How To Discipline A Rabbit?


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We all find our bunnies disobedient every now and then, don’t we? I don’t know about you but this has happened to me quite a lot of times. Rabbits are very touchy creatures. They can get sad and act a bit angry upon you.

So, how to discipline a rabbit?

There are many ways that you can discipline a rabbit. Believe it or not, you can actually have control over the activity of your little friend. With the following small techniques, you can get hold of your rabbits’ disciplinary problems.

I have decided to show you the ways of how you can discipline your rabbit. Also, I will answer some related questions and provide a brief discussion about each fact. But first thing’s first, let’s start answering some questions.

How To Discipline A Rabbit?

You might have some techniques of your own but there are some universal do’s and don’ts. Read carefully, you might have been doing it wrong.

  • Voice training: Just like dogs, rabbits can learn the concept of names. We all have names for our pets but what we don’t know is that we can voice train them. Whenever they do something they shouldn’t, calmly and firmly call them by their name and say No. Then divert them with something else.
  • Nose Bump: If the voice training doesn’t work, give them a slight nose-bump while calling their name and saying No. That’ll make them understand you don’t like what they’re doing.
  • You’re Grounded!: If saying No and nose-bump doesn’t work, try saying No couple more times, and then just pick them up and give them 10 minutes of jail time in a closet. As they are very social, they will start feeling lonely and start learning a value of you saying No.
  • Complaining: Sometimes rabbits can bite you playfully, which might not be good for you. So, whenever they try to bite you, start complaining to them in a slightly raised voice to show that you’re angry. Rabbits understand emotions. It’ll cool them off.
  • Water spray: Furry creatures are usually afraid of water. So, if your bunny doesn’t listen to you, spray them slightly with water spray 1-2 times. It’ll discourage them to do something bad because they might get sprayed again.

But Always Remember those 2 things.

1. Never shout or clap to surprise them. Rabbits have a very weak heart. A slightly raised noise or an element of surprise can cause the cardiac arrest of your rabbit. So, never do that.

2. Never hit them. Some creatures do understand the physical expression of humans, but rabbits don’t. They are very fragile, it will never correct them. You might end up injuring them badly.

Can Your Rabbit Understand You?

Rabbits are silent creatures. They actually don’t make noise often. But that does not necessarily mean they don’t express their needs or thoughts.

Sometimes they do make noise but that’s very rare. But they are good learners of the human language of emotion.

Do Rabbits Hold Grudges?

Rabbits are very touchy creatures. They hold grudges and keep holding until you apologize to them directly. If you see your rabbit folding its ear to the back, that means trouble. You have to apologize right away.

The best way to say sorry to your rabbits is to caress them and giving them the food rabbits’ love. Also, you can let them do and participate in something that makes them happy. For example, playing with shredded paper or digging. That’ll cheer up your little friend.

Are Rabbits Stubborn?

Among human beings, kids are the most stubborn ones. They are delicate, fragile and require constant care. Rabbits are just like little human babies.

They are intelligent, curious and sometimes really stubborn. You might find them denying food and just lying down inside of their rabbit hutch for a long period of time. There could be several reasons why that happened.

The most common reason is not letting them do what they wanted to do. That’s why you have to discipline them using the methods above It lessens the chance for them to be stubborn. Because they start

understanding what is forbidden and what’s not.

How Can You Tell If Your Rabbit Is Happy?

The most common way for a rabbit to show that he’s happy is running around you. That is what they when they enjoy your company or get happy to see you.

Sometimes, the hop or twist in the air to show the signs of happiness. But that happens rarely. Unless your rabbit is acting strangely in a negative way than usual, it is happy to be with you.

On the note, the most common negative behavior would be an aversion to eating and lying around all day instead of wandering around. This happens most when they are sick or sad. Never take time to take action.

Try to cheer them up with what you can or consult a vet immediately. Rabbits can die of simple things like sadness. So, take proper care of them.

Can Rabbits Get Jealous?

Rabbits are called emotional for showing emotions like jealousy. If you have several rabbits, try depriving one of caressing or playing with. It will start to push and shove other rabbits and come closer to you to gain your attention.

Rabbits can only get jealous of their own kind. They have a clear sense of difference in creatures. So, they don’t get jealous of other animals easily. Rather they get jealous of their own kinds. If you have one rabbit, try to take more care of someone else’s rabbit and make yours notice, it’ll surely show signs of jealousy

Final Thoughts

It’s okay to start disciplining your rabbit. But you have to make sure that they don’t get sad or angry. Because it’s not that easy to cheer them up right away. Rabbits are very sentimental creatures. So, treat them with care.

Disciplining them is very important though. You little friend may harm himself or cause damage to you or something valuable. So, now you know how to discipline a rabbit. Try the ways I showed to you. They have worked in my case, they’ll work for you too.

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