Do Rabbits Bite?


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When you imagine a rabbit, you see a small mammal with fur looks cute. They are tiny and jump here and there happily. You actually don’t imagine them fighting each other or attacking someone.

But as they are little in size and have many predators, they have also some basic instincts to fight back. They can use their claws and teeth for their own safety.

So, we need to know do rabbits bite or not. And if they do so, then why do rabbits bite?
In this article, we are so going to talking about rabbits’ biting behavior.

Do Rabbits Bite?

Yes, rabbits do bite. They sometimes bite when they want their owner’s attention, they can bite when they are scared, sometimes biting is their just territorial behavior and there are some other reasons behind biting.

But you can stop them from biting. Stick with this article to know more about their biting.

Why Do Rabbits Bite?

As we can’t ask a rabbit why it has done that kind of job, so we need to notice a rabbit, research its behavior, and guess the almost accurate reasons behind its biting.

Here are some common reasons bite we can share with you regarding why do rabbits bite.

01# Attention

Your rabbits need attention. Maybe you are not giving them enough time or you are too busy that you don’t play with them. Rabbits need their owner to stay beside them.

They ask for attention. They can’t make sounds, so they do different things to draw your attention. Like they dig on your clothes, lick your toe or they can bite you sometimes. That is pretty much normal.

02# Scared

If you give your rabbits enough time and the first reason does not go with you then maybe your rabbits are scared! Sometimes we don’t understand why rabbits are scared.

There can be many reasons. Like harsh sounds, too much light, unusual smell, or the existence of other animals. They bite when they are scared.

That is why you need to keep your rabbits in a safe place whether it is inside or outside of your house. You should always try a good cage for keeping them.

03# Territorial Behavior

Thank God most rabbits do bite just for their territorial behavior. They like to dominate and want to show others their territory. If any animal or even if you break into their place then they can bite you!

Though this doesn’t happen if you give your rabbits enough time and create a good bonding with them.

04# Boredom

Boredom can make them do that. If your rabbits start feeling boring then they would lose interest in everything. Do you know why rabbits get bored?

If you give them the same food every day if you don’t give them time and keep them alone if you have only one rabbit and it is searching for another rabbit if you hurt your rabbits somehow when you don’t want to actually.

These can make your rabbits bored. And if your rabbits are bored, they become aggressive and bite.

05# Pregnancy

Pregnant rabbits have the same mood swing problems as humans. They can be upset and angry most of the time. When they are upset or angry, they can bite.

You should know how to tell if a rabbit is pregnant. If you ensure your rabbit is pregnant then you must ignore if the rabbit approaches with a biting face.

06# Need a Mate

If you have only one rabbit and it has been living with you for quite a long time, which means your rabbit has become matured. And now your rabbit needs sex.

The rabbit is biting you to show his aggression. You just need to bring another rabbit to stop the older one’s biting.

Do Baby Rabbits Bite?

Fortunately, baby rabbits do not bite that much. They may just nip you then bite you. Nipping means just pressing the teeth lightly on your skin, not bite actually.

Baby rabbits start growing teeth after passing 20 or 21 days of their age. They are generally naive after they are born. They need care and they become familiar with their owner which is such a cute bond.

Do Rabbits Bite Each Other?

Yes, rabbits can bite each other a lot. It is a common scenario. Rabbits do fight each other.

If you have 4 or 5 rabbits and you keep them together in a cage, then you may find them fighting often. Generally, a rabbit needs time to make a good friendship with other rabbits.

While fighting, they can bite each other badly. Whatever, you should find out why your rabbits are fighting and you can stop them easily.

How to Stop Rabbit from Biting?

Maybe you feel upset after knowing the result of do rabbits rabbit? Stopping rabbits from biting is not a hard deal at all. There are some easy steps you can follow to stop your rabbits from biting.

  • Spay or neuter your rabbits. If rabbits are away from sex and not spayed or neutered then they become more aggressive and start biting.
  • Give your rabbits more time than usual. Play with them. If you do not get that much time then allow them to play with some toys. Just make sure your rabbits are not bored at all.
  • Don’t give them the same food every day. They need treats besides their daily food. Give them fruits or vegetables for a new taste.
  • Don’t keep your rabbits in the cage for a long time. They need to play outside and making fun with you or other rabbits.
  • If your rabbits still bite and remain aggressive then you must consult with a vet as soon as possible.

Things to Consider

We can see why rabbits bite generally. The reasons are easy to understand and we can stop them from biting. Rabbits’ aggression is not a good thing at all.

They are cute and calm animals and we should try our best to keep them calm and happy. Keeping them happy and bite-free is not a hard work too. Just understand your rabbits and make them feel comfortable.


A good owner is concerned about each behavior of his rabbits. So when you ask do rabbits bite? Then you must be a conscious one. Here we have tried to show why rabbits bite and how to stop them from biting.

Please just follow the article, we hope you will get a good result.

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