Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale!


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Flemish Giant rabbits are one of the most adorable pets to have.

These Cute, but quite big bundles of joy can win hearts with their thick, glossy fur and ever so erect ears. Because of their docile nature, they are quite tame and make wonderful pets. With enough patience and training, I have seen people train their Flemish Giant rabbits!

In case you are looking for Flemish Giant rabbits for sale, you have come to the right place.

I can help you find your newest furry companion with additional information that will come handy!

Flemish Giant Rabbits Overview

Flemish Giant rabbits, as the name suggests, are big, fluffy breeds of rabbits. In fact, they are the biggest, largest rabbit breed in the species! The record of the longest Flemish Giant rabbit in the world is for 4 feet 3 inches!

We can categorize them as kits, junior, intermediate and seniors. Seniors are generally 9 month old or above, although they take about 1 and half years to reach their full size.

Generally, they weigh between 14 to 22 pounds depending on their stage of life. As you know, depending on the breed a quality bunny rabbit, can vary in weight in each category. But they are quite the heavy babies, so do not be surprised if yours grows bigger!

They have a semi-arch type of body that is muscular and quite well-proportioned. In the case of Gentle Giants, a female rabbit has dwelaps under the chin. On the other hand, the male rabbit has a broader and bigger head!

Flemish giants can be found in 9 shades of fur, but light gray fur is most commonly seen.

Which Breeders have Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale?

In the US, there are a few trustworthy sources you can look at. Of course, a visit to the pet store in your area should suffice. But buying from reliable breeders will result in having a pet with showable quality and background information!

You can check these out:

Available Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale

If you want to take a look at some available Flemish Giants right now, you can! Here is a listing of some lovely Giant Flemish rabbits for sale!



Key Point Details
Name Daisy
Pet Type Rabbit
Breed Flemish Giant
Sex Female
Age 16 Week
Microchipped No
Neutered No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date
Price $75

She is a 16 week old Flemish Giant with a heavy coat of light gray fur and erect ears. Of a happy nature, she is playful and in good health.

Her vaccines are taken care of so far but she will need to be spayed if the owner pleases.



Key Point Details
Name Eliot
Pet Type Rabbit
Breed Flemish Giant
Sex Male
Age 10 Week
Microchipped No
Neutered No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date
Price $70

Eliot is an adorable sandy furred Flemish Giant with curious little eyes. He is of a smaller breed but is muscular and healthy. Once bought, he can be neutered and microchipped. His vaccines are up-to-date!



Key Point Details
Name Hopper
Pet Type Rabbit
Breed Flemish Giant
Sex Male
Age 11 Week
Microchipped No
Neutered No
Vaccinations Up-to-Date
Price $85

As the name suggests, Hopper is a 11 week old super playful giant. He is gentle and loves cuddles! His fur is a light shade of steel gray and is glossy.

If you need a jolly companion, Hopper is your buddy! All his vaccines are taken so far.

Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale Florida

Florida’s hot weather is a reason why there are not a lot of Flemish Giant rabbits available. As these rabbits do not handle hot weather well, they are quite difficult to find.

If you have the means to rehome a Gentle Giant comfortably in Florida, then great! Here is where you can find a Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale in Florida:


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name Twisted Oaks Flemish Giants
Years of Experience 12+
Contact Info 352-535-7055
Email twisted.oaks@yahoo.com
Website wistedoaksflemishgiants.com
Social Media ———


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name Bunny Boss
Years of Experience 5+
Contact Info +1 407-539-4431
Email spitfirereds@aol.com
Website ———
Social Media www.facebook.com/BunnyBossRescue

Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale Texas

Texas winters are kind to Flemish Giant rabbits. But because Texas gets so humid and hot in the summer, Flemish rabbits can suffer. This is why it is hard to find a lot of breeders during that time of the year.

If you want, you can look at these breeders that may have a Flemish Giant rabbit for sale in Texas:


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name  AA Rabbits
Years of Experience  13+
Contact Info 936-703-8055
Email ———-
Website www.aarabbits.com
Social Media ———-


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name The Little Pet Palace
Years of Experience 10+
Contact Info 972-972-8861
Email TheLittlePetPalace@gmail.com
Website www.littlepetpalace.com
Social Media https://www.facebook.com/LittlePetPalace

Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale California

Even though not as hot and humid as Texas, California can have pretty dry and hot summers. Although there are many breeders in California, you need to find one you can trust.

