How to Force Feed A Rabbit?


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Do you have a pet rabbit that you need to force feed? It can be a difficult process, but you can get the job done with a little patience and some helpful tips. This blog post will discuss the best way to force-feed your rabbit and ensure that they get the nutrients they need. Keep reading for more information!

How to Force Feed A Rabbit?

No one wants to have to force feed their rabbits, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here are some tips on how to do it properly.

The first thing you’ll need is a syringe. You can purchase these at most pharmacies or online. Fill the syringe with the liquid food or warm water your rabbit needs, and then gently insert the tip into your rabbit’s mouth.

Slowly depress the plunger on the syringe, letting the liquid dribble into your rabbit’s mouth. Be careful not to force too much liquid in at once, as this can cause your rabbit to choke.

Once the syringe is empty, remove it from your rabbit’s mouth and check to make sure they have swallowed the liquid. You can then offer them a drink of water to help wash it down.

If your rabbit is still not eating or drinking on their own, you may need to continue force-feeding them with the proper technique until they are able to do so themselves. Consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

When Force Feeding is Necessary?

There are a few instances where force-feeding a rabbit may be necessary. If your bunny stopped eating for more than 24 hours, it might need to be force-fed.

Additionally, if your rabbit has lost a significant amount of weight and its body condition score is less than three out of five, force-feeding may be required. Finally, if your rabbit is showing signs of being in pain when eating, it may need to be force-fed.

How to Syringe Feed Your Rabbit?

Regardless of their mood, feeding syringes can be difficult for your rabbits. It is often harder to take critical medicine than any other oral prescription because the time is short of taking the medication. The rabbit needs more space for chewing and consuming. The technique will be a challenge, but your rabbit will become more proficient once you start working on it. The rabbit should be calm during this difficult phase of his life.

How Do You Know When Your Rabbit is Sick?

Rabbits were once predatory animals and tended to conceal diseases to avoid being caught up by predators. Among the most commonly recognized symptoms of rabbit, disease are fever and diarrhea.

Why is Syringe Feeding Necessary?

Even a short period without food can slow down rabbit digestion. If this does occur, then your situation is much more complicated than the reasons why we are so deprived of our food. Eating as quickly as you have food is the best way to recover from an invasive procedure. Your veterinarian usually excludes blockages using X-rays, but always tell them if your rabbit got into something you shouldn’t.

How Much Food Can Be Syringe Fed?

The amount of syringe-feeding that can be done will depend on the size of the rabbit.

A rough guide is to give no more than 0.05ml per kg bodyweight, with a maximum of around 20ml for an average-sized rabbit (this may need to be increased for very large rabbits). The food should ideally be given slowly, over a period of around 30 minutes.

If the rabbit is struggling to swallow, or if you are worried about aspirating food into the lungs, then it is best to seek professional advice from a vet immediately.

What is Bunny Burrito?

A Bunny Burrito is when you take a soft tortilla, put some hay in the middle, and then roll it up like a burrito. This is an easy way to get your bunny to eat hay while keeping the rabbit calm, which is important for their digestive health.

To make a Bunny Burrito:

  • Take a soft tortilla or paper towel and put some hay in the middle.
  • Roll it up like a burrito
  • Feed your bunny!

If your bunny is struggling to eat hay, then a Bunny Burrito is a great way to help them out. This easy method will ensure that your bunny gets the hay they need, and you can add some vegetable baby food or fruit to the mix if you want.

Can You Force Feed Baby Rabbits If They Stop Eating Milk?

If your baby rabbit stops eating milk, you may need to force feed them. This can be done by syringe feeding or tube feeding. You will need to visit a veterinarian to get started with this process. If you are syringe feeding, it is important to use a syringe that is the right size for your rabbit to ensure your baby rabbits swallow properly. You can feed them goat milk as a kitten milk replacer.


There are a few things to keep in mind when force-feeding a rabbit. First, do not overfeed them, as this can cause digestive issues. Second, be sure to use a syringe or eyedropper that is the proper size for the amount of food you are giving them. Finally, always check with your veterinarian before starting any type of new feeding regimen, especially if your rabbit is sick.

With these guidelines in mind, force-feeding a rabbit can be a simple and effective way to help them get the nutrition they need. Just be sure to do it carefully and always under the supervision of a professional. Thanks for reading!