Lionhead Rabbits for Sale!


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Who does not like a super fluffy pet?

Anyone who wants a fluffy pet, considers getting the Lionhead rabbit at least once. And that is more than justified. Instead of usual fur, the Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane over its head! So you can understand where the name “lion” comes from, right?

A Lionhead bunny is bound to steal your hearts (and your carrots) and be a lovely companion. So if you are looking for nice bunnies, a Lionhead rabbit should top your list.

Wondering where to find Lionhead rabbits for sale? Keep reading and you will find out more than that!

Lionhead Rabbits Overview

A Lionhead rabbit is quite literally a ball of fluff. It is a domestic rabbit like the Flemish Giant rabbits, but is much smaller in size.

The story of its origin is very interesting. Rabbit breeders were trying to breed a special dwarf rabbit with a long coat. They tried to do that by crossbreeding the Netherland Dwarf with a miniature size Swiss Fox. The result was this little lion-like cutie!

There can be two types between the wool mane Lionhead rabbits have. They can either have a single mane or a double mane. Single mane refers to having one mane gene whereas double mane refers to two mane genes.

The difference can easily be noticed right after birth. If a rabbit is a single mane, it will look like any other rabbit. But a double mane rabbit will have a “V” in its skirt or flank. And it will be noticeable for sure!

A Lionhead rabbit typically grows 8 to 10 inches. In terms of weight, an adult should be around 3 pounds. Cute, are they not?

Which Rabbit Breeders have Lionhead Rabbits for Sale?

I know you are already quite tempted to buy good quality nice Lionhead bunnies. But be careful not to buy them from any breeder- do your research. Avoid a pet store as it is very difficult to determine breeding quality there.

I suggest you give a breeder from the following list a try:

Available Lionhead Rabbits for Sale

If you want to check out a few nice Lionhead bunnies from the comfort of your home, I got you! You can browse the following good quality bunny rabbits that are up for sale:

Lionhead Rabbit 1


Name: Joey

Pet Type: Rabbit

Pet Breed: Lionhead

Sex: Male

Age: 8 week

Microchipped: No

Neutered: No

Vaccinations: Up-to-date

Price: 75$

Joey is an 8 week old nice quality Lionhead rabbit. He enjoys spending time cuddling and he loves to eat apples!

Joey is friendly and his vaccinations are all up-to-date. He would be a lovely addition to your family!

Lionhead Rabbit 2


Name: Bubbles

Pet Type: Rabbit

Pet Breed: Lionhead

Sex: Female

Age: 9 weeks

Microchipped: No

Neutered: No

Vaccinations: Up-to-date

Price: 80$

Bubbles is a double maned Lionhead rabbit who loves hopping around!

She is bright and social, which is why she gets around very easily. If you offer her peaches and carrots, she will love you forever.

Lionhead Rabbit 3

Name: Snowie

Pet Type: Rabbit

Pet Breed: Lionhead

Sex: Male

Age: 12 week

Microchipped: No

Neutered: No

Vaccinations: Up-to-date

Price: 80$

Snowie’s fluffed up white and light gray fur has him adored by everyone.

He has not been neutered or microchipped yet, but his vaccinations have been taken care of. You will have no trouble befriending him, he is a warm and gentle baby!

Lionhead Rabbits for Sale in Ohio

Ohio has quite humid weather, with not a lot of trustworthy breeders available. If you want to buy a Lionhead in the area, you may need to look around a bit.

But you can also contact the following breeders for a nice quality Lionhead rabbit:

Breeder / Rabbitry 01

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Misty Valley Rabbitry

Location: 8997 St Rt 41 N Bainbridge, Ohio

Years of Experience: 8+

Contact Info: 740-634-2259

Email: traisei@horizonview.net

Website: mistyvalleyrabbitry.weebly.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com/tracylee.fennell

Breeder / Rabbitry 02

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Livin’ The Dream Farm Rabbitry

Location: Ohio

Years of Experience: 10+

Contact Info: +1 330-814-7588

Email: (not given)

Website: (not given)

Social Media: www.facebook.com/Livin-The-Dream-Farm-Rabbitry-793127007536058/

Lionhead Rabbits for Sale in Florida

Florida too has weather that rabbits do not prefer unless they can be sheltered comfortably. While there are a handful of rabbit breeders in the region, pick a reliable breeder.

You can try a breeder from this list that may have nice bunnies like Lionhead rabbits for sale in Florida:

Breeder / Rabbitry 01

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry

Location: 63rd Way, Parkland, FL 33067

Years of Experience: 5+

Contact Info: +1 561-704-0733

Email: (not given)

Website: www.hoppityloppity.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com/hoppityloppity/

Breeder / Rabbitry 02

Breeder / Rabbitry Name:Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry

Location: Orlando, Florida.

