Rabbit Dying Symptoms | 10 Signs that Your Rabbit is Dying


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There was a saying, “To save freedom is harder than getting it”. You may think that what is about freedom talking here in a rabbit related article!


I must say that keeping your pet alive is harder than petting it. Especially, when the pet is a rabbit, you must be more concerned about the rabbit’s dying symptoms.

Rabbits look so cute as well as they are complicated to understand. They are very good at hiding sickness. So, it is often late when you find your rabbit is sick.

Sometimes it’s too late that you leave a heavy sigh for your favorite pet animal.


Don’t get upset and overthink already ok?

If you know about your rabbit’s dying symptoms very well then you can keep them alive and healthy.

Let’s go to the point, Rabbit’s dying symptoms

When a rabbit is about to die it refuses to eat or drink, there may be unusual of the level of sleep, fatal skin diseases, myiasis, running noses, breathing problems, and some other changes in vital signs can be seen.

If you see any of these symptoms following and take actions as soon as possible then you must be a responsible pet owner and you can save your rabbit.

Well, we can’t guarantee that you can save it if you notice the rabbit’s dying symptoms and take actions but there will be no regret if the rabbit still dies.

Let’s know some rabbit’s dying symptoms in detail below.

Rabbit Dying Symptoms | 10 Signs that Your Rabbit is Dying

01# Refuses to eat food and drink

Usually, a rabbit is healthy and happy when it eats a lot of foods. Hopping around and pooping is a normal habit of a rabbit. You can say it is their daily routine. A rabbit can chew as much as it can in a day.

But when the rabbit is sick then it stops eating or drinking. Ok for your information, rabbits don’t drink that much than other animals. So, don’t worry if it drinks less water. Notice on its eating habit.

If it stops eating totally, I mean, when you change its food routine and still the rabbit is not eating then consider that your rabbit is in rabbit’s dying symptoms!

02# An unusual level of sleeping

You have already known that rabbits are very good at hiding sickness. You may find out why I have told you when you read this point.

Actually, a rabbit lies down, hops, eats, and poops and again lies down. They are prey animals. So, they are alert when they fall asleep. They keep their ears up or sometimes they open their eyes while sleeping.

So, it is hard to understand if your rabbit is sleeping or not. Well, these activities happen only when they are healthy.

But if you see some unusual behavior of sleeping (like- sleeping for 7 to 8 hours, sleeps still after giving foods or not waking up if there is a harsh sound) then your rabbit must be sick.

03# Skin diseases

You may see your rabbit is often licking itself. It is called grooming. Grooming means cleaning their own body, hands, and toe. A healthy rabbit has soft skin with clean fur.

But when a rabbit is sick and in rabbit’s dying symptoms then it stops cleaning itself.

The fur may look matted and greasy. If the rabbit is white then its fur may become yellowish if it is sick. You may see fur falling from its body.

Though falling fur is normal to some rabbits but still, you may see unusual falling obviously when your rabbit is sick.

Skin diseases are vulnerable to rabbit body and most of the time these kinds of diseases lead your rabbit to death.

4# Myiasis

Myiasis is also called fly-strikes. It happens when flies lay eggs into the rabbit’s fur. Then the eggs hatch and can go into the rabbit’s skin and start the rabbit’s skin. A rabbit can be dead within 24 hours when myiasis happens.

This happens when your rabbit’s skin and fur is wet. Sometimes some rabbits lay in the same place where they pee. At that time, they are wet for a longer time, and flies got attracted.

If the maggots are visible on the rabbit’s skin then it is too late.

6# Cold Ears

Your rabbit is in dying symptoms when its ears are cold. If you find out that its ears are colder than usual then check its body temperature immediately.

Remember, a rabbit body temperature is 38 degrees to 42-degree Celcius is normal. But higher than this measurement, your rabbit might have caught a fever.
And when it happens then the ears of the rabbit become colder than usual.

7# Running nose

Alike cold ears, the rabbit’s nose starts running when it got cold or fever. It may sneeze often or rubbing its nose to a dry place. Its nose area becomes yellowish when this happens. You should remember that cold and fever is an acute problem for the rabbit.

During the rainy season and the whole winter is a very hard time for rabbits. So, it is your duty to keep the rabbits safe and warm at that time.

8# Shivering

If the room where you keep your pet rabbit is nicely warm and dry but still if your rabbit is shivering then it may be the reason for a shock.

Rabbits can be dead with the shock of stress or fear sometimes. So, if your rabbit is shivering too much then make sure there is no harmful thing around the rabbit.

Make it comfortable. You can rub your fingers on its head to realize it that you are there for safety.

9# Difficult breathing

While breathing if you hear any sound from your rabbit then it is time to give a concerned eye to it. Sometimes the rabbit feels difficulty while breathing and that can affect the lungs and can lead the rabbit to death.

If it happens the nose area must be wet. Not only for cold but also stress doesn’t let them breathe easily.

10# Changes in urine

There may be some changes in urine if your rabbit is in the stage of death. Normal urine color is mixed with greenish and yellowish. But if the urine is red or direct yellow then the rabbit is must be suffering from some acute problem.

It can be diarrhea or excessive loose feces. Rabbit’s digest system is quite different from other animals. So, their diet chart should be maintained carefully.

Things to consider when you see those Dying Symptoms

There is no chance that your rabbit is dying if any of these symptoms can be seen. At wild, they manage these diseased somehow. But when you bring a rabbit as a pet then it is your duty to keep the rabbit safe. You can note down these symptoms and if you notice any of them you can take the right actions to make your rabbit healthy again.


A rabbit can love you back if you love it. But remember, only ‘loving’ is not the only thing when you are a pet owner. Loving and caring both make a person a great pet owner.

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