How Long Can Rabbits Go Without Food?


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Rabbits are grazing creatures in the wild. They hop around, they graze around and eat from here and there. When you pet a rabbit, its diet chart is up to you. You are its owner and it’s your duty to give the rabbit proper food. But in wild, for many circumstances, rabbits may not find food for eating.

Did you ever think about How long can rabbits go without food?

Here is the answer – Without any food, rabbits can live 3 to 4 days as they can ruminate some of the digested foods. But it’s not for long. So there is a chance of death without having any food even in 12 hours! And most risky chance to have GI stasis.

You may think what a GI stasis is. Let me tell you about it more.

GI Stasis

GI stands for Gastrointestinal which means the gut and the stomach. It is the result of metabolism slowing down till it goes a stasis that almost stops by slowing down and down.

GI stasis is considered a medical emergency for rabbits. Dehydration- not enough water, poor dieting- less grass and hay, too many fats, etc, stress- no relaxation for a long time, wrong medicines are the causes of GI stasis.

When GI stasis happens, the rabbit starts losing appetite for foods and a bacteria grows in it which is the main cause of gas. It can infect the rabbit’s digestive tract which can lead the rabbit to death.

Why rabbits go without food?

Nature is not kind always to them. Sometimes some disasters come and they have to starve for a long time. Generally domestic and pet rabbits don’t go through such a situation. The wild rabbits are the victims of it mostly.

A flood can wash the grazing place of rabbits. They lose their foods along with it. That time rabbits need to go without any food.

Heavy and long duration rain is another reason for rabbits to go without food. We all know, rabbits can not stay in the rain as they have a cold problem by birth. So in the rainy season, they feel helpless for not finding food.

Drought is another reason for rabbits going without foods. The fields get drier and the crops are gone for wild rabbits. This is a tough situation and the rabbits have to go without foods for such a long time.

These are for the rabbits in the wild. But if a pet rabbit stops eating what can be the reasons for it?

If your rabbits start going without fewer foods or no food at all then they must have any hormonal imbalance. It happens when you put them into any antibiotic session ever.

If your rabbits are in stress, for not feeling safe around then they start starving and stops eating foods. Dental pain can also be a reason for it. This pain scares them and they feel no appetite for foods. This stage can lead them to death.

What to do when rabbits go without food?

Rush to a vet doctor is the first thing we will suggest. Hence, if you want to treat your rabbit at home then you must first find out the reasons for not having foods.

You can start by changing the diet charts of them. Remove those foods which your rabbits are not eating. You should check the foods if it is infected or not before serve.

If your rabbits are in stress, give them proper space and freedom. Have some patience, my friend. It is not so serious in the first stage.

Start giving more grass and leafy foods, freshwater. It will change their food behavior and yes it may work.
Still, if it is not working then visit a vet specialist as soon as possible.


We can not tell about wild rabbits how to find food. But when you pet rabbits at home, it is your responsibility to care about your rabbit’s diet. So if your rabbits start going without foods it is not good news at all. Find out the reasons for it and take steps as soon as possible. Remember, though they live without foods for 3 or 4 days, their internal digestive system starts damaging.

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