Can Rabbits Swim?


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We love to see our pets around us. We want to take them anywhere we go. Dogs, cats, birds, or rabbits any animal you pet, you like to keep them beside you always.

But not all animals are the same. For example, dogs and cats are stronger than birds or rabbits. You need to take extra care of your pet animals are small mammals.

Should you take your rabbits outside with you? Should you take them when you are off to the pool? Can rabbits swim?

This article is for you to know about rabbits swimming. Let’s go.

Can Rabbits Swim?

Yes, technically rabbits can swim. But this is not a recommended activity for rabbits. Just because they can swim doesn’t mean you should not be conscious about water around rabbits. Moreover, there are some serious reasons you should not allow your rabbits to water.

In this article, we will try to talk about every detail.

Rabbits and Water

When we think of a rabbit, we see a small animal hoping and jumping peacefully. We can’t imagine them fighting or hurting other animals. But what about swimming?

After birth, baby rabbits remain sensitive for quite a long time. Remember, rabbits are different from cats, dogs, or any other animals.

From their diet chart to their daily behavior, rabbits are a totally unique creature. Before bringing a rabbit to your house, you should know about the rabbit’s pros and cons.

Whatever rabbits start having swimming ability when they are 10-15 days. But ability doesn’t mean suitable here.

Water is harmful to rabbits as their skin is sensitive and they catch a cold easily. Fever and cold create serious health damage to rabbits. This is why water is not for rabbits actually.

Do Wild Rabbits Swim?

Well, there are some rabbits that are born in a watery land and they adjust themselves to the watery environment. Still, they try to keep them in the dry area rather than the lakeside or pond side.

Can Rabbits Swim Underwater?

Rabbits actually use their forefoot and hindfoot for swimming. They use these legs as the propeller. They try to keep their ears out from the water but they fail.

Rabbits can’t save their eyes, ears, and nose from getting wet when they swim. And if water gets into their ears and nose then they catch a cold easily. So, they obviously can not swim underwater.

Can Rabbits Swim in Ocean?

A place like the ocean is totally not for rabbits. An ocean is a place of huge water and continuous waves. There are many large predators in the ocean too.

Animals like rabbits can not cope up with the ocean. They will drown soon if they get into the ocean.

So, where can rabbits swim?

Can Rabbits Swim in Swimming Pool?

The swimming pool water is clear actually. So, can you take your rabbits to the pool? As we already know that they can swim.

But think, why the water of a swimming pool is clear? Because we use chemicals in the water, to keep the pool water neat and clean. But those chemicals are so much harmful to rabbits!

Moreover, as the rabbits are not able to keep their eyes and ears out of the water so if they swim in a swimming pool, they will catch cold or fever. Remember, rabbit’s ears are sensitive and we should always keep their ears dry.

Do Rabbits Like to Swim?

No, rabbits are animals of land, not of water. Water can create health damage to rabbits.

Wild rabbits try to protect themselves from getting wet while it’s rain or try to cover themselves from winter. They dig holes and stay in the holes or try to find any cave.

Pet rabbits are no different. They try to stay away from water and that is why they keep themselves clean. You don’t need to bathe them often.

So, it is easy to understand that rabbits won’t like to swim at all. In case, if they fall into the water, they can swim to survive and may be able to get on the land.

Swimming as Exercise

There is no doubt that swimming is good exercise. But that is for humans and other large animals, but not for small animals like rabbits.

Swimming is only for rabbits in case they ever fall into the water. But exercise? NO.

However, rabbits can do other exercises. They can go out with you for a walk just like dogs and cats do. Just use a good harness for them to take them out with you.

Also, you can give them a playpen outside of your house to keep them safe. There are some playpens with many playing functions.

If you have more than one rabbit, then they will be able to play with each other if you allow them some soft toys. Exercise is good for their muscle and sleep.

Is Swimming Unsafe for Rabbits?

Yes, swimming is unsafe for rabbits. If your rabbits stay in water for a while, then these can happen:

  • Cold and Fever: Your rabbits may catch cold and fever. Cold or fever is risky for rabbits. Rabbits keep themselves dry. So when they are wet, they might start sneezing or coughing.
    Remember, their lung is so sensitive and weak. If they get cold, you must rush to the vet as soon as possible.
  • Skin Disease: A rabbit’s body is covered with fur. If they get wet, they start feeling irritation and sometimes they tear out their fur. This is so risky. The uncovered place on the skin can get infected soon.
  • Nose Block: Rabbit’s nose can be blocked if water gets into their nose. Then they might start having a problem while breathing. They would feel weak for low oxygen and soon they might be dead.
  • Stomach Issue: There are many small objects in the water we can not see with bare eyes. Parasites or other small worms that stay in water can easily get into the rabbit’s stomach and can create serious damage.

What to Do If Rabbit Fall into Water?

If any rabbit falls into the water just for seconds or a minute, then it is not that much risk. But you have some works to do when a rabbit falls into the water.

  • Bring the rabbit on the land as soon as possible. Make sure it doesn’t get hurt while you pick it up.
  • Wipe off the rabbit slowly with a fresh towel. Don’t use any hairdryer or anything like that.
  • Do not keep the rabbit soaked under the sun to get dried.
  • Keep them in a dry place and give them some pellets or fruits. This type of food can warm them up quickly.

Things to Consider

We often watch some videos on youtube or Instagram where a rabbit swims. It looks cute and seems like the rabbit is having fun.

But the reality is different. Rabbits can swim but that is not recommended and safe for rabbits. If you have read the article well, you now know that why swimming is unsafe for rabbits.

Never force your rabbits to swim and if any rabbit falls into water, please do the steps as the article says.


If you have come to the conclusion then we can assume that you were thinking to make your rabbits swim.

But now you know that you shouldn’t. Well, you’re a very good owner and that’s why you wanted to know ‘can rabbits swim?’ They can, but they should never swim.

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