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About Rabbitology

Rabbitology is a site where one can find articles about rabbits. It is all about their behavior, eating habits, body language, etc. Rabbitology creates an opportunity to decide if anyone is confused about having a rabbit as a pet.

There are many Q&A sites that don’t help much and sometimes you are puzzled about finding the right information.

Don’t worry, Rabbitology is here by your side where you can find accurate answers. Stick with us for more updates and articles about your favorite animal.

About the Author

Hey there, I am AR Dipro, the author of these articles you visit here. I am having some pet rabbits for more than a year.

As it was the first time for me to have a rabbit as a pet, I found many difficulties also I had fun with my bunny. I found many interesting facts about rabbits.

There were days when my bunny was sick and sometimes it was behaving unusually. I had to call vet doctors, checking the quora sites, and other answer-question sites related to rabbits.

But it took time and sometimes a situation came I couldn’t find the right answers for my bunny. From then I was thinking about what if I start writing my own blog site about rabbits and all the other experiences I have met.

I shared the idea with my friends and colleagues. They really hit it. I started my journey with an Instagram page. There I found many friends and noticed other rabbits carefully.

The articles you find here is kind of a result of my studying and thinking. I tried to find out the most accurate information and took a survey when I was ready to write about an article.

Sometimes it takes more time than I guess. So if the updates are late, please don’t be hard with me. Consider that your favorite rabbitology is getting a new article with lots of new information.

If you have any Questions of Preference feel free to contact with us.