Here you will find 2 of the reputed breeders for a Flemish Giant for sale in California:


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name Whizz Rabbitry
Years of Experience 9+
Contact Info 325-998-3143
Email drwhizz49@gmail.com
Website ———-
Social Media ———-


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name SLG Rabbitry
Years of Experience 11+
Contact Info 979-579-1645
Email slgrabbitry@gmail.com
Website slgrabbitry.weebly.com
Social Media www.facebook.com/slgrabbitry

Flemish Giant Rabbits for Sale Illinois

If you are currently in Illinois and cannot find good breeders around, do not worry. For Flemish Giant rabbits, there are a few known rabbit breeders in the region.

If you feel like, you can check out these that may have a Flemish Giant rabbit for sale in Illinois:


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name JC Bunny Ranch
Years of Experience 16+
Contact Info 815-953-8836
Email ———-
Website www.jcbunnyranch.com
Social Media www.facebook.com/jcbunnyranch/


Breeder / Rabbitry Information Details
Breeder / Rabbitry Name Cherokee Flats
Years of Experience 11+
Contact Info 309-530-4206
Email cherokee.flats@yahoo.com
Website www.cherokeeflats.com
Social Media www.facebook.com/CherokeeFlats/

What is the Price of Flemish Giant Rabbits?

I think it is pretty obvious that a good quality bunny will cost you more. But on average, a Giant rabbit can cost as cheap as $30 and can go up to $80 or beyond.

If you want to turn into a pet breeder, and have good quality bunny rabbits, you can earn a hefty sum. And that means you can sell them for as high as $400 if the pedigree quality is good! In any case they should be priced a minimum of $100.

What to Ask the Breeder Before Buying Flemish Giant Bunny?

If this is your first time buying a Flemish rabbit, keep a checklist of things to ask the breeder. Here are a few things that you should ask your local breeder about:

Breeding History: Firstly, you need to inquire about the bloodline and breeding history. Breeding between siblings can result in a lot of health complications and genetic problems. Make sure to buy a father-daughter or mother-son rabbit breed if you are buying from the same bloodline.

Health Condition: Ask about the medical history. If your giant bunny of choice has any illness you should know about. Check behind the ears and in the fur for mites.

Preference: Let them know your preference. If you prefer a smaller breed, request to be shown a Giant rabbit breed that is smaller.

Quality: Be sure to buy nice bunnies of good quality. If you want showable quality, ask about their non-genetic and genetic risks of disqualification.

Things Consider Before Buying Flemish Giant Rabbits?

Before you run off to buy a Flemish Giant bunny from rabbit breeders, you need to know a few things.

Although a domestic rabbit of docile nature, a Flemish Giant bunny, be it a good quality bunny, can be tough. They do not like their boundaries violated, and can get edgy. So if you have children, you may want to reconsider.

Also, Gentle giants love to be indoors. They are very cozy and want to be adored. So if you cannot provide enough care, they are not for you!

Because they have such thick fur, Flemish rabbits cannot tolerate heat. So you need to ensure that they are in an air-conditioned room in summer.

Besides these, also keep in mind that:

  • They will require a lot of space. That includes a spacious room and of course, a comfortable cage. You do not want to buy Netherland dwarfs and suffocate them!
  • A Gentle Giant may live up to 13 years of age, so consider that.
  • Make sure that you can afford their maintenance cost and medical expenses. It is best if you have a vet station nearby.
  • As Flemish Giant babies and even adults are social creatures, buy a couple. Also ensure that other pets in the home get along with them.


How to Take Care of Flemish Giant Rabbits?

If you have rehomed a pet rabbit, you need to take care of it properly. Remember that the Flemish rabbit is the largest rabbit breed and consider its needs.

  • As they are big babies, they will need sufficient food with a generous amount of hay and water.
  • Keep in mind that the change of environment will be difficult for them. Allow them the space to familiarize themselves.
  • Pay attention to what the rabbit likes or dislikes. The initial few days of rehoming are crucial.
  • Be sure not to startle them! They need to learn to trust you in the early days!


I hope you have found some lovely Flemish Giant rabbits for sale! The listing has some of the most adorable Flemish Giant babies. But feel free to check out the breeders if you like!

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