Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?


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Are you curious if rabbits can consume toilet paper rolls? You’re not alone! This is a query that many rabbit owners have, and in this blog post, we will provide the answer to your question as well as some additional facts about what bunnies are able to eat.

Can Rabbits Eat Toilet Paper Rolls?

Adorable, cuddly rabbits make fantastic pets – but if you’re thinking of welcoming one into your home, be sure to research thoroughly first. Are other animals in the house? Is there enough space for them all? One frequent question is: can rabbits eat toilet paper rolls? Before bringing a rabbit home, it’s essential to ensure that it will have everything they need and are compatible with any existing family members.

Absolutely, rabbits can munch on toilet paper rolls! Not only will these tubes offer them the much-needed fiber and stimulation that they crave, but your rabbit is sure to enjoy it too. Just make certain to keep an eye out so they don’t overindulge; eating excessive amounts of this type of material might result in digestion issues for the furry critter. So give your rabbit a treat – provide him with a fun toilet paper roll today!

Can Rabbits Eat An Empty Toilet Paper Roll?

Of course, you can offer your rabbit toilet paper rolls as a snack! Not only are they enjoyable to chew on, but these items help maintain your bunny’s teeth in tip-top condition. Just double-check that the roll does not contain any plastic or metal before serving it up – then let them enjoy their treat!

Can Rabbits Eat Cardboard Boxes?

Absolutely! Cardboard boxes are a great treat for rabbits, as they provide them with essential fiber to keep their digestive systems running smoothly. Plus, it’s an excellent source of enrichment – just make sure the box doesn’t have any sharp edges or harmful chemicals that could be toxic.

Furthermore, don’t give your bunny too much cardboard as it can cause dental issues. If you’re uncertain about what kind of cardboard is safe for them, consult with a trusted veterinarian to ensure the health and safety of your rabbit.

If you are looking for a unique snack to give your rabbit, why not try out recycled toilet paper rolls? Just be sure the roll is made with 100% recycled materials and without any toxic chemicals. Your bunny will love it!

If in doubt, speak to your vet about what types of toilet paper are safe for your rabbit. Too much can cause issues with their teeth, so it’s best to be cautious when feeding them this type of material.

Are Cardboard Boxes Good For Rabbits?

Cardboard boxes are the perfect playground for any bunny! Not only do they provide shelter, but you can also create huts to give your furry friend a hiding spot. Bunnies love jumping on trays and chewing cardboard with their teeth, so why not make it even more fun by adding some big bags or putting them in an outdoor space? With just a few simple supplies, you’ll have an ultimate playhouse that will keep your pet entertained for hours!

When is Cardboard Dangerous?

Even if you don’t possess a flawless piece of paper, it can still be complicated to keep your rabbits in the box without using any cardboard. As I mentioned before, it is difficult for you to take away potentially hazardous accessories such as staple tape.

Eating Too Much Cardboard

Cardboard may seem harmless, but its nutritional value is not sufficient for your rabbit’s overall health. To ensure that your bunny stays healthy and fit, it’s best to limit the consumption of cardboard as much as possible. Consider providing some different types of toys or objects such as wooden chew toys instead – these will take longer to eat so they can’t consume all at once! Your rabbits are sure to love them just the same!

Glossy Or Colored Cardboard

It is vital to observe which boxes the rabbit gets ahold of, as certain inks can be hazardous for your cat’s health. Be wary and avoid any cereals or other products that contain glossy coverings; books and magazines are not exempt from this either. If you find that the rabbit has dug out these items, it would be best to take them away immediately to prevent any further risk. To ensure your pet’s safety, abstain from purchasing anything that may put rabbits at risk.

Is Toilet Paper Roll Safe for Rabbits?

Absolutely – but with a few words of caution. Before feeding your rabbit the toilet paper roll, make sure that there is no plastic or metal on it which could pose harm to them.

Additionally, only offer a paper towel roll to your bunny as an infrequent treat; too much of anything will not be good for them! Always make sure that the toilet paper roll is free from any dangerous chemicals.

Ensure your rabbit has a variety of items to chew on, including hay, fresh vegetables, and specially designed wooden toys for rabbits. This will help keep their teeth healthy and give them something to play with.

Why Do Rabbits Like To Chew?

New rabbit owners are often taken aback when they realize their furry friend’s insatiable appetite for chewing. You see, rabbits are herbivores and only consume plant-based food; however, this doesn’t stop them from exploring their environment by nibbling on items within reach – furniture, drapes, or even floorboards! So if you plan to adopt a bunny into your home soon, make sure you keep all potential chewable out of sight and out of mind.

A harrowing issue exists with certain materials that could be detrimental to your rabbit’s health if ingested. From severe problems, to potential stomach blockages, even innocent snouting at items in your home can result in costly damages. Therefore it is essential you are aware of what is safe for your bunny and keep anything hazardous out of reach.

Other Chew Toys For Rabbits

Chewing can offer your rabbit an excellent cognitive workout! To keep them engaged, try to provide multiple options and rotate their toys regularly. Wooden chewing toys are a great way to get started!

If you’re looking for pet toys, there are plenty of options available at retail outlets. From hangout and puzzle toys to wooden ones decorated with vegetable dye, the choices abound! With so many sizes and shapes available, you’re sure to find something your special companion will love.

Are you curious about which toys your bunny would use? You can find an array of contributions that are tailored to rabbit needs through our online store. We guarantee the best quality products, so your furry friend will certainly be delighted!

What Other Paper Can Your Rabbit Play With?

