What is the Largest Rabbit Breed?


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Did you know that some of the large rabbit breed out there, as recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, are Flemish Giants, French Lops, and Checkered Giants? These large breeds can grow up to an impressive 4 feet long and weigh between 9-12 pounds on average.

Let’s find out more about the top 10 large rabbits in the world.

Flemish Giant

Believed to have been bred as early as the 16th century in Belgium, Flemish giant rabbits are one of the oldest giant rabbit breeds. Initially raised for their meat and fur, these magnificent bunnies have endured centuries of admiration – making them a timeless favorite today. The flemish giant rabbit breed is revered for its enormous size and amiable personality, reaching a staggering 20 pounds in weight and 28 inches in length.

As the world’s largest rabbit breed, the gentle temperament Flemish giants make ideal pets for families or individuals alike due to their gentle natures. What’s more, the flemish giant rabbit comes in four recognized colors – black, blue, fawn, and sandy – making them an even more attractive companion! Flemish giant rabbit breeds are thought to be originated from stone rabbits.

These massive rabbits have personalities that make them incredibly lovable, and their intelligence only amplifies this. With the right care and socialization, they can understand simple commands and even enjoy adopting them as pet rabbits. They are deeply devoted to those who take care of them with love, making them one-of-a-kind companions for a special connection.

French Lop

Originating in France during the mid-1800s, French lop rabbits were originally bred with the intention of developing a massive-size breed. They are considered one of the biggest domestic rabbit types and can reach an impressive weight that ranges from 4 – 5 kg (8.8 – 11 lbs). With their bulky physique and short, thick fur along with drooping ears, these rabbits have become popular among pet owners all over the world.

French Lop rabbits are excellent family pets, providing an endearing display of affection that is accompanied by their laid-back personalities. However, the french lop gentle giant requires plenty of space to roam and play; so make sure you have room for it! Moreover, due to their size, they must be handled with caution – especially when it comes to kids’ interactions.

The French lop’s distinctive features are some of its most recognizable attributes. Its long, inward-curving, and downward-facing ears give it a delicate butterfly shape that has been dubbed the bunny ‘butterfly rabbit’. This gentle giant also showcases a luxuriously thick coat with hues of grey, black, and white reminiscent of French royalty.

Checkered Giants

These spotted rabbits are renowned for their black-and-white fur, as well as their thick and long guard hairs. Despite being of average size and dense thick coats, these checkered giant rabbits give off an incredibly impressive appearance that is seemingly larger than life.

These giant rabbits are known for their nervous temperament, which can cause the rabbit to tremble and shake when facing unfamiliar faces, so it is critical for potential owners of the checkered giant rabbit breed to be consistent and confident during their interactions with the rabbit in order for it to get acclimated with its new surroundings.

Checkered giant rabbits were bred for meat, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer to consume rabbit meat. Generally speaking, cows are ready for slaughter at about 8 months of age; however, they can be bred as soon as 4 months, making them a viable option for those looking to raise cattle. The checkered giant rabbit’s endearing character is further accentuated by its erect, floppy ears that make it stand apart from the rest.

Giant Chinchilla

A giant chinchilla is a million-dollar princess in the rabbit world. It is one of the largest breeds of domestic rabbits, weighing up to 10 kilograms when fully grown. This rabbit is an absolute charmer, with a vibrant and extroverted personality. These rabbit breeds are incredibly friendly and have playful nature with their owners as well as other pets in the house, making them a perfect choice for any home!

Boasting a luxurious two-layered coat of dense fur that is soft to the touch, the giant chinchilla makes an excellent companion for those who can offer it plenty of space and love. The great chinchillas are the breeds of rabbits, these world’s true darlings come in several colors from black, grey, white, and tan – all sure to bring joy into your life! With proper care provided over time, these gentle giants may live up to 10 years or more.

Giant chinchillas make for delightful family pets because they have a gentle temperament, and require proper grooming as well as a nutritious diet. Furthermore, their young age makes them the perfect pet for small kids – they are always calm and amiable. Moreover, these animals boast an impressive bone mass that ensures safe handling without risking any harm!

Hungarian Giant Rabbit

The Hungarian Giant is a robust breed of rabbit perfect for showmanship. On average, these rabbits have an 8 to 10-pound frame and take long strides with their muscular body shapes- making them a favorite amongst the domesticated bunny population. The Hungarian giant is a gentle and fun-loving breed of dog, recognized for its large ears that can extend up to four inches in length.

