How to Save a Rabbit From Dying?


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“Whoever saves a life, saves the world entire”
-The Talmud.

In this beautiful world, we all have the right to live happily. But there is a limit to our lifetime. We all have to stop our journey someday, whether it is humans or animals.

But if you pet an animal during this journey, you can have very good memories. But having a pet gives you many responsibilities.

If you pet a rabbit then those responsibilities must be maintained. Because rabbits are those kinds of animals that catch disease all on a sudden and get died before doing anything. So, you must know how to save a rabbit from dying.

This article is for all those rabbit lover people out there, who I believe is a very kind-hearted person.

Though we cannot stop a rabbit from dying we must find ways to help a poor rabbit from dying. There are several chances that you wake up and find your pet rabbit is dead. What happened!!! My rabbit was all okay but why it is dead now!!!… Are all the things you can think of and get shocked?

How to save a rabbit from dying? To save a rabbit you must give it a healthy diet, provides it regular exercise, visiting a vet is also needed, keep it safe from heavy light or temperature, keep it away from much noise and you must know rabbit’s dying symptoms.

Here we start.

9 Ways to Save a Rabbit From Dying

01# Healthy Diet

A rabbit needs a healthy diet regularly. You must know their diet chart and provide them with such kinds of foods. Sometimes we become less caring and give our rabbits food without checking it.

A simple check before giving food is good. Remember rabbits are not so conscious about their foods and eating habits. They try everything to chew whatever comes before them. So give them a routined diet and the foods must carry balanced ingredients. You can save a rabbit from dying early by providing it good and healthy foods.

02# Showing Affection

Rabbits are sensitive. They generally take more time than other animals to get closer to its owner. This happens because rabbits are prey animals. So they are scared and try to understand if anything approaches close to them is safe or not.

So you should show affection and give your rabbit much time. It will help to create a good bonding between you two and if your rabbit is sick, you can notice quickly as possible. This doesn’t happen if your pet rabbit creates a distance from you and you know this too right?

03# Regular Exercise

Please don’t bring a rabbit to your home if you can’t provide it enough place to hop and play. Rabbits are fast. They run, hop, jump and play all the time. At least they need daily exercise. Their digestive system is quite different from other animals like cats or dogs. So, they need a chance to exercise daily.

Providing them a place to exercise will help to save a rabbit from dying suddenly.

04# Keeping Clean

Rabbits poop and pee a lot. They eat foods as much as they can and it seems like they make a competition between eating and pooping. Sounds crazy but true.

So you must keep their living places clean and germ-free. Because some of them become so lazy that they lay on their own pee and poop. This is dangerous for their skin and little paws.

Moreover, by keeping their places clean will keep your house bad smell free while you save a rabbit from dying.

05# Entertainment

Remember almost every animal need entertainment. You may wonder how entertainment can save a rabbit from dying. Well, rabbits get bored so fast. They just don’t need food for a living. Without entertainment, they often give up for a living.

You can give them soft toys to chew or play. There are many tricks to make a playground for your rabbits. If you intend to bring one rabbit for a pet then it would be a good suggestion for you to bring another one for its company.

So, try to mix things up and bring the factors of having entertainment into their lives.

06# A Balanced Temperature

Rabbits are afraid of cold. Rainy season and winter become hard for them to stay well. On the other hand, while it is too hot, the furry rabbit becomes disturbed and get sick. So if you want to save a rabbit from dying in these seasons, you need a balanced temperature.

You can provide a shady place when it is too hot or can set a small fan that brings much air into their living place. And when it is rainy season or cold outside you can keep them in a warm place.

07# Keep the Place Calm & Quiet

Rabbits are afraid of harsh noise. They actually get scared of thinking if the sound is from any predators or what. So if there are chances that the place you want to keep them get much noise often then it is high time you thought for the second option.

By the way, who wants a noisy place to live in buddy?

08# Signs of Pain

You should notice your rabbits always. Because sometimes there is nothing that harms your rabbits but they got shocked. It can happen for heavy running or heavy light that scares your rabbits.

Sometimes they hurt themselves while playing. So you must notice if there are any signs of pain on one of their body. If there is any then you must take action to recover the pain fastly.

09# A Routine Visit to Vet

You should visit a vet often. Make a routine for it. There are chances that we can’t get the reasons why rabbits are sick or if there is any pain or not. A routine visit to the vet will keep your rabbit safe and that can save it from dying.

Moreover, a sudden visit to a vet makes him/her puzzled to find out why the rabbit is sick. But if the rabbit is familiar to any vet doctor then it would be easy for him/her to understand why the rabbit is there.

Things to Consider

A rabbit’s life limitation is generally 12 years to 18 years. If age is the reason for a rabbit’s death then there is nothing you can do. Actually, there is really nothing to do if death comes to a rabbit. Still, you can find ways to help that poor rabbit and who knows there may be any chance you can save it from death!


We have already talked about the vital steps to save a rabbit from dying. If you really take those steps when wanted then you really are not only a good owner but also a good human indeed. Hat’s off to you.

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