Years of Experience: 7+

Contact Info: +1 407-706-7050

Email: (not given)

Website: fluffybunnyorlando.weebly.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com/fluffybunniesorlando

Lionhead Rabbits for Sale in Texas

While you may find a few breeders in Texas, be a little picky. You should only go to breeders that are well known for offering quality rabbits.

If you are in the region, do check out these breeders for Lionhead Rabbits for sale in Texas:

Breeder / Rabbitry 01

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Texlan Rabbits

Location: 290 Hackberry Bend, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Years of Experience: 7+

Contact Info: +1 361-552-3694

Email: texlantabbits@gmail.com

Website: www.rabway.com

Social Media: (not given)

Breeder / Rabbitry 02

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: M&L Rabbitry

Location: 6518 FM974, Bryan, TX 77808

Years of Experience: 7+

Contact Info: +1 979-589-3085

Email: margaretlange@yahoo.com

Website: mllivestock.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com/LazyMLLivestock/

Lionhead Rabbits for sale in California

It can be a little difficult to source quality bunnies in California. However, there are a few reliable breeders that can help you find nice bunny rabbits.

Here is are the breeders that can help you find Lionhead rabbits for sale in California:

Breeder / Rabbitry 01

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Bae’s Magic Top Hat

Location: Hampton Rd, Hayward, CA 94541

Years of Experience: 5+

Contact Info: +1 510-258-3034

Email: contact@baesmagictophat.com

Website: www.baesmagictophat.com

Social Media: www.facebook.com/BaesMagicTopHat

Breeder / Rabbitry 02

Breeder / Rabbitry Name: Lindquester Rabbitry

Location: Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Years of Experience: 9+

Contact Info: +1 916-752-9215

Email: (not given)

Website: (not given)

Social Media: (not given)

What is the Price of Lionhead Rabbits?

Lionhead rabbits are not super expensive. You can find one at a price as low as $30! But they can also go up to a price of $100 each, which still is not a lot.

But do you have a Lionhead rabbit with showable quality? A Lionhead rabbit with showable quality can be priced high! A show-quality Lionhead rabbit price can go up to $400, and the lowest possible price is $100!

What to ask the Breeder Before Buying Lionhead Rabbit?

There are a few things that you should definitely ask the Lionhead rabbit breeders. You surely do not want to buy a cute little bunny and be disappointed later. So to assure the safety of both you and your little pet,

you should definitely inquire about the following:

Breeding History: This is very important. To avoid potential health complications, it is imperative that no breeding between siblings and half siblings occur. Father daughter or mother son breeding is okay.

Health Condition: You should also inquire about any pre-existing medical conditions. I always suggest checking behind the ears for mites, as well as in the fur. This will help avoid future health complications.

Preference & Quality: Since Lionhead rabbits come in a lot of fur shades, you can ask for a particular kind you like. Also, of course remember to ask about the quality! If you want show quality bunnies then mention that!

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Things to Consider Before Buying Lionhead Rabbits

There are also a few questions that you should ask yourself before buying a Lionhead rabbit. You do not want to make an impulse decision and then regret it. It will also not be good for the rabbit.

Lionhead rabbits have wonderful personalities. They are friendly and social, and they get along with people very well. They make an excellent companion for old couples! But it also means that they constantly need a social setting.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • They will need a spacious cage with toys to play with. Also, it is recommended that they have a designated space in the house to themselves, a room if possible.
  • Even though they are not picky eaters, you have to be careful about the proportion. Besides that, you need to consider the expenses that you may have behind their diet.
  • Since they have a mane, they will need regular grooming! You absolutely cannot compromise with that!
  • It will be great if you can buy a couple, so that they have a friend.
  • You should also consider that they cannot handle hot temperatures. So an air-conditioned room is needed for them.

How to Take Care of Lionhead Rabbits?

When you rehome a rabbit, they need utmost care. To ensure that, you definitely should put in the effort to make them comfortable. Try to keep these in mind:

  • Give them the space to settle. Do not push them or forcefully hold them.
  • Make sure that they are not startled or scared. If they feel uncomfortable near certain things or hearing certain sounds, please take that into account.
  • Do not keep them around other pets they do not feel comfortable around.
  • Take note of their eating and sleeping habits. Also ensure that they are relieving themselves regularly.
  • Keep away things they could potentially choke on!


I think I have covered all the things related to finding Lionhead rabbits for sale. If you have any other questions, do reach out! So are you excited to get yourself a nice Lionhead rabbit?

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