Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus?


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Rabbits may look tiny but they can eat a lot of foods. Though they live on grass and hay mostly every day they also need other fruits or vegetables.

Wild rabbits find their own foods but they don’t know the limit of eating food. As a result, they start having diarrhea, acidity, stomach ache, or other diseases.

Pet rabbits are no longer different than wild rabbits. We, owners need to manage their food and create a food limit. So, if we want to give them asparagus, we need to know can rabbits eat asparagus.

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

Yes, asparagus is safe for rabbits to be eaten. On occasionally and in a low amount rabbits can eat asparagus. Though rabbits prefer other vegetables than asparagus, still they can eat asparagus.

In this article, we would like to inform you about asparagus, how you feed rabbits’ asparagus, and some other interesting facts. So let’s dig in.

Is Asparagus Safe for Rabbits?

Asparagus is one kind of plant which is soft and its’ root can be used for eating. Some of us like asparagus whether some of us hate it. But can rabbits eat asparagus?

Let’s see what one cup of asparagus can offer:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

So, we can see that asparagus offers a good amount of vitamins, minerals also it is high in fibers and low in calories which is a perfect combination for rabbits.

We can say that asparagus is totally safe for rabbits. But overfeeding asparagus can create many fatal health problems for rabbits. We will talk about it later. Stick with the article.

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus Leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat asparagus leaves. But the leaves must be washed well. Otherwise, leaves would contain dust or pesticides.

Just wash the leaves before giving them to your rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Asparagus Stalk?

Eating stalk is not actually a problem for rabbits. But it becomes difficult for them sometimes.
If your rabbits are young then chewing stalk would be hard for them. Because the asparagus stalk is quite a bit strong than the rest of the plant.

Rabbits need time to make their teeth stronger. You can give them some chewing toys while they play.

This will make their teeth sharper and stronger. And then, eating any kind of stalk will not be difficult.

Can Rabbits Eat Processed Asparagus?

Asparagus raw or cooked does not matter. Rabbits can eat both of it.

Cooked asparagus becomes softer than the raw. But never overfeed your rabbits raw or cooked asparagus.

How to Feed Rabbits Asparagus?

Actually feeding asparagus is never any difficult work. Just take some fresh soft asparagus and wash them well.

You can cut them into two or three pieces and let the leaves stay with the plant. If you find any hard spot or any black mark on asparagus then keep it away. Also, try to give them raw asparagus, not cooked or processed.

Never allow them to have asparagus as many as they want. Give them once or twice a week.

When Rabbits Can Eat Asparagus?

Rabbits should be 12 weeks old if you want to give them asparagus. You should always go slowly when you introduce your rabbits to any new vegetable.

Moreover, rabbits should be given one vegetable at a time. This will understand you if there is any problem with the new food or not.

Now see at what age rabbits are able to eat foods like asparagus or other vegetables.

Rabbit’s Age Asparagus
7 weeks to 7 months ——–
12 weeks Primary stage of introducing new vegetables Maybe just one or two bite.
7 months to 1 year 1-2 cup
1-5 years or more 2-3 cups or just a bit more is okay.

So, this is the table that shows you when you can give your rabbits asparagus or any kind of vegetables.

When Rabbits should not Eat Asparagus?

If you ever find your rabbits any digestive issues, then don’t feed them asparagus. This can sometimes create gas.

Asparagus has 93-94% water. This much water can make their stool soft and this leads them to diarrhea.

If you see any unusual pee or poop from your rabbits or if you ever hear any sound from their tummy then immediately stop giving them asparagus.

Is Asparagus Harmful to Rabbits?

Yes, asparagus can be harmful to rabbits sometimes. You should never overfeed your rabbits any kind of food. This is true for asparagus too.

Let’s see if you overfeed your rabbits’ asparagus then what harm can be done by asparagus.

  • GI Issue: Gastrointestinal Stasis could be triggered if you overfeed your rabbits’ asparagus. As asparagus does not contain enough fibers, then it can weaken your rabbit’s gut flora.
  • Chance of Diarrhea: Overfeeding asparagus can create diarrhea in your rabbit’s body as asparagus is rich in water.
  • Acidity: If your rabbits start eating asparagus more than grass or hay, then they might start having acidity. Remember, rabbit’s diet widely depends on grass, hay, and pellets.

Alternative Vegetables for Rabbits

There are Few other vegetables you can offer them your rabbits. They are:

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Asparagus?

Baby rabbits need more care than the grown up rabbits. Their foods also should be managed by the owner.
Baby rabbits need their mother’s milk at first 10-12 weeks. After that, they can start having vegetables slowly in a small amount.

They must be at least 12 weeks before they are allowed to have asparagus.

Things to Consider

Asparagus can be eaten by rabbits in a small amount occasionally. Asparagus is high in water and low in calories but also it doesn’t contain enough fibers for rabbit’s health.

So, you should give them asparagus along with their daily foods- grass, hay, and pellets. Just bring them some fresh asparagus when they are ready to chew asparagus. If you read the article well then you know when they can eat asparagus.


We hope you now know the answer to your question can rabbits eat asparagus or not. We have tried to show what asparagus offers a rabbit and what happens when you overfeed your rabbits asparagus.

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