What Sounds Does Rabbits Make?


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Do you know what sounds rabbits make? Believe it or not, there is more than one sound a rabbit can make! This blog post will discuss rabbits’ different sounds and what they mean. We will also provide tips on identifying the different types of rabbit noises.

So, if you are curious to learn more about the various sounds rabbits make, keep reading!

What Sounds Does Rabbits Make?

Rabbits are actually very quiet pets, but they can make a variety of sounds.

The most commonly heard sound is very soft. But rabbits can make a loud, shrill scream which usually indicates that the rabbit is in pain or distress.

Other common sounds include grunting, teeth grinding, and growling. These sounds are often made when the rabbit is angry or feeling threatened.

Rabbits also make softer, more gentle sounds when they are content. These sounds include purring and clicking. Purring is similar to a cat’s sound and is often used to communicate with other rabbits or animals.

Clicking is a bit harder to describe, but it is usually a soft, quick sound made when the rabbit is excited or happy.

Rabbit Growls

It means everything. The rabbit has anger, and you should yell at it before it eats you. Rabbit growling sounds different than a human. This is a snorting or low-pitched vibration. For rabbits, this sounds like something very loud.

Usually, rabbits can lunge at anything they feel that bothers them to try to get rid of them. They might growl to lure predators into taking advantage of easy food or growl to another rabbit to protect their lands from predatory predators. Another sarcastic body language is their ears coming at a 45° angle and their legs going up.


Rabbits are prone to snoring. I was nervous the first day after hearing the rabbits snore loudly while sleeping. It appeared she was dealing with breathing problems. However, he discovered that rabbits naturally make noise while sleeping, which is normal. Lucky for the rabbits, their snoring is comparatively quieter and less painful than that of humans.

This sound can sometimes be squeaky and very soft. You may have a snoring bunny as well. Various health signs should be observed. When your rabbit snores frequently, you need to see the vet for your condition.

Rabbit Noises

The rabbit sound is generally quiet at times. You should listen carefully and try to learn how to discern between different yet very similar sounds. It is a useful way to understand the sounds of rabbits, along with their language, to learn how to tell them.

We all want the peace of knowing the rabbit’s good health is in check.

Noise rabbits make tell us the excitement they are. And sometimes cats tell us what is good by purring when petting us. Rabbits sometimes sound like angry people or things in the environment.

Teeth Grating

The sounds of rabbits are similar to purring but the opposite. If the rabbit tends to chew their teeth very loudly, it may cause discomfort. It’s much rarer and not an obvious sign that rabbit illnesses are prevalent. Usually, the rabbit suffers from overgrown tooth decay.

These sounds are more of an agitated sound rather than a soft purring sound. You will notice that their facial expression indicates discomfort. They might sit tucked up with an odd posture but have reduced appetite and low energy output.


It’s no sound a rabbit produces from its mouth, but I want this to be included because this is likely the loudest sound a rabbit makes. Rabbits twitch and shake their thighs with their backs. It is like dropping textbooks on top of each other.

Rabbits roar when they feel afraid. Sometimes people get upset when we say that. It is an instinctive behavior that warns homeowners about potential danger in their homes. Occasionally rabbits only shake once. It’s often the case when they thump when they’d rather not be around you.

Do Rabbits Thump for Attention?

Often rabbits thump and sense danger. Sometimes the rabbit may feel angry about it too. It is often because the person doesn’t pay enough attention to the details.

Tooth Purring

Purring is like grinding teeth on rabbit snouts. This noise does not equate with the purring in cats’ ears. During calm and contented periods, a rabbit grinds his teeth gently.

Typically, when petting rabbits, you can hear these sounding sounds, and sometimes it is even possible for the rabbits that they are humming when they’re relaxing alone.

Sometimes it’s hard to hear without touching your nose or ears. The whiskers also move when your rabbit chews your food with joy.

Sleep Talking

Another sound that rabbits can have while they sleep is soft mumbling sounds. In rabbit sleep, sometimes the rabbit starts to shake and whine in the sleep.

They are usually not made unless your eyes and ears move when you eat or sleep. Sometimes it sounds like a mumble, but I can just compare that to sleeping conversations with humans. You may hear your rabbit sigh, which sounds like one or more animals sighing. The rabbit might yawn when it’s not sleeping.

Do Rabbits Make Sounds?

What sounds do rabbits produce? How much does it take to learn bunny sounds? We will help you identify rabbit sound names by placing them in their own sound. We will describe every sound and give you an audio clip you can watch from a rabbit making this sound.

You’ll also have a better understanding of rabbit sounds! Rabbit’s sound is varied but is usually considered fairly quiet. These loud sounds include a noise such as a whiny grunt or shrieked thumping.


Sometimes growled sounds could follow by repeated grunting sounds. It sounds like a continuing squeak and usually more pitch than the growling noise. It’s an almost unknown sound the rabbit has. Rabbits will make that sound as they sense the threat they are attempting to ward off.

