Can Rabbits Eat Lemons?


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A really good decade of having fostered many rabbits as well as being a mother to over 18 buns. There was once a time when I was making lemonade and the bunnies were absolutely thrilled by the fresh scent.

Come on, who could say no to such adorable eyes staring into your soul? But still being highly cautious one must not give in and must really look into whether it is safe for them to eat.

With extensive research on how lemon is a bad thing for rabbits I tried to find out as much as I could regarding them.

But the question remains, Can Rabbits eat Lemons?

This article is here to guide you through why and how and effects are bad and many details which I have demonstrated in real life and have found from trusted sources.

Can Rabbits Eat Lemons?

NO! Absolutely not. Lemons are highly acidic and may cause serious damage to your rabbit’s intestines as it is made of citric acid.

Citric acid in humans can also cause ulcers as well as acidity. Imagine a fragile digestive system like a rabbit then?! No way would we want that to happen to the poor baby.

Is Lemon Safe For Rabbits?

No, you must absolutely not let your rabbit eat any piece or traces of lemon as it is very toxic for them.

Lemons are highly acidic due to them being composed of citric acid. It is great for rabbits if given in minute quantities.

Rabbits are known to have one the most fragile digestive systems ever. One little wrong move can be proven to be fatal.

Eating lemons can ultimately cause a stomach imbalance for your rabbit’s digestive tract and may end up poisoning the poor soul.

Such poisoning will lead your rabbit to start collapsing and ultimately become unresponsive.
Now being a bunny parent you seriously wouldn’t want that to happen to the soft cuddly critter would you?

Can Lemons Be Bad for Rabbits?

Yes. Consuming lemon is really harmful for bunnies.

Note that too much lemon can pose a life threatening issue to a sensitive rabbit’s digestive system.

Rabbit’s digestive system contains complex acids that may be disrupted in the presence of their own stomach acids.

Rabbits may end up having G.I Stasis and eventually start getting lethargic or worse, they might die. No bunny parent would ever want that trust me.

So it is going to be a real tough one to keep your rabbit away but try to not spoil them into thinking this is what they need okay?

Can Rabbits Eat Lemon Seeds?

No, rabbits should not be given lemon seeds at all costs. A rabbit might accidentally choke on it.

Worst case scenario would mean you would need to have it surgically removed from the vet.

A thick layer of lemon peel could also block a rabbit’s digestive tract and could cause bloating and ultimately lead to death.

Rabbits are very sensitive and are easily susceptible to such unfortunate occurrences.

Can Rabbits Eat Lemon Leaf Or Bark?

Yes, rabbits can eat lemon leaves and bark. In fact lemon leaves are quite enjoyable to rabbits and hold no digestive side effects to rabbits.

Zesty fruits like lemons have great branches that are really good for rabbits to use as a chew toy as well. It will help your rabbit to keep its teeth in check.

Make sure to wash your lemon leaves and the bark before you give them to your rabbits in case they might have pesticides on them.

Also make sure that the bark or the leaves have no splinters or thorns.

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Can Baby Rabbits Eat Lemon?

No, Baby rabbits should not be given any other food except for their mother’s milk or a vet approved kitten replacement formula.

Baby rabbits are the most sensitive there is and any digestive problems could cause them imminent death and excruciating pain.

Baby rabbits shouldn’t be anywhere near acidic or citrusy foods even by mistake.

So, if you have baby rabbits around then be absolutely cautious as it is really fatal for them.
As aforementioned, citric acid is a very complex chemical that is tough for the digestive system to comprehend.

Can Rabbits Eat Processed Or Canned lemons?

No, rabbits must not be anywhere processed as canned or artificially flavored foods regardless of how natural they are.

Always remember rabbits require their own line of treats that are sweet such as pellets or strawberries and bananas and apples in little handful quantities.

An upset stomach in a rabbit caused by chemicals often leads to poisoning and it may even cause it to vomit and pass out as it may fatally ruin your rabbit’s digestive acids.

Things To Consider

Lastly, this is my entire take on the topic of whether it is okay for rabbits to eat lemons or not and I have tried to put in a hundred percent of authentic information from vets and rabbit parents alike including myself.

Since the cons mostly outweigh the pros in feeding your rabbit lemons, now we all know for sure that it is harmful for our fluffy besties and that all they deserve is the safest and healthiest bananas and grass with grass pellets.

We should really make sure our furry babies have a nice and healthy life ahead and are always energetic.
So to our big question of whether Can Rabbits Eat Lemons, we now are sure that it is an absolute no.

Being on high alert and knowing what to feed them is really necessary if you want to keep them well. In case you are a beginner at this, now you know for sure that lemons are bad for your bun.


You have to be really cautious and keen as to what your bunny wants to take a bit out of. As of now we are certain that lemons are a big NO and bunnies do not require any vitamin C from lemons the way humans do.

As a rabbit enthusiast and a rabbit parent, I strictly believe we should not experiment on feeding our fur babies anything outside of their food chart consisting of grass, hay, pellets and small quantities of apples or bananas or strawberries.

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