Why Do Rabbits Thump Their Feet?


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Rabbits are those furry animals that look so cute and their movement can easily make their owner happy. It has been a long time since people are likely to have a rabbit as a pet. And as an owner, you may find many different body languages from them.

Though rabbits are soundless animals, they are also unrestful as well. That’s why you may see them doing several body moves all the time. Such as they are nodding their nose, pulling their own ears down, standing up frequently, flopping, grooming and sometimes thumping their feet. For your kind information, each of these moves has meaning.

As a good pet owner, you must learn the body language of your pet. So, let’s find out why rabbits thump their feet.

What are the reasons for a rabbit’s thumping feet?

Thumping feet is an eventual part of rabbit communication. While they thump their feet it means they have explanations. It’s advisable never to ignore a rabbit that is thumping its feet.
Now see the common reasons why rabbits thump their feet:

  • Danger: If they find anything approaches to them as a predator they become scared and feel it is dangerous to them. Then rabbits thump their feet to express that the place is not safe for them.
  • Rage: Rabbits are docile but like to feel like they are in charge. Preventing a rabbit from doing anything it wants can make it rage. Now you may see it thumping its feet.
  • Frustration: Rabbit’s patience is not infinite. Sometimes it happens naturally that they are tolerating any bad situation for a long time. It can be a bad smell, ferocious sound, irritating sitting place or etc. Then they become frustrated and do thump their feet.
  • Playfulness: Rabbits are playful animals too. You may find them sudden jumping while eating or staying calm. Don’t worry they are playful then. And sometimes, they thump their feet as a play nothing else.

Rabbits are not verbal animals, so thumping feet is generally their noisiest cue. But among the reasons those are described above, if your rabbits are thumping their feet it is more likely that they are angry or afraid. Ignoring the actions can cause your bunny to distrust you, which will harm your bond.

Why does my rabbit thump its feet?

You have been already informed that rabbits are soundless animals. While owning rabbits as pets, you may see them thumping their feet at once. As they can’t make sound by their mouth so they also can’t express their feelings, for that they try their body parts to make noise to express something.

Thumping feet is the kind of posture that rabbits do. Now the main question of what do they try to express by thumping feet? What is bothering them? Do they need anything? Just the answer to Why do rabbits tump their feet?
Before knowing the probable reasons for thumping a rabbit’s feet, you should know how they do it.

How rabbits make thump by their feet?

Rabbits are always concern about the sound and noise around them. They have big ears that help them to hear sound from far enough. If the noise makes them feel uncomfortable or scared then they tend to arch their backs a little and freeze and get alert.

At this stage, they may thump their feet on the ground to call for help from the owner or from other rabbits. They use one or sometimes two feet to make the thump. Sometimes they thump for once and sometimes they thump several in a row.

Why thumping feet is harmful to rabbit’s health?

You already know that the rabbit is unable to make sound by mouth. So, if they are in danger then you can not find out at once. That’s why they keep thumping feet till you give attention to them and this can create pain on their muscle.

Sometimes they thump on the ground by jumping high. And while doing it they shake their digestive internal part of their body and then they start vomiting for that.

Rapid thumping can make them tired and then they become more frightened and sometimes irritated on themselves. This can create the rabbits stressed.

How do I stop my rabbit from thumping?

If you find that your rabbit is thumping its feet, again and again, try to go to the bottom of its reason. Why does a rabbit thump its feet? You already know the possible reasons.

If anything makes the rabbit scared to try to remove it if possible. And yet if it isn’t possible, then move your rabbit somewhere else. But don’t force the rabbit to stay in that place which scares him.

Stat noticing carefully if your rabbit does it frequently. Note the exact time of doing this activity. Remember even vibration from passing heavy cars or trucks can make them tumping their feet.

Sometimes it is hungry and does thumping its feet. You should keep foods close to it so that it can find the foods in hunger and stops thumping feet. And if the reason is playfulness, then it is normal and you don’t need to be worried.


If your rabbits thump their feet then react quickly. It may need to communicate with you. They will thump until they feel that you have made their point. Their legs are strong but they are not invulnerable. So they can hurt themselves while doing this. Yet, if you can’t stop their thumping then meeting with a vet doctor is a must.

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