Can Rabbits Eat Cinnamon?


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Cinnamon can be found inside the bark of several trees. It is a kind of spice and has an aroma in it. It belongs to the genus Cinnamomum. They are mostly used for teas, snacks, pieces of bread and so on.

As the rabbits are wild animals and cinnamon can be found easily for them. So this question can naturally comes to one’s mind that, can rabbits eat cinnamon? No, it is prohibited for rabbits to eat cinnamon.

Let’s dig in the article to find out why.

Can Rabbits Eat Cinnamon?

Rabbits cannot eat cinnamon at all. They are not so good for their health and will create many digestive problems if those cinnamons are eaten somehow.

However, if they accidentally eat a tiny of cinnamon then it will do no harm. But if they eat a good amount, then they will face several health issues.

Why Can’t Rabbits Eat Cinnamon?

Well, rabbits are wild. They like to stay free. Even when you try to pet them, they would like to hop outside your house may be in the garden or in the backyards. At that time, there might be chances when they would like to chew cinnamon.

But they can’t eat cinnamon. They can eat soft fresh grass, timothy hays, any kind of pallets, different kind of fruits but not cinnamon.

So, why is that? You must be thinking that if they are wild and capable of digesting all-natural food then

Why Rabbits Can’t Eat Cinnamon?

Well, let’s take a good look at cinnamon. Cinnamon contains:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Magnesium

These ingredients make cinnamon tastes spicy. Though spices aren’t part of a rabbit’s diet domain. So they should not eat cinnamon at all.

What Happens If A Rabbit Eats Cinnamon?

Rabbit’s digestive system is quite sensitive and different from other animals. They suffer a lot if they eat up those foods which don’t suit them at all. As rabbits areCurious about chewing everything that comes before their way, so if they eat cinnamon then several harms can happen.

They might face skin allergies, liver damages, low blood sugar, oral infections, and other internal issues. Sometimes this leads them to death.

What is The Effect of Cinnamon?

Bunny can eat a tiny amount of cinnamon. It won’t create any bad effect on them. Moreover, Cinnamomum cassia which is known as Chinese cinnamon, and Cinnamomum Verum which is known as True Cinnamon or called Ceylon cinnamon tree are not bitter or tastes bad.

Perhaps a study shows that some breeds of rabbits like Black Baladi gets improvement in healthy growth and reproduction from this cinnamon.

What to Do If Any Bad Happens Because of Cinnamon?

Eating a small amount of cinnamon might do no harm if your rabbits are quite grown up. Baby bunnies surely can’t digest the cinnamon and suffer from GI issues. As a conscious owner, one should keep a good eye that rabbits don’t eat cinnamon.

The possible reasons behind eating cinnamon can be – either your rabbits are hungry for a long time or they don’t like the usual food routine. So they are keen to find out new taste and cinnamon can be found easily as it stays inside bark of a tree.

If this really happens and you find your rabbits are ill then try some home treatment. Give them fresh grass, hay, and water. Try to avoid giving them packaged food such as pallets, nuts, almonds, etc for a while. Try to keep them inside the house and make sure they don’t hop much and take a rest.

Keep a look at their poops, if you find anything unusual or notice their pain while dropping out then bringing a vet would be a good decision.


So it is confirmed that cinnamons should not be eaten anyhow. You now know when a rabbit tries to eat cinnamon. Still, if any of your rabbits eat cinnamon accident then immediate steps should be taken to reduce their stomach pain.

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