How To Clean Rabbits Feet?


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Rabbits are unrestful animals by nature. While roaming around in the wild they hop from here to there. Sometimes they do it for finding foods and sometimes for their playful mind.

By doing this, their feet get dirty. We all know that the rabbit’s feet are the most crucial part of their body. They can jump so fast and so high for the strength of their feet. When they are kept as a pet, they do the same, so their feet get dusty and that doesn’t look good at all.

How To Clean Rabbits Feet?

There are some easy tips you can follow and clean your rabbit’s feet at home. Let’s find out those steps:

  • Try a towel that was wetted in hot water for two or three hours. Sit your rabbit on your lap, gently adore him, and make him feel comfortable. Slowly rise up one leg and wipe it softly. This will remove dirt from his feet.
  • Use a brush and a little white vinegar mixed water. Rub the brush around the feet and then wash away with normal temperature water.
  • If the stains are stubborn, try hydrogen peroxide followed by household corn starch powder and then brush the feet. It will remove the stains and make it white again.
  • If the vinegar or peroxide doesn’t work, then use a bar of soap and water. Though it can’t do better than vinegar or peroxide it will do some help for sure.
  • You can find many stain removers in the market. You can use them too but before using them, make sure they are safe for your rabbits. Because chemicals can do serious harm sometimes.

Why You Should Clean the Rabbit’s Feet?

As they can’t get bathed, so another cleaning process must be found. Though rabbits can be seen grooming sometimes. You may find them rubbing their own ears by their tongue again and again in a day. It is the process they clean themselves. Some compare it with showering.

But yet, their legs remain uncleaned and it becomes yellowish. If your rabbit is white in color then it looks so messy and dirty if the legs become yellowish. And while hopping, they may spread poisons and germs around you. If you have kids in the house, then cleaning the rabbit’s feet is a must.

How Often You Should Clean the Rabbit’s Feet?

Rabbits can be caged while being kept as a pet. But they are also freedom-loving animals. So you should not keep them in the cage for a long time. But when you do so, they will hop around, hide here and there and get dirty. Mostly they make their feet dirty. And as they can’t clean their own legs by themselves so their feet remain untidy most of the time.

Now the question, how often you should clean the rabbit’s feet? Because it is almost impossible to clean those feet again and again in a day. And who wants that? Moreover, they will also not feeling good to get wet their feet again and again.

For this, you should make a routine. You should follow this routine to clean your rabbit’s feet. We suggest you thrice in a week. And you should clean their feet just before driving into the cage. Because when you finish cleaning their feet, the feet will be wet and that time if the rabbits hop again, they will get dirty again. Who wants that? None, and for this, clean their feet just before you drive them into the cage.

Things to consider

You have already known that cleaning the rabbit’s feet is not so hard to process at all. And this process will make your rabbit look cute and tidy. But before making them tidy remember not to bathe them. They have a fever and cold problem by nature. That’s why in the wild, they go under any shade while it’s raining.
They are good at hiding their disease.

So, if you use any chemical-based stain remover and that harms your rabbit’s feet then you will not be informed at once. That’s why; you should check the stain remover again and again before using it.

If the satin becomes stubborn please don’t intend to cut it from rabbit’s feet. Because it will harm the muscle of the lower part of their feet. You rabbits need the padding on his feet to protect him from cage wire or any metal objects.

If you notice your rabbits don’t like the feet-cleaning process then don’t force them. Try to find another way that doesn’t bother them. Otherwise, it will be stressful for them and they won’t like to be gentle on the next time you clean their feet.


Rabbits are not concerned about their health. So when their feet remain dusty and yellowish, those feet become poisonous and they don’t get that. As the pet owner, you need to take the responsibility to clean their feet. Please clean their feet when you can.

It can reduce their yellowish color from their feet and germs too.

Moreover, this will make them cute and tidy. And a tidy pet is obvious at your home if there is any kid. So, no excuse when it comes to your duty to clean their feet.

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