Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?


Baby rabbits are cute animals and much sensitive than other mammals. Like all other animals, mother’s milk is a must for their initial stage. Then they can eat the same other foods as their mother.

So, a primary question naturally arises in our mind that- can baby rabbits eat grass? Grass and hay are commonly foundable foods for rabbits and almost all rabbits are seen to eat more grass than other foods.

But we need to know at when stage of age a baby rabbit starts eating grass or we can feed them grass. This article is about discussing the topic.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grass?

Yes, baby rabbits can also eat grass like other grown-up rabbits. But they need some time before eating grass. This time is for setting up and getting ready for their digestive system for eating grass.

Health Benefits of Grass

We must remember, rabbit’s digestive system is sensitive. So baby rabbit’s foods also need to be that type that is easy to digest. For a baby rabbit, grass can be the second food just after the mother’s milk.

Wild rabbits also eat grass at their preliminary stage. The grass contains a lot of water and nutrition which helps the rabbit’s body to grow initially. Grass can fulfill their hunger and thirst.

Grass is light and small plants. So, baby rabbits can easily eat and digest them. Let’s see what a grass contains:

  • IodineCalcium
  • Magnesium
  • Cobalt
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Selenium

So we can see that what ingredients grass contains are not totally harmful to rabbit’s bodies. The grass is totally safe for rabbits.

How Much Grass A Rabbit Can Eat?

Baby rabbits must be stuck with their mother’s milk from age 2 weeks to 5 weeks. Then from 6 weeks, you can feed them grass, hay, and little amount of fruits.

But a rabbit must not eat too much grass. You can give them grass twice a day at the first stage. A bunch of grass that is cut in little size should be given to the baby rabbits.

We will talk about how to feed grass later. Stay with the article.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grass instead of Hay?

We all know that hays are just dried versions of grass. So baby rabbits need two types of food- wet and dry. This will help their immune system to grow and become strong.

No, baby rabbits should not eat grass instead of hay. Hay is much safe than grass. Hay contains high fiber than grass.

It is kind of hard than grass so baby rabbits need to chew that makes their teeth stronger and sharper.
Some grass can be harmful and may taste bitter but hay is always dry and safe also tastes good.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Grass from Yard?

Baby rabbits need exercise. So we let them outside to play. And it’s very normal for rabbits to eat while they are playing or doing exercise.

Grass grows normally outside of our house. So while we are thinking can baby rabbits eat grass? We also think that if outside grass will be good for the baby rabbits or not.

Well, grass from the yard is not bad for baby rabbits. But if there is any chance of those grass gets chemicalized, then they become harmful for baby rabbits.

Outside grass is a living place for different kinds of insects. Those insects can be harmful to baby rabbits. As rabbits do not eat insects or like to kill any insects. So they would be irritated while eating.

If you can make sure grass from your yard is totally safe and fresh, then you should allow baby rabbits to eat them. Otherwise, Don’t.

How to Feed Baby Rabbits Grass?

Before providing baby rabbits grass, you need to know some rules. It is just not cutting grass and giving them.

So what are the rules? Let’s see.

  • You must confirm that grasses are chemical free and totally fresh.
  • Introduce grass slowly to your baby rabbits.
  • Try to give them dry grass, not wet ones.
  • Choose the medium size grass and narrow ones. Such as Bermuda grass, Kentucky grass, Bent grass. They will be easy to digest for baby rabbits.
  • Cut the grasses in lower sizes and make them in small shapes.
  • If you find any sharp grass in a bunch, keep it away.
  • Do not mix hay and grass.
  • Do not give grasses which are cut for a long ago.

What Other Foods Baby Rabbits Can Eat?

While you are having some baby rabbits, we can assume that you are a happy owner. But you also need to be judgemental and careful while you create a diet plan for baby rabbits.

We have talked about grass already. Let’s talk about some other foods baby rabbits can eat at the time of boosting up.

Hay: Timothy hay, Bermuda hay, and other hays are good for baby rabbits. They help the baby rabbits to grow up faster

Green herbs: Some green herbs like basil, lettuce, raspberry leaves, spinach, mint and etc can be good options for baby rabbits.

Fruits: Some fruits like carrots, pineapples, guavas also become baby rabbit’s favorite foods besides grass.

Pellets: There are some very good pellets that can be found in the market which are healthy and safe for rabbits. You can try this type of pellets for your baby rabbits.

Can Grass be Harmful to Baby Rabbits?

First of all, the grass itself is not bad or harmful for baby rabbits. When the baby rabbits will be grown up, they will mostly rely on grasses. But eating too much grass can be a problem.

Rabbit has a basic instinct. That is- they try to finish every food they find on their dish. So, if you allow baby rabbits to eat grass, they will not be able to control them.

Eating too much grass can be causes of-

  • Bloating
  • Stomach Ache
  • Digestive Problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Urine Problems

Things to Consider

The grass is a portion of very good food for baby rabbits and grown-up rabbits. An owner doesn’t have to think about grown-up rabbits eating grass.

But baby rabbits need to be followed some rules before meeting and eating grass. If you have read this article then you know when and how much grass a baby rabbit can eat.


When baby rabbits start growing up, they try to eat the same foods as their mother eats. Can baby rabbits eat grass? As a grown-up rabbit eats grass and hay in a large amount.

Now you know the answer and other suggestions to follow.

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