Its medium-length fur and long legs make it an endearing pet perfect for families looking for companionship. This particular breed of rabbit hails from Hungary, where it first graced the scene in the mid-1800s and quickly became favored for its glossy coat, as well as its succulent meat.

Hungarian giant rabbit breeds come with a unique blend of colors ranging from dark fawn to brownish black; they also have one other quality that sets them apart: they are some of the largest breeds around! This makes them ideal not only for fur and meat production but also adds a touch of luxury to any home. Plus, their tasty meat provides an abundance of nutritional value – making these bunnies even more desirable!

Continental Giants

These medium-sized dog breeds were first created in continental Europe and are well known for their size, long legs, and unbeatable speed. Not only do continental giant rabbits run with ease but they can also be trained to execute a variety of tasks due to their impressive intelligence. These pups master agility drills, obedience exercises, guard duties, and more with minimal effort making them an ideal pet choice!

With short fur that comes in an array of colors, these adorable bunnies are a sight to behold. Different types of originally bred continental giants can be found all over Europe and can weigh between 6 – 8 kgs depending on the breed. Continental giants have become a more popular choice for pet owners than other animals and researchers alike due to their impressive health, dense fur, and special features.

Their strong bones and fluffy coat help them regulate temperature; meanwhile, the large ears make them ideal subjects for all sorts of scientific experiments, from nutrition analysis to genetics studies. All these remarkable qualities combined together make continental giants an excellent source of valuable data!

Spanish Giant

Excellent pets, Spanish Giants are an admirable breed of pet rabbits with a weight that can reach up to 10-15 pounds – impressively large size for any domestic rabbit. They boast distinct features such as large heads, floppy ears, and sturdy hind legs.

Additionally, their coat is wonderfully smooth and dense with vibrant luster in varying shades of black, blue, or brown. As Spanish giant rabbits are fairly sizable, these large breed rabbits need a spacious and comfortable hutch to roam around in.

Additionally, hay and fresh vegetables should be provided as part of their balanced diet. Not only that, but these hardy-breed bunnies have gentle temperaments which make them perfect companions for both children and adults alike!

British Giant

These giant rabbit breeds are tremendous in size, with some breeds growing up to a whopping 20 pounds! The soft and glossy coat comes in a variety of colors – from black to white, gray, and even brown. Not only that but these gentle giants possess sweet-natured personalities which make them ideal companions as pets.

To maintain optimal health and strength, British giant rabbits need lots of room to roam. Therefore, a spacious hutch or cage is required for them as well as access to an enclosure that’s secure yet provides them ample freedom.

Regular exercise should also be provided so they can stretch their legs daily – this will contribute significantly to the animal’s well-being! Their dense coats require regular grooming to ensure they remain in good condition. These are excellent pets for first-time largest rabbit owners.

Giant Angora

Giant angoras are the biggest of all angora breeds, with bucks weighing up to 10 pounds and about 8 pounds. Not only do these rabbits have thick, velvety fur and light pink eyes but they can also generate hefty amounts of wool for those looking to harvest their own Angora wool. Consequently, Giant Angoras make an ideal option for harvesting purposes as compared to other varieties of angora rabbits.

Their long coats require regular brushing to prevent matting and tangling, and they are also prone to shedding during the summer months. Because of this dense coat, they are more sensitive to extreme temperatures than other breeds and should be provided with a well-insulated hutch.

Giant Papillons

These are the largest breed of papillon and make good pets. Stunningly beautiful, Giant Papillons boast an opulent coat that comes in a spectrum of colors and patterns. This medium-sized breed’s length is typically between 20 to 30 pounds with a standing height of up to 15 inches.

With ears elongated like points that cascade down the sides of their heads, as well as thick fur around their necks, these canines are delightful companions – agile and devoted creatures who bring joy into any home they enter! These dogs boast a luxurious coat of plush velvet and silk fur in an array of colors from white to black, plus sable and tri-colors.


While there are several breed varieties of giant bunny, Flemish Giants are considered the largest breed of rabbit. They can grow to be quite large and require a lot of space, care, and attention in order to remain healthy. With the right care, Flemish Giants make great pets and can provide lots of love and companionship for many years.