Can a Rabbit’s Broken Leg Heal on Its Own?


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Any pet animal which is healthy and playful is a matter of satisfaction for its owner. They are actually like our children in our house. They need proper care and maintenance. Rabbits are cute animals that love to hide their sickness and there are many cases of rabbit’s death which is shocking and surprising both.

Many animals heal themselves gradually without any outer medicine. So, Can a rabbit’s broken leg heal on its own?

Try to find out the answer through this article.

Can a Rabbit’s Broken Leg Heal on Its Own?

The ideal answer to a broken leg is always not possible or affordable. Reasons behind leg broken are fracture, bumblefoot, tumor, abscess, dislocation, spinal issues.

We are so gonna talk about the reasons and possible solvency of a broken leg in this article.

How to Find Out if the Rabbit’s Leg Is Broken or Not?

Rabbits are always playful. They love to hop and poop around. They try to make a territory of their own. You see from a little bunny to a grown-up rabbit, every rabbit is playful and fickled.

Well, their body is covered with fur and their legs are not so big or stretched. Even when a rabbit’s leg is broken or displaced, it may try to move as usual. So all of a sudden you can’t get if the leg is already broken.

I guess you are a good owner and you notice your rabbits carefully daily. If any of them is not playing or moving like before or staying at one place like stuck then it might have been broken its leg. You may see the rabbit limping too.

Reasons Behind the Rabbit’s Broken Leg

Well if you find your rabbit’s leg is already broken and it is being lifeless then asking the question can a rabbit’s broken leg heal on its own? Is already late. It’s time to find out why the leg is broken!

Here are the possible reasons behind a rabbit’s broken leg:

Fracture: Fracture is the most common reason behind the rabbit’s broken leg. Sometimes you hold your rabbit quiet higher from the ground and it jumps! Then the leg breaks. Though rabbit has good qualities of spinal cord and tissues in their legs but still because of landing incorrectly they get their legs broken.

Another reason behind fracture is- your rabbit’s leg got stuck in a cage bar or something that and the rabbit got scared then it tries to haul its leg forcefully and exactly then the fracture happens.

Bumblefoot: Pododarmatitis which is commonly known as bumblefoot is a foot infection that creates redness, sores, hair loss, and even scabbing.

If your rabbit is heavyweight and puts much pressure on its leg then bumblefoot happens. Besides, if your rabbit is in a dirty and damp area then it creates infection on the leg. This infection leads to bumblefoot or pododermatitis.

Tumor: Another reason for the rabbit’s broken leg is a tumor. Sometimes bone cancer is found on the rabbit’s body and as a result, the leg is damaged. If you find any inflation on the rabbit’s body then you should rush to the vet and the tumor can be removed by surgically.

Botch: Botch or abscess seems to pop up anywhere on the rabbit’s body and can be very difficult to get rid of it. This can also become larger and becomes a reason for the discomfort of your rabbit and if it happens on the leg area then it is another cause of the rabbit’s broken leg.

Dislocation: Dislocation of joints is another common reason for the rabbit’s broken leg. This can’t be healed on its own. Your rabbit must go through an x-ray and proper treatment to relocate their bones.

Jumping from high, landing on the wrong place, being hit on any hard object can be the reasons behind the dislocation of joints.

Spinal Issues: Rabbits are always fast and warned about every movement. When they are scared, they thump their feet. Sometimes they thump so hard that they damage their spinal tissues of the legs.

Tips to Save Your Rabbit’s Leg

Though accidents are totally bad luck. Still, we try to protect our rabbits. Here are some few tips to save your rabbit’s leg from getting broken:

  • Keep your rabbits in a very smooth place where they won’t get hurt while running or playing.
  • If you bring any new rabbit then try to keep the old ones and the new one separately at the beginning to reduce fighting risk.
  • Create a clean and noise-free hutch for your rabbits. Make sure they are safe at night.
  • Try to install a low light in their hutch. So that they are not afraid of the dark and can see any obstacles on their way.
  • Don’t rush to pick your rabbits up and handle them carefully when they are above from the ground.
  • Try to remove every sharp and risky object around them.
  • If you have another pet animal in your house then kindly show the same affection to each. Because of a lack of affection, rabbits start fighting and ended up with a broken leg.

Things to consider

After all this discussion, I don’t think anyone will ever ask can a rabbit’s broken leg heal on its own. There are many reasons behind a broken leg and there are many cautious steps a good owner might take.

Even after all this careful trying, there are still chances for a broken leg. We don’t stop any accidents. But when you care for your rabbits, then you do things that would lessen the chances of it.


If you have studied this far, I would like to appreciate your concern about your pet animal. Every pet is valuable and important to us. If any bad thing happens to them then it is a matter of sorrow.

But if you look again at this article then you will understand that the broken leg problem depends on our unconcern and being not so careful about the rabbits. Believe that, there is always a way to save your rabbit.

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