Can Rabbits Eat Rice?


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Bunnies are grazing creatures that are they spend a good portion of their day -basically eating. They will eat any edible food items they find in front of them. They are not conscious of their foods and their digestive system is quite different than other animals in the ecosystem.

when you are having a rabbit in your house as a pet, you need to know certain things about which food you can give them and which food you can’t.

Can Rabbits Eat Rice?

So, The Question is Can rabbits eat rice?

No! I mean, a Big no! Rice is a slow poison for their digestive system. It doesn’t affect exactly at that time, but slowly it will create serious problems inside their health. Your rabbits might face digestive problems such as diarrhea or acidity and soon they will become weaker than before.

But rice is no longer a vegetable or any food that is fiber. So, if your question is can rabbits eat rice?

The answer is definitely NO.

Why you shouldn’t give rice to your rabbits?

Rice is a food that is eaten by almost all over the world’s population. Rice contains 68% water, 28% carbohydrates, 3% protein, vitamins, and fats. Which is pretty much good for a man’s health or most other animals in this world.

But still, it’s not safe to give your rabbits rice. It’s a very common question that why we shouldn’t give them rice as it is so available and cheap food but healthy.

Well, rice is containing many carbohydrates than the foods that rabbits take usually. Carbohydrates are good for their health but there is a limitation of it. The amount of it which rice carries generally is not in the limitation for a rabbit’s digestive system. As we have already told, they are not conscious of their foods and their digestive system.

Let’s see what can happen if your rabbit Eat Rice:

  • Much carbohydrates can jam their lungs and it causes breathing problems to the rabbits which are little in age.
  • They can get acidity and decreased appetite problems soon. Which can lead to intestinal ulcer and that is pretty much serious problems for them.
  • They might feel dizzy and move less than usual.
  • Can face bloating or tummy ache.
  • Several vomiting problems.

These fatal problems can lead them to a very serious situation. Even they can kill your rabbits in the long run. Can you ever imagine that? The foods you have given them that made them dead??!!

So, don’t give your rabbits rice or any other grains that contain high carbohydrates.

What are the symptoms if there is a problem with giving rice?

So, if you have already given your rabbits rice before knowing that, Rice is harmful To rabbit, then you might have noticed some terrific symptoms.

The symptoms are :

  • The rabbit is not eating for more than 72 hours and when it finds grass, it isn’t eager to eat that too.
  • The rabbits haven’t defecated or urinated for over 72 hours.
  • Feels discomfort and less activity.
  • Bad smell from the mouth and teeth.
  • Unusual face or urine: very watery or containing mucus and abnormal color.
  • Vomiting and seizures.
  • Abnormal movements or quietly no movements.

These are the symptoms you can see if your rabbits start feeling problems after eating rice. Though there is a variation of these according to their age, yet rice is totally a poisonous food for them.

These can lead to gastrointestinal (GI) problems, belly ache, lung infection and even death to your rabbits.

What to do to get rid of these problems?

You don’t want your furry rabbits to get sick. Actually, no one wants that. But your wrong decision and wrong deed can make them sick and dead! So, what are the steps you should take if they get poisoned by rice-eating?

Follow our advice: give them fresh grass and hay more than usual, try to give fiber foods as well. Keep them is an average cold place, provide them freshwater too. Don’t give heavy food this time, as they might have an ache in their lungs.

If any of these don’t work, then you should rush to the vet doctor as soon as possible. Remember, rice is really poisonous food for rabbits and as their digestive system is sensitive; then rice can cause serious harm.

Things to consider

At this stage, we hope you have already known that rice is not so good for your rabbit’s health, and yes; the decision is up to you too. But whatever it is, please remember, a rabbit shouldn’t mustn’t eat rice even if it is in a hunger situation. But still, if you want to give rice to your rabbits, please be sure about their age and the process of giving the right amount of rice.

Because sometimes aged rabbits become much stronger than other rabbits which are little in age. And provide freshwater also if you give them rice.

Final Thoughts.

The analysis shows that rice is something poisonous for rabbits. For, aged ones and little ones.

Remember, there are many other fiber riched foods you can give your rabbits in their diet chart. They are not only easy to find but also healthy for them. We hope this article will show you the right way of giving rice or not.

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