How to Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?


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When you are bored, alone or unhappy; you should bring a pet to your house. And as you can make a good relationship with pets, then some responsibilities of taking care of them come naturally. If you set your mind to bring a rabbit as a pet in your house, then there are some things you should know before bringing it in. Among them how to keep rabbits warm in winter is very much important.

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So, The Question is – How to keep rabbits warm in winter

Here is the Answer – Hutch, a wooden cage can be used for a warm place. As well as you need to take an extra care for your rabbits than usual in winter. Hay, Straw, Lights and some kind of exercises also needed to keep your rabbits warm in winter.

Rabbits are very sensitive animals. I mean they catch cold and fever frequently. And remember, they are very capable of hiding their sickness. It happens often- when you find why they are sick, it is already so late.

So, when the winter season starts and the temperature goes down, while the very cold wind blows then it is a very bad situation for your house rabbits. You must now wonder that ‘how rabbits keep themselves warm in winter while in wild?’

Well, they dig holes and goes under the soil to find warm places for them. Sometimes they find places between trunks of any tree. But when they are in your house as domestic animals, then you really need to know how to keep rabbits warm in winter.

8 Proven Ways to keep your rabbits warm in winter

01# Hutch/ Cage

A hutch or a cage can be a good option to keep your rabbits away from winter. It would be better if the cage or hutch is made of wood. Because woods are that kind of thing that keeps the temperature a bit higher under them.

So if a hutch is made of wood then your rabbits will have a warm place into it. Make sure your hutch is painted or varnished enough. It is better if you keep the hutch or cage into a room.

02# Warm clothes some

Keep some warm clothes into the cage or hutch. If you keep cotton cloths then it is much better. Rabbits will learn to use them by themselves. You can keep used or unused socks too. That will be more comfortable and warmer for them.

03# Hay and Straw

Straw and hay to make a warmer place. Keep that straw and hay into their cage or hutch. Straw is much drier than hay. You can use only straw too. But whichever you use, make sure they are fully dry.

04# Check the place

Check their place if it is wet or not. Because rabbits pee more than usual in the winter season. And when they do it frequently, the place got wet and that can be a cause of Hypothermia.

At the end of this article, you will know about hypothermia.

05# Exercise

You can’t keep your rabbits always under the hutch or cage in winter. When they hop and run then they get warmer. Their blood circulation stays normal for that during the winter season. Make a run place for them but it needs to be sheltered and a roof is a must.

06# Keep them together

If you have more than two rabbits then keep them together. If you do this they will start living together and while attaching their body, they can create a warmer place. Though there are chances of their fighting you can stop them from fighting too.

07# Lights

If you add a light into their place then it is also better. Lights keep the temperature higher and the rabbits get warmer too. But make sure there is no electric issue. Your furry pets can be shocked and seriously injured for that.

08# A careful eye

You need to place a careful eye on your rabbits. In winter there are many issues you need to maintain to keep your rabbits healthy and safe.

As an example, you need to check their weight frequently. They don’t move much than usual in winter so it is normal that they gain more weight which is not good for them. Also, you need to make the place is dust-free and fog or snow don’t come into their place.

Make sure your rabbits are having warm water. Their hutch needs to be checked often if there is no wet woods or any joints inside the hutch is dry and there are no sign of water stains.


Hypothermia is so dangerous for rabbits. It happens mostly in the winter season. When it happens then a rabbit’s body temperature goes down. Most probably 38-42 degrees Celcius is normal. When the temperature is lower than this level then consider that your rabbits have hypothermia.

It is more dangerous than cold or fever. You can see your rabbit’s ears and paws become pale and feel so cold when they are touched. At this stage, I suggest you rush to the vet doctor as soon as possible.

Things to consider

Winter is harmful to your rabbits. As well as cold water too. But when they pee, the place gets watery which is very normal. So, take this seriously that no water can touch your rabbits in this season. They are also not to be caged for a long time. Make a place for their running and hopping.


Your rabbits are your pets. No one is taking their responsibilities without you. Rabbits become weaker when it is winter and mostly they die of cold or fever in this season. We are not talking about what happens in the wild. But when they are in your house then as a pet owner you need to do all the things you can do for their better living. So follow those steps given above and keep your rabbits safe from cold or fever in winter.

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