When Do Baby Rabbits Leave the Nest?


I believe that all the animal lovers are kind and almost all of them have imagined a scene of their pet rabbit with babies. I can surely say that you all have become so happy when you find the scene where a mother rabbit is lying and her babies are hopping around.

It feels so special right? As the owner, you must take good care of them and after their birth, you need to know every detail to give them a good starting of life.

So, you should know when do baby rabbits leave the nest and the necessaries before and after their leaving.

When do baby rabbits leave the nest?

Normal time of leaving the nest for baby rabbits is at the age of 8 weeks. Sometimes it takes a bit more. But almost all the healthy baby rabbits start moving freely and learns how to stay close to the mother to stay safe.

How the baby rabbits leave the nest?

So when you ask for when do baby rabbits leave the nest? You should know how the nest is made and how they leave their nest before you know the answer. Because it takes some routined process for them to grow stronger and able to leave the nest.

Let’s check this out to know some interesting facts about the rabbit.

The nest making process

Mothers are really different in this whole universe. Their love, affection, and protection everything are unique. Mother- human or whatever the creature is has always a sharp eye to protect her child.

A mother rabbit generally takes 30-35th days of pregnancy. On the day of 28/29th, she starts looking for a safe place to make a nest.

In wild, rabbits try to find a place which is hidden from other animals and as they are soft as well as prey animals, so they always try to keep themselves away from bigger animals.
Mother rabbits start digging the holes in the ground to create a nest to keep her babies, though they just don’t live in the holes only. But a hole in the ground is safe for the baby rabbits and the temperature in a hole is quite suitable for newborn rabbits.

After digging a hole and making the nest, the mother rabbit covers it with grass or her furs just to keep her babies hidden. Another interesting fact is here! She never visits the hole while any animals or birds around the hole.

Moreover, she also keeps herself away from feeding her babies while the sun is up. She visits her babies mostly at midnight, very safely. Amazing right?

You may have noticed that the mother rabbit doesn’t feed her babies often after their birth. Do not worry, it’s very normal.

A mother rabbit can produce heavy milk which is rich in protein and full of energy that can fill the baby rabbit’s belly for almost 24 hours.

Now, let’s watch the process the baby rabbits become stronger and when do baby rabbits leave the nest.

The process

After birth, they do not move so much and their eyes remain closed till then. They are almost naked but some of them borns with a light layer of fur.

On days 3 to 5 they start to grow a bit and their movement will increase slowly. It is ok, right? I mean it’s just one week now!

In the second week, they try to open their eyes and some of them really become able to open their eyes already. Its day 9 and they try to make noise and look like they play with each other.

At the last of the second week, I mean on day 13, they fully open their eyes, their movements are fast and if the weather is okay then you can bring them outside the nest. But DON’T keep them away from their nest. Make them learn to know their safe place.

From day 15 to 23 they can hop and fastly move. They run to their mother and continue their mother’s milk. However, at this stage, you can give them fresh and soft alfalfa grass.

From day 25 to 30 means a month, the babies are grown up fully. Their fur covers their whole body, they can eat grass and hay.

This is a stage that most owners make a big mistake. They keep the babies away from their mother and start giving them pellets. This is wrong, man! Because their mother milk does not only fill their hunger but also works as a medicine.

A healthy rabbit needs to be fed at least 55 days. The milk will increase its immune system. From week 6 to 8 is the time they wean. Not before that.

Our question was when doing baby rabbits leave the nest? And the answer was in the 8th week they are ready to say goodbye to their nest, right?

But there is another fact here. If you find one of the baby rabbits is still weak and not ready to leave the nest then keep that rabbit there. Make sure you give that poor guy enough light and air. It can depend on the mother’s milk for a bit longer.

What to do after baby rabbits leave their nest?

Leaving nest means become grown up and become food for a predator though it is harsh to hear. But if you pet rabbits then those baby rabbits are your responsibilities.

Make them a good place to live in. The baby rabbits die very mysteriously. Keep a sharp eye on them. If any unusual appears then rush to vet immediately.

Things to consider

Baby rabbits are cute to watch and hard to keep alive safely. You must become more conscious of your pets than before.

I know you are eager to see the baby rabbits hop around you. But please wait for 8th week at least and then your baby charmings are ready to go.


If you notice the nest of them became weaker, then change their place. Changing won’t affect them. Have a good care of them, still, if any rabbit dies, it’s not your fault. But you should be honest to yourself that you have followed every step before and after their birth.

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