Can Rabbits Eat Mint?


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Rabbits are herbivorous animals in nature. This means they live on these types of foods. Basically, these types of foods are rich in fiber and carbohydrates. So it is normal to guess that all the greenish vegetables are suitable for them.

But for your kind information, every green vegetable is not so safe for your furry cute rabbits. They can be this harmful that can lead them to death! So, is mint safe enough for rabbits? Can rabbits eat mints? Let’s check this article out totally.

Can rabbits eat Mint?

Yes. Remember there are differences between eating foods and taking foods for rabbits. It means if your questions are can rabbits eat mint and can rabbit bodies take mint? Both answers are Yes.

Before starting the relation between rabbits and mint, you should know mints better than before. Mints are containing these substances:

  • Vitamin C.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Magnesium.
  • Potassium.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Protein.
  • Carbohydrates.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Mints are also called menthe, belongs to the mint family in the wild. Mint is a perennial herb that is aromatic in nature. There are many kinds of mint is available. Such as Marsh mint, Water mint, Corn mint, Banana mint, Pennyroyal, Corsican mint, Horsemint and so on. They all taste almost the same and contain almost all the substances the same in amount.

But there is a caution; you must avoid Pennyroyal breed must because this type of mint contains poisonous ingredients. Actually, these ingredients attack your rabbit’s digestive system. It has a special kind of oil that contains the main toxicity. The oil has a substance called cyclohexanone pulegone which toxicity level is 80%-92%. This percentage is much harmful than any other mint which is available in the wild.

So, you can give the rabbits mint except the Pennyroyal.

How Much Safe Is Mint?

Well, as it has been described already that the digestive system is various to the age of rabbits. But you need to know a certain amount of mint which you can give them as a snack.
For your kind information, mint is low in oxalic acid and that can help them to digest the other foods. Besides fresh mints have vitamins and minerals which can be added to rabbits’ diet. Their gastrointestinal tract’s wall can be relaxed by the menthol.

Menthol tastes cold and as the rabbits have a unique digestive system, too much cold taste of mints can give bad effects too. So, it is the best time to limit the amount of mint you generally give to your rabbits. You can mix this cold medical herb to the other herbs those generally the rabbits take to live on.

If you provide your rabbits much mint then you can see them in health problems. As they are not conscious about their food and health, they can chew the mins up as long as they can; at least they try to do that.

So, if they eat this mint too much then they can have vomiting problems and diarrhea or lung infection in the long run! For that, you should always keep it in mind that not so amount of mints.

How Should I Give Mints to Them?

Always give fresh and leafy mints. Those should not be grown with any farm chemicals. Stay focused when you give them mints. If you find your rabbits don’t like that so much or they are being affected after eating the mints, then stop giving the mints immediately.

Another question may arise in your mind that if you can give them the mint plants or just the leaves. Ok, you can give them both, leaves and plant both. Make sure the plant is not infected and not rotten.

Firstly, start with giving one or two sprigs of mints. Notice if they are fond of it or not and if there is any health problem. You can check their stools for that. If you smell anything unusual then stop giving mints. And if not then you can give them chopped green mints.
Because mints are not the core diet for rabbits.

If Mints Create a Further Problem Then What to Do?

Notice your rabbits after eating a mint. If you find any problem then try to give them these medicines: Immodium, Cimetidine, Isotonic fluids.

Or you can give home treat like giving dry grass. While sick, don’t give them treat with other non-leafy foods. Give them fresh water and sometimes dry bath them


You can give mints to your rabbits for keeping them healthy. But not so much of mints. Because a large amount of them can do serious health-cause so try to keep the amount lower.

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