Why Do Rabbits Pull Their Fur Out?


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Humans are animal’s best friends. When you pet any animal, you are not only their friend but also their protector. So helping them at any hard situation is a must for you.

If you pet a rabbit then you must have noticed sometimes that your rabbit is pulling its fur out. As you are its owner then you must know its common health problems and solutions.

So, you should know why do rabbits pull their fur out? This article will lead you to the answer.

Why do rabbits pull their fur out?

Pulling fur out is a very common behavior of any rabbit. However, bored os stressed, skin disease, nesting behavior, false pregnancy or any hormonal changes can be approximately reasons behind rabbits pull their fur out.

There will be physical, mental, and emotional changes behind this type of activity.

6 Common Reasons for a Rabbit Pulling Fur

1# Nesting Behavior

Here we go with the nesting behavior. Rabbits are prey animals and they always try to save themselves from their predators.

I mean, who doesn’t? right?

They try to find food at midnight when large animals are not here and there.

So following this type of behavior, they try to make a nest that is hard to find. Mother rabbits try to create a nest with dry leaves, grass, or own fur.

At this time they start pulling their fur out and that’s exactly the nesting behavior we were talking about.

2# False Pregnancy

Rabbits can give birth after 30-35days. But sometimes they express false pregnancy. At this time they feel irritated and pull their fur out of their body. Though it is quite normal that a rabbit pulls its fur out.

Sometimes their fur color even changes. But false pregnancy can be a strong reason behind their fur pulling out.

3# Boredom and Stress

Rabbits are playful animals. They like to stay with their companies. And once you make a good bond with them, they will always keep finding you around. But if they don’t any of these then they start feeling bored and stressed.

At this time they start pulling their fur out, biting themselves, or make irritating sounds.

So if you have one rabbit as a pet and you notice it is doing this then it is high time you brought a company for him or her.

4# Skin Discomfort

Skin discomfort can be another answer to why do rabbits pull their fur out? Sometimes they are lazy and lay down where they pee.

Because of this, they stay wet for quite a long time and skin discomfort happens.

Fleas are the insects that create skin diseases to rabbit fur. They spread infection on their skin and it causes skin disease. Then it starts itching and rabbits pull their fur out.

5# Dominance

Sometimes it can be seen that a rabbit pulls fur out of other rabbits. It is a sign of dominance. This happens when you pet various breeds of rabbits.

Like angora is bigger than the Netherland dwarfs. So angoras will be dominant on those dwarfs, it is very natural to behave of rabbits. Sometimes they fight each other and pulling fur out is that kind of action.

But this doesn’t stay long. Rabbits become friendly soon and they are quite playful. An owner should give a sharp look this time that any of those rabbits don’t get hurt.

6# Aggression

If you bring a new male rabbit to a female rabbit’s hutch then the female rabbit creates much dominance and it is the cause of her aggression. Dominance and submissive behaviors are mostly created by only female rabbits. Their paws and teeth are much sharp than male ones.

Is it bad if rabbits pull their fur out?

Pulling fur out is the natural behave of rabbits. Still, if they pull excessive fur out then it is bad for them. Their skin becomes uncovered. So any insect gets a chance to spread infection and poison easily.

Sometimes they eat their own pulled fur. As those fur are small so they eat them while grooming or eating their foods. This leads them to diarrhea, drooling, cough, and other health problems.

Again, those furs can create digestive blockings which is dangerous and even fatal. If it happens then the rabbit can not eat food properly. It can create a breathing problem too.

What to stop rabbits from pulling their fur out?

First of all, notice your rabbit carefully. If you notice that your rabbit is pulling fur out excessively then take a step for it. Otherwise, it is very normal. So, what to do right?

  • Clean your rabbit’s playing place daily and try to keep your rabbit clean as much as you can.
  • If you bring a new rabbit then give the old one and new one much space and time to become familiar with each other.
  • Check your rabbit weight to check pregnancy often if your male and female rabbit is living together.
  • Notice the pulled out area carefully, if you see something poisonous or infected then it is time you gave the rabbit skin medicine.
  • Try giving them fiber riched food and keep that packaged food away for some days.
  • Make their lying place dry and clean.
  • Cut their claws often and wash their legs almost every day.
  • Keep everything away that scares or disturbs the rabbit.
  • Anything unusual in this issue, then rush to the vet immediately.

Things to consider

Some rabbits have long hair and fur naturally. This creates irritation often and they start pulling their fur out. Rabbits are not conscious of themselves. That is why they receive many diseases and die without a warning. When you pet a rabbit, you have to notice its details and if your pet is in disturbance then remove it to prove you are a great owner!


If you have reached this far of this article then yes you are concerned about your rabbit. This is great. Pulling fur can be dangerous and create sickness sometimes. But this is not uncurable. You can take steps to solve this problem.

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