What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?


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Rabbits are cute. They are much cute when they are little in age than at the elder age. Imagine a scene where a bunch of rabbits is hopping around you. And if the rabbits are baby rabbits? Yes, that scene is such wonderful and adorable.

It’s been a while that people have started having rabbits as pets. So, when you bring two rabbits to your house as pets, then they will birth babies soon. But have you ever thought that if the mom rabbit dies, what will happen to the baby rabbits? How those baby rabbits will survive? What to feed those baby rabbits when their mother is no more?

This article will give answers to all your questions.

What to feed baby rabbits without a mother?

Replacement milk is the main food to feed baby rabbits without a mother. Because there are no alternatives comparing mother’s milk. Then grass, hay, carrots, green leafy vegetables can be given to the baby rabbits.

Before feeding a baby rabbit, think about their natural diet and growing up process. In the wild, a baby rabbit starts its meal only with its mother’s milk. So feeding mamma’s breast milk is very important to them.

First, the milk and then all other foods they can eat and digest. But when a mother is no more, then what to feed baby rabbits?

So, as the mother is not here then you need Replacement Milk for those baby rabbits. You can buy Kitten Milk Replacer which is available in pet shops. This milk has almost the same ingredients that a mother rabbit has.

However, if you don’t want to give them kitten milk replacer, then you can use goat milk. Please never give them cow milk. It’s very harmful to their digestive system.

You can use heavy whip cream to increase its calorie and nutrition. But please don’t mix very much in amount. And when you start feeding the rabbits, you must follow the giving amount of instructions from the packet. You should feed them milk till they are 6-7 weeks.

When the baby rabbits start moving and try to give little jumps, then you can give them other foods besides that replacement milk. The grass is the first option here. Green and fresh grass will be best for them at that stage. It is better if the grass is smaller in size.

There are no rules or regulations for giving grass as a portion of food. Those baby rabbits can eat them up as much as they can, as long as they can. And in wild, they do so at first, the grass is their favorite too.

The second option can be Hay. Dry hay is better than wet hay. The rabbits have a fever and cold problems; so try to avoid giving them wet foods from very early. As your rabbits are now little in size so their teeth are also not sharp and strong enough. For this, you need to chop the hay in a little size. If you do so, then they will be able to eat them easily and in much amount too.

You can give the baby rabbits Carrots too. Remember, what you have seen in cartoons or heard in any story that rabbits are so fond of carrots is almost wrong! Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying they don’t eat carrots, they do so. But not that much as we imagine or think. So, when you give those baby rabbits carrots, try to find those carrots that are fresh and young. Carrots are like sugar to them, I am pretty sure your baby rabbits will like them.

You can introduce those baby rabbits to solid foods now. Such as Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay, Oats, Little nuts. But first, you need to know which breed are they. Because there are some breeds that should not be given pellets, and there are some breeds that should not be given vegetables. You also need to add water to their diet chart. Water can help them to digest the foods. Also, this can keep your rabbits hydrated.

How to feed baby rabbits without a mother?

While feeding milk to the baby rabbits use syringe or nipples. You can get them from a local pet pharmacy. Stem them to disinfect. Take a towel or any fresh soft cloth on your lap. Bring the baby rabbits on your lap then start feeding them slowly. Do not squeeze much milk into a rabbit’s mouth. Hold them softly, if they try to jump, let them do it. You must be patient while feeding the baby rabbits.

Generally, baby rabbits open their eyes after ten or twelve days. Wait till they open their eyes to feed other foods. It is better to chop those dry and solid foods before giving them. Try them in a bowl, the baby rabbits will learn to eat from the bowl too. That’s how you can teach them a trick.

Change the grass or hay often. Because these foods get bacteria soon and that is poisonous. Do not keep your baby rabbits hungry for a long time. Generally, in the wild, a mother rabbit feeds baby rabbits twice in a day. So feed them according to that.

When you give water, do not pour it in a deep bowl. As baby rabbits hop often, they can get wet while jumping into it. They also can drown! Place that bowl at any corner of your house. They will learn to know the exact place for water. Notice the water should not get dusty.

Things to consider

The first three weeks of baby rabbits are very important. This is the period when they grow so fast and get healthy as well as smarter. So you should give extra care to them. Remember the amount and types before feeding them. Do not force them to eat as well as don’t keep them hungry for a long time.


All the baby rabbits are not the same. Some grow so fast, become healthy while some aren’t. But as they have lost their mom you must know what to feed baby rabbits without mother. I hope this article will help you now.

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