unable to thrive due to an incompatibility in genetic inheritance.

Let’s discuss the reasons in detail.

Two Different Species

Different species, such as rabbits and cats, can be a difficult endeavor due to the contrasting physical features that each possesses. For instance, cats are renowned for their small hind legs which limit their mobility while rabbits boast long hind legs enabling them to jump and run at an impressive speed. This single difference makes it virtually impossible for them to mate successfully because different kinds of animals commonly need distinct mating rituals in order for mating to take place.

Manx cats possess a distinct genetic mutation that allows them to have unusually longer hind legs, making it theoretically possible for these felines to interbreed with rabbits. However, due to the contrast in species between Manx cats and bunnies, this would not be able to work out in reality.

Different Reproductive Systems

Unlike cats, rabbits have a distinct reproductive system that contains an extraordinary organ known as the cloaca. It’s a single area where urine, feces, and reproductive organs come together to facilitate reproduction. Despite their close resemblance relationship-wise, rabbits and cats are incredibly different species in this regard and are distantly related.

Cats are distinct from other animals in that their reproductive and excretory systems are entirely separate. The organs of their reproductive system, such as ovaries, testicles, and penis, facilitate the production of offspring while their bladder and kidneys assist with the removal of waste products.

The physical difference between rabbits and cats can be a hindrance when it comes to successful reproduction. For example, male cats are more likely to suffer from radial hypoplasia which causes their rear legs to be shorter than normal. This restricts the ability of these felines to mate with rabbits since they require an appropriate level of mobility in order for mating to take place successfully.

Unsuitable Mating of These Two Animals

Interbreeding rabbits and cats can be hazardous for their health, leading to genetic defects or even the death of the babies. For this reason, it is strongly advised against such mating practices. Rather than attempting to adopt a manx gene cat through interbreeding, consult your local veterinarian on which traditional breeds are available instead.

Miracle aside, it is unattainable for rabbits and domestic cats to make viable offspring due to the severe incompatibility between their genetic inheritance in nature. Not only could such a mismatched mating lead to fatal defects in kittens, but any potential resulting babies would be unable to survive in either undomesticated or domestic settings since they possess entirely different sets of genes. Therefore, this mating should not be attempted as it can have serious repercussions on both animals involved.

Gestation Period

The length of the gestation period for mammals influences the inefficacy of rabbits and cats mating. Cats sexually develop within 6-10 months, allowing them to breed at that age; whereas, a rabbit needs to wait until they are about six months old before being mature enough for mating. Therefore, sexual maturity disparity makes it impossible for these two species to interbreed successfully.

Given that the gestational period for rabbits and domestic cats greatly varies in duration, it is nearly impossible for them to breed together productively. A rabbit requires a much longer gestation than what a cat needs, therefore one species’ reproductive process will not be recognized by the other. In this way, rabbits and cats cannot breed successfully due to the differences in their reproductive systems and gestation periods.

Scientific Evidence

Scientific study has cast serious doubt on the plausibility of mating rabbits and cats. While in theory, this type of hybridization may be possible, practically speaking it is highly unlikely that viable progeny would result from such a union.

The reproductive systems and time for gestation of rabbits and cats vary too greatly for successful interbreeding, which is why scientific research does not corroborate the mating of these two species.

But that’s not all – attempting to combine them could put both animals in peril due to potential genetic flaws present in any hybrid descendants. To avoid such dire circumstances, it is best practice to keep rabbits and cats separate from one another when hybrids.

Genetically Impossible

Because of their distinct genetics and such things, such as the length of the tail, accepted species, gestation periods, and cats’ radial hypoplasia, it is not possible for rabbits and cats to breed with one another.

As a result of potential genetic defects and lack of scientific proof, interbreeding different animals can be incredibly dangerous for both species. To ensure their well-being and support successful matings hybrids, it is in the animals’ best interest to stick with mating within established species.

Birth of Viable Offspring is Impossible

It is scientifically impossible for rabbits and cats to successfully interbreed; their reproductive systems are too incompatible. Moreover, the gestation period discrepancy between these species means that viable hybrids would be almost unimaginable due to potential genetic defects. Sadly, no existing evidence exists which could refute this statement.

To ensure the safety and health of animals bred in hybrids form, it is recommended to stick with traditional breeds. If you have any queries or concerns about this process, reach out to your local vet for assistance. Mating rabbits and cats together are not rocket science; it simply isn’t possible. As a result, any efforts to mate should be strictly avoided.

What Does the Manx Cat Club Say About the Breeding of Rabbit and Cat?

As a registered breeder of both rabbits and cats, the Manx Cat Club is dedicated to providing quality pets for families. Additionally, this member organization of the International Cat Association (TICA) ensures that all animals are given only the best care.

By owning a few certificates from the Manx Cat Club, you can rest easy knowing that these animals were responsibly and compassionately bred. Plus, rigorous genetic health testing is performed to identify any medical issues early on. The Club stands out as an exemplary leader in cat and rabbit mating due to its unwavering commitment to providing every animal with optimal living conditions.

The club also offers information about other animals, such as ferrets, hamsters, and guinea pigs. They have a wide selection of registered breeders who specialize in these other species. Moreover, the Club works together with animal welfare specialists including Sarah Hartwell to provide application assistance on how to properly take care of your furry friend and other animals.

In addition to helping you find a registered and responsible breeder, the Club also encourages owners to get involved in the show ring. This organization allows members to proudly display their rabbits and cats by entering them into organized events – a great opportunity for pet owners everywhere! Showcasing your pets in these events not only brings attention to their breed but also demonstrates the exemplary behavior of your animals. Don’t miss out on this chance for recognition!

What Do Scientists Say About the Mating of Rabbits and Cats?

Reports of animals across species lines forming familial structures are few and far between, with no scientific proof to back up that these creatures can successfully mate and produce progeny.

In 2015, a New Mexico ranch made the claim of interbreeding amongst its animal population; however, this report was unsubstantiated as there were neither inspections nor documentary proof. The web page is no longer active after both the critters and their home were removed from view.

It is no secret that rabbits and cats are often seen as animals adopted for convenience, specifically bred for companionship. Through cross-mating these both species, we have witnessed the emergence of traits like short tails and long and soft fur. However, despite this growing trend in animal crossbreeding, there remains to be a lack of scientific proof proving rabbits and cats can successfully mate in nature.


The pictures of cats and rabbits breeding have been proven to be false. Although cats can sometimes mate with other animals, such as ferrets, interbreeding between cats and rabbits is impossible. There have been some cases of a cat called the Bengal Cat interbreeding with an undomesticated rabbit species, but this does not mean that ordinary domestic cats and rabbits can breed together successfully. Consequently, it is safe to say that cats and rabbits cannot mate.

Therefore, pictures of cats and rabbits mating are fictitious – do not be fooled by them! Cats and bunnies cannot interbreed in the wild or captivity due to their distinctive physiological characteristics. It is a total fabrication that they can effectively mate with one another, let alone give birth to young ones.