How to Stop Rabbits Fighting?


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Rabbits are those animals that look cute and docile. They graze around, hop around and they look so adorable then. And nowadays people are more interested to have a rabbit in own house.

It is generally no problem when you adopt only one rabbit. But you also need to remember that rabbits are socialized animals in nature. So, you should always keep multiple rabbits together. When you do so, fighting each other is normal o them.

Then you start thinking, how to stop rabbits fighting?

Here is the answer, Keeping them separate at the first sight of fighting, fixing them by spaying and neutering, waiting for them to get to know each other can generally stop their fighting.

But first, you need to know why they do fight generally. Let’s find out why rabbits fight each other.

Why rabbits fight each other?

If you hear any sound from the cage that is something unusual then it must be a sign of their fighting. Again, if you notice some injuries or bloodstains on their body then you can understand that they are fighting frequently. But do you know why rabbits fight?

These are the most common reasons for their fighting:

  • One of them becomes scared or terror and starts the fighting first. Then the other one or the other rabbits join that fighting.
  • Hormonal problem is another most relatable logic here. And this happens generally to a male rabbit. If you keep two male rabbits together then this happens because they are not neutered. If one of them is neutered then this happens less.
  • It causes some health issues too. If your rabbit is in fever or irritated then it may seem eager to start a fight.
  • Sometimes they take a bit longer to get known to each other. During this time period, they start fighting.
  • If your rabbits are frustrated with a lack of freedom, then they start fighting each other.
  • If your rabbit is in some kind of pain and that makes him

Now, you may think about the symptoms of starting fighting? Read these carefully:

  • A rabbit will start making sound by its mouth.
  • You can see unusual things through its eyes, it may become reddish.
  • It will thump its legs.
  • You can see the nails through its paws.
  • It will nod its nose and maybe saliva from its mouth.

These are the reasons for rabbits fighting, generally. Now how to stop rabbits fighting tricks.

How do I stop rabbits fighting?

Rabbits fighting can be dangerous. Sometimes it can harm your rabbits so bad that any of them can be dead. So you need to stop fighting from very first. Let’s find out the tricks you can stop your rabbits from fighting:

  1. Separate the angry rabbit: Place the rabbit which is eager to fight to the other place. Give it time to get known to other rabbits. Then it may stop fighting and start bonding. If there is more than one rabbit, such as two or three rabbits are angry and making a fight then you should try different cages for the individual rabbit. This may make them quiet again and they can be friendly.
  2. Care for both rabbits: Take care of both rabbits. Ensure that none of them is less cared while you pet them. You should cuddle them both or give the same amounts of food or anything you do, remember they need to feel you love them both.
  3. Different food plates: Try different food plates. It happens they start fighting when you give them food on the same plate. As they are animal then they must have animalistic behavior. For that, they start fighting and to stop that you need to give those different plates for food.
  4. Find out the accurate reason: It generally happens that if a rabbit is injured or sick then it becomes irritated and that time, if any other rabbit passes by the sick one, starts fighting. So you need to find out the actual reason for the irritation of the fighting rabbit. Cure it as soon as possible and it may become normal again.
  5. No Loneliness: If your rabbit is angry with you, such as when you approach it then it makes noise by its mouth or attempt to bite, then give it a partner. Loneliness is not for your rabbit. It searches for a partner to play and when it can’t find anyone then it becomes angry.
  6. Spaying and Neutering: It generally happens when you keep two male rabbits together when those are both unspayed and unneutered. The main thing you need to do is neuter one or both rabbits then. Actually, hormones cause two male rabbits fighting. They can fight until a serious injury or even death. Neutering can stop their hormones flow and that can stop them from fighting.
  7. Give Freedom: Rabbits are prey animals. Yet they are fonder of hopping around and grazing here and there. But when you keep them behind a cage for a long time then they become bored and irritated, then they start fighting. To prevent this, you must allow them several times to hop around and play, not fighting.

Things to consider

Remember rabbits are weak animals in nature. But they can be ferocious at any time. Either it is their hormonal issue or other, they can be dead while fighting. Breeds like Giant angora, Flemish, Dutch dwarf can be much dangerous than you can imagine. So while you pet some rabbits you must take good care of them and not let them fight each other. You should stop rabbits fighting to have a good memory with your rabbits.


Separate your rabbits at the first sight of fighting. Notice and find out what are the reasons for their fighting. If you fail to make any rabbit calm which is disturbing other rabbits, take it to the vet doctor as soon as possible. You should let that one go away if a doctor can not make it normal and quiet. Remember, when you pet rabbits, their lives depend on you too!

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