Against humankind, a rabbit may be angry a little bit if it doesn’t want to be taken. Take your rabbits carefully. You may get a chance they’ll grab you or bite you.

Rabbit Makes Hiccups

Something that has happened in my family a few times has been that it looks like a small hiccup. Occasionally these birds will produce repeating little squeals while they are moving. It generally runs 30 seconds or 1 minute and occurs after an animal’s activity and zooms around. While small bouts are rarely a problem with euthanized rabbits, they can be easily corrected with a vet visit or a euthanized rabbit to see if the problem persists.

Rabbit Screaming

Rabbits can make very loud, screaming noises; however, they’ll probably not hear the animal scream. Its unusual sounds are quite frightening. I hope you don’t get the chance to listen to rabbits crying, but the rabbit scream is not the same thing.

They scream extremely loud. It’s almost like the birds calling. I heard it only once when my old rabbit had a seizure. She died shortly after. Nevertheless, there is one exception.

Do Rabbits Scream When They Die?

Wild rabbits cry when thinking their death is imminent. It may happen to them at times of injury and sickness, and it may come at times of frightenedness. But that doesn’t mean that rabbits live here. Of all of the rabbits I know from my life, none of them cried out at the end.


The rabbit will swoon in terror or despair. This noise resembles something that snorted and usually indicated the need for more a place for your rabbit to relax. Whimperings aren’t usually heard on rabbits.

Most rabbits can relax into the muscles and scream with fear or shyness but do not make screams or noises. Nonetheless, when you hear it, it’s likely your animal doesn’t really have the same feeling as you.


The honking of rabbits cannot be described accurately. You’ll hear your animal snorting and smell. Some have called it buzz and bark. Honking sounds like a happy rabbit. I hear rabbits make such soft sounds while they are anticipating a meal.

This sound is softer than most rabbit species if you listen carefully during their excitement, the rabbit honks. I have had a rabbit refuge in my house for many years.

Rabbit in Distress Sound Identification

A rabbit’s distressing sounds could also consist of a wounded sound, an angry sound, or even a dying sound. When a rabbit has been captured and killed by an enemy, the animal will likely be stunned by a scream to get it back to its prey.

You must take the time to listen for any rabbit distress calls. Then it builds trust between you and the animal and greatly helps the terrier!

Rabbit Clucking

If your rabbit ate something you love, you might see your rabbit’s cluck. It’s as if he caught the scream from his mouth. I hadn’t noticed this until just before my rabbit arrived.

He made this noise whenever he ate greens because he thought it was good for him. Rabbit clucking doesn’t happen very often, but it is certainly enjoyable. It probably is what rabbits hear when they eat.

Do Baby Rabbits Make Sounds?

Babies make surprising sounds almost from the very beginning! The rabbit’s mother calls and responds, which helps them to improve their vocabulary to become adults.

Baby rabbit sounds will probably be more distinct from adult rabbit sounds. However, it is very easy to separate distress and happy sounds with practice.


The rabbit also breathed and swallowed. A rabbit sneeze sounds like a cute sneeze. Unlike humans, rabbits sneeze for many reasons. Sometimes dust exists, and sometimes it’s just not clear why. When a rabbit sneezes a few days in a row without breathing for an entire day, that’s okay. The sneezing of the rabbit can be caused by running noses, runny eyebrows, and wheezes causing them.


Wheezing sounds indicate the rabbit has a problem breathing. The patient developed a respiratory infection. The sound of wheezing resembles rapid breathing.

It’s also possible that your rabbit is breathing with an extremely heavy nose, and your rabbit may breathe in the mouth. If the dog wheezes, it may be advisable to contact an animal veterinarian immediately.


A rabbit that purrs will have the same happiness and satisfaction as a cat. Both cat’s and rabbit’s purring sounds have similar similarities. A rabbit can often gurgle when a happy pet or a happy solitary pet is lying out on the floor or snuggling in a warm and cozy place. It is important owners take good care to watch if the rabbit is pooping at the moment.

Rabbit Hissing

Rabbit hiss has been around since ancient times. I have never personally heard such an unusual sound, but rabbits can produce sounds in their physical capacities.

It sounds exactly like a cat’s hiss, which is quite understandable. The rabbit wants to avoid danger and may even shout. This example shows a rabbit that was filming hissing.


It is very uncommon for rabbit owners to hear the squeals of their animals during their lives. The ringing sounds like an attack, and the animal is extremely angry or hurting.

Someone is trying to prevent them from being caught or threatened by predatory activity, or he or she may be severely injured. Every time rabbits squeal, the need for action is obvious.


In conclusion, rabbits make various sounds that communicate their needs and emotions. By understanding what these different sounds mean, you can better bond with your rabbit and provide it with the care it needs. If you have any questions about your rabbit’s health or behavior, consult with a veterinarian or other animal expert.