Is it safe for rabbits to eat cardboard? Absolutely. The arrangement of the paper assists in keeping your rabbit’s teeth clean because it doesn’t provide much opposition. Paper can be utilized as a tool when constructing hiding boxes, which is an excellent way to stimulate and enrich pet rabbits. However, you should avoid giving them used books, magazines, or receipts since they could contain hazardous elements such as ink that may not be fit for consumption by bunnies. Fortunately, there are still many appropriate options available if you want to enhance the environment of your rabbit!


Without a doubt, this is just an exception. The majority of published materials use soy-based ink that does not bring harm the rabbit’s health. That said, several superb rabbit litter brands utilize recycled paper as well and oftentimes use it as a teaching tool for proper toilet discipline! To take it one step further, why don’t you try upcycling newspapers into stuffed animals your furry companion can play with? It would be such fun and a great way to reduce waste too!

Keep your rabbit’s paws pristine and safe by avoiding providing them with a newspaper that has been printed in ink. Soybean-based dyes are used to create these prints, so while it won’t pose any harm to the bunny if they get stained up, luckily you can clean up these paw prints quickly by ceasing their access to said newspapers.

Packing Paper

Packing paper, often used in packages to reduce plastic waste, is a great toy for rabbits! Not only do they love playing with it during the night but also its fragility makes them enjoy it all the more. This environmentally-friendly option can bring hours of entertainment and joy to your furry friends – What’s not to love?

Shredded Paper

Putting rabbits in a bag with some scrap paper is the perfect way to provide them with hours of entertainment! Not only does it make digging boxes easy and fun, but you can hide delicious treats within the shredded paper for them to discover.

Alternatives To Toilet Paper As Chew Toys

Rabbits need to grind their teeth regularly in order to keep them healthy and prevent dental issues. In the wild, they have plenty of trees and shrubs for gnawing on; however, domestic rabbits require sand toys and chew pads as an alternative. To ensure your bunny stays happy and healthy, here are some top-rated rabbit toys that can be used for tooth grinding instead of toilet paper: [list the most useful toys].

  • Apple sticks
  • Bunny chew toys
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Carrot sticks
  • Celery sticks
  • Chew pads
  • Corn on the cob
  • Hay balls
  • Mats are made of natural materials like seagrass or bamboo.

Puzzle feeders and toys

  • Sticks from trees like willow, birch, or fruit trees
  • Wooden blocks
  • Zucchini sticks.

Carrots should be treated as an infrequent indulgence since they are high in sugar, which has the potential to cause weight gain and other medical issues for bunnies. Moreover, this rule applies to a variety of other fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, grapes, and strawberries. When providing your rabbit with a reward snack or treat ensure that it is fresh fruit or veg washed cleanly free from pesticides or hazardous chemicals.

Rabbits are infamous for their destructive behavior; they’ve been known to nibble on everything from furniture and clothes to electrical cords and yes, even toilet paper rolls. While it may seem harmless enough, there are actually a few risks associated with having your rabbit chomping away at that cardboard tube.

Initially, the toilet paper roll might become lodged between your rabbit’s teeth and cause agonizing injury. It is possible that their teeth can fracture or break apart, resulting in considerable pain for your bunny. In addition to this, they may begin to bleed from their mouth due to an infection caused by the stuck item. All of these possibilities demonstrate how harmful a simple mistake can be for rabbits when it comes to objects like toilet paper rolls!

Not only is a toilet paper roll hazardous to your rabbit’s health, but it also can potentially be life-threatening. If they consume too much of the material, it can clog their digestive system and require surgery for removal. The risks involved in this process make it imperative that you keep all toilet paper rolls far away from your pet bunny!

Can Pet Rabbits Eat Toilet Papers?

Absolutely! Toilet paper rolls are an excellent and healthy treat for rabbits. Not only do they enjoy playing with them, but it’s also a great way to keep your pet bunny occupied in its hutch or cage. Just remember– make sure there is no plastic on the roll before giving it to your furry friend!

Risk Of Overfeeding Toilet Paper To Rabbits

Although made mainly of wood pulp, toilet paper poses no danger to rabbits when consumed in small amounts. The problem arises, however, when a rabbit prefers consuming paper rolls over their regular diet – how do they even eat it without hay?

Too much toilet paper could be potentially lethal for your rabbit, as it may clog its digestive system. To avoid this risk and ensure the well-being of your pet, remember to provide them with only moderate amounts of toilet paper at a time. Furthermore, hay is vital in rabbits’ diets so make sure they have access to an abundance of it! Not providing adequate amounts can lead to health issues down the line.

Gastrointestinal Stasis

A frequent digestive complication that can arise after ingesting toilet paper is GI stasis, an ailment that slows digestion and obstructs the passage of food into the intestine. It affects humans alike; if left untreated it may lead to long-term pain or even organ failure. It’s critical for rabbit owners to seek Veterinary care immediately in order to avoid potentially dire consequences down the road.


Dietary alterations can lead to diarrhea in rabbits, and if they are consuming too much toilet paper on top of their regular meals, it can be particularly hazardous for their health. Rabbits suffering from rheumatic conditions pose an urgent threat that is not to be taken lightly – so the moment you notice your rabbit’s appetite for tissue exceeding its usual diet, bring them back home!

Intestinal Blockage

Rabbits have very delicate digestive systems and can easily develop intestinal blockages when they consume inordinate amounts of cardboard or toilet paper instead of hay, which is a necessary source of dietary fiber that helps to move food through their system. Without the presence of adequate dietary fiber, rabbits are at risk for developing severe digestive problems such as obstruction.


It’s official: your rabbit can absolutely eat toilet paper rolls! As long as the roll is 100% cardboard with no added synthetic colors or chemicals, it makes for a delightful treat for any bunny. Give you little friends something new to munch on – they’ll be sure to appreciate it and enjoy every bite!