Are Rabbits Scared of the Dark?


So just some days ago I was enjoying the new serial DARK. Suddenly it hit me up- the most asked question to myself that are rabbits scared of the dark? This was the question I was curious about when I brought some rabbits as pets in my house.

If you are curious about this question too then you have stepped in the right place. In this article, I am going to show you the right answers and some other tips which may be valuable for you.

So, why are we waiting for? Let’s dig in.

Are rabbits scared of the dark?

Darkness is not so a problem for rabbits. Though they can’t see in the deep dark their eyes are capable in low dim light. So, as long they can see they are not scared. But the thing is if they hear any mysterious sound or smell while staying in dark then they are scared of the dark.

Learn your rabbit

While you pet a rabbit or some rabbits then you have either known or have experienced some interesting facts about rabbits. Well, as pets in animals we own in our house so they become also part of our family.

We care about the rabbits same as we care for our children at home. For good caring, you must learn your rabbits.

The most misconception about rabbits is that rabbits are nocturnal. But actually, rabbits are crepuscular. Which means they are those animals that active at dawn and dusk.

The pet rabbits most commonly wake up at dawn and sometimes long before that time. This is the time when your rabbits are most energetic and playful.

The mid-morning is time for their sleeping or taking rest. And evening is the time again they wake up and active till midnight.

So, I guess you have already got the answer to the question are rabbits scared of the dark. Time to know more.

The more the merrier, right?

Rabbit’s Vision

Rabbit’s night vision is much higher than humans. They have a 360-degree field of vision. But the weak point is they can’t see things that just below their chin as their eyes are on the side of their head.

Besides, rabbits are not able to see in pitch darkness. Their vision is strongest in dim light.

When they are in darker condition, they rely more on their senses. Using the nose or ears they try to be sure if they are safe enough as they have many predators.

So, you can see that darkness is not a big deal for rabbits. But the thing is any strange smell or sound can be the reason for their scaring.

Do rabbits need darkness for sleeping?

I don’t know if you ever asked yourself this question or not but this question and answer are very important. As you have already been informed rabbit’s sleep from mid-morning to evening.

This time is exactly our opposite. This is the time we get ready for work, or take breakfast or just start our daily normal activities and what is your rabbit doing? He is just trying to have asleep.

So, they need a place which is quiet and clean and obviously, has low light.

Tips for pet rabbit in darkness

Well, as your bunnies are not in open nature for a long time and their activities become quite different from the wild ones. So here are some tips if you keep them in any hutch or your house:

  • Cover their hutch: You should cover their hutch at night. There are several reports of the rabbit’s death just because of a heart attack. So cover the hutch and if there is any chance of any predator roaming around, your rabbits will be safe and sound. But try to make any hole for sunlight to come in.
  • Night light: Set a dim light where your rabbits stay at night. The light must not be too bright and too low. Remember, too much brightness can be a cause of their irritation.
  • Soundless place: Rabbits become depressed because of bright light, bad smell, or any kind of harsh sound. So keep them in a soundless place especially in dark.
  • Sufficient foods: If your rabbits are hungry at night then they will try to go outside to find foods which is very dangerous as pet rabbit’s vision and hearing become weaker than wild rabbits. It is just for lack of practice, nothing else. So if you give them sufficient foods for one night then they won’t try to go outside and will be safe in hutch.
  • Special treats for weak rabbits and baby rabbits: Baby rabbits and weak rabbits need much care than other rabbits. The night is the time they start moving. So if you have any weak rabbit then try to check it again and again. The baby rabbits should be kept in a total risk-free place.

How many hours of darkness do rabbits need?

Well, this is pretty much complicated. But you should create a balance. As rabbits are not as intelligent as us. They sleep counting on their body energy. When they are weak and tired then they sleep.

You should just make sure that they are in the dim light while sleeping. Other times, they can find their comfortable places as their wish.

Things to consider

Not much sunlight or not much darkness is suitable for pet rabbits. As a careful and concerned owner, one must provide the pet rabbits a medium level of darkness.

Creating a cycle or routine will give them chances to assume their time of sleeping and time of playing. Their resting place should be soundless and out of bad or strange smell. This will provide them a very much comfortable place for living and no doubt, you would be their favorite owner.


While it is dark or light, you are their owner and protector. Rabbits die because of many mysterious reasons. So when it is dark, make sure your pet rabbits are not scared and comfortable. Don’t ever take any risk.

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