Rabbits as Pets | 12 Pros and Cons of Having Bunnies


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A pet in your house is never disappointing. Whatever you live alone or in a family, if you have a pet of your own; it is amazing. But almost all of us start thinking some questions before having a pet.

How long it will live? Will it be too noisy? Will it become poisonous? What if I can’t make a good bonding with it? And etc…

This article is for them who are thinking about Rabbits as pets’ pros and cons. When you decide to have bunnies as pets then you must know the pros and cons of a pet bunny.

Because, when they are in wild their living depends on them, but when you pet a bunny then it is your duty to give them a beautiful and healthy life.

Bunnies as pets pros and cons

Rabbits are so cute at all ages. They are cute and quiet at the same time. They are intelligent. They can use the litterbox and can be trained to pee and poop at any definite place. They don’t need much space and their foods are also not hard to find.

However, they love to scratch and tear off things they find in their sight. They are sensitive animals who are good at hiding sickness. They need special care than other animals in general.

Let’s check out the advantages of having a bunny as a pet while keep looking at the disadvantages of it.

Rabbits as Pets | 8 Pros of Having Rabbits

1# Rabbits are cute

The main thing I must say is Rabbits are cute. You must like to have a pet which is cute too look. No offense but there are many animals that look not so cute really. Rabbits have not this type of problem. They are cute at every age.

2# Bunnies are noiseless

Another main pro of having bunnies as a pet is bunnies are noiseless. They actually don’t shout or make any harsh noise. They are considered docile animals. It is all about their vocalization. It is extremely quiet.

You may now think how they alert other rabbits when they are in danger?


rabbits make lower growl noise and thump their legs when they are in trouble. And a happy rabbit can make soft purring noise. I am sure that you would love that sound definitely.

3# Foods are available

Bunny foods are not hard to find. They almost eat up all greeny leaves and vegetables. They love to eat grass and hay. You can give them vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc which are not rare actually.

4# Rabbits make a good bonding with the owner

Rabbits can create good bonding with its owner. Though Rabbits take a bit longer to get known and comfortable with you than dogs or cats. But when they start believing you, they try to make you happy as much as they can.

You know rabbits are mainly prey animals. So the level of their scare is much than other animals.

5# Bunnies can be taught tricks

You can teach bunnies tricks. They can be taught how to use the litterbox. So, you can teach them where they would pee and poop. They can learn from a whistle or any tap sound.

If you give them names then they can respond when you call their name!

6# Rabbits do no harm

Rabbits do never harm to you. Though they are prey animals when they feel no danger they do not attack anyone approaches to them.

Well, sometimes they become angry and try to scratch you but it happens rarely. Only when any of them is sick or disturbed or scared.

7# Rabbits do not need much space

Pet-loving peoples may think before having a pet that “Does my house have enough space for bunnies?” Well, I am telling you Rabbits do not need much space to play or hop around. It is better if you give them some open places to play and explore. But if you can’t then it is okay too.

8# Different Varieties

There are hundreds of breeds of them. There are almost 300 breeds of them. They are different in size, color, behavior and etc. You can choose them according to your house space and your afford level. Some of them are huge and some of them are so tiny and cute. Most of them look good in every color, though it varies from person to person.


These are the main advantages of Rabbits as pets. Now let’s take a look at the disadvantages.

Rabbits as Pets | 4 Cons of Having Rabbits

1# Daily cleaning

Bunnies pee and poop a lot. They can chew as much as they can and poop as much as they can! So you need to clean their living place daily. Though they can be trained to use litter boxes and you can teach them to pee or poop at a definite place.

But still,

They need time to learn and there would be one or two of them which will never learn that trick.

2# Chew and scratch

Chewing and scratching everything at sight is a habit of Rabbits. They chew clothes, rubbers, plastics, woody furniture and etc. So, it is a problem for those who intend to pet rabbits inside the house.

3# Rabbits become sick easily

Both over temperature and cold is harmful to them. And they are good at hiding sickness. So, you can’t find out quickly if your bunny is sick or not and most of the time it happens that it is too late when the owner finds that the bunny is sick.

4# Take time to be socialized

Bunnies take time to be socialized than other animals. And as they are fast, you can’t catch them in the beginning. Moreover, as they are prey animals so before socialized they may look aggressive to you.

Things to consider when buying a Rabbit

Your pet is your responsibility. There are pros and cons to every animal as pets. So, when you decide to have a pet, you may have to look at the cons too. Pet an animal is a balance no doubt.


Rabbits as pets have pros and cons too. These cute animals need much care and affection. However, they will love you back when you love them. The cons are not so hard to accept and maintain. Let’s have a bunny today!

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