How Many Hours Do Rabbits Sleep?


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If you are a bunny lover person or you are thinking of petting a new rabbit, then you must know some basic habits of rabbits. It will strengthen your bonding with the rabbit and your rabbit will feel safe around you.

So while you start knowing the habits of rabbits you must think, how many hours do rabbits sleep?

Naturally, a rabbit sleeps around 11 hours or more in a day. It also depends on which breed you are petting too. But almost all the breeds start the sleep period from seven to eleven hours. Rabbits choose dusk and dawn of a day for hopping and grazing around. They sleep mostly middle of the day and at night too.

Many of us saw the rabbits sleeping in the day and many think that rabbits do not sleep at night. They stay awake at night. But no, rabbits sleep at night too. The difference is they are more aware at night while sleeping than in daylight. At night, they sleep lighter. This much lighter than you can say it a dream.

How rabbits sleep?

Remember, rabbits are prey animals. They are always scared and doubtful about any noise that approaches them. They need to be careful to save themselves from any predator while hopping around. But don’t they need to sleep? When they sleep without any tension of being dead or caught? And how many hours the rabbits sleep? How rabbits sleep?

Yes, they are weak animals but they also need a sound sleep as humans. But saving myself and sleeping a sound sleep can’t be done both so easily. So there are some unique signs of rabbits sleep. Let’s find out those signs when you can understand your rabbit is sleeping:

  • Their nose nodding becomes slower than before. Actually, rabbits use their nose to smell from far. To smell anything unusual, anything like a predator. But while sleeping, they slowly stop it. So their nose nodding becomes slower than usual.
  • Not every time their eyes are closed. Sometimes they sleep while eyes are open. So you can not be sure if they are sleeping or not by looking at their eyes. But if you see their eyes are closed then you can be sure your rabbits are in deep sleep.
  • Rabbits are cute when their ears are up. Those lop ears look so cute. But these cute things become down and relaxed when a rabbit sleeps. If you see a rabbit’s ears are down then it is sleeping but if they are up then considered the rabbit is not sleeping, it is just taking a rest.
  • Rabbits are not still animals. They move and hop around again and again. While sleeping, it doesn’t make any move. It just remains still.
  • Their breathing will be slower than usual. It sometimes becomes this much slower that you can get a shock if it is dead or not. Sounds crazy but it is the truth.
  • Some rabbits snore too. If you hear any snore from them, consider your rabbits are sleeping.

Rabbits sleeping position

Rabbits are not humans. They are more likely to cats and dogs. But rabbits are so different than cats and dogs in many situations. Their sleeping behavior and position are also different from other animals. It actually depends on their habits and weather.

These are the most common position a rabbit sleeps:

  1. Flop aside: Some rabbits flop aside to sleep. They just lay their bodies either right or left side to sleep. This position is so relaxing for them and this happens when they feel much sleepy.
  2. Loaf: They look like a loaf in this position. When the rabbit needs a light sleep or no sleep at all, just to relax― they use this position. Actually, in this position, they can be conscious about the surrounding place.
  3. Chest on the floor: In this position, they touch their chest on the floor and the legs remain wide. This happens when your rabbits are so relaxing and feeling safe or they are a bit sick.
  4. Round: The rabbit’s sleeping position can be changed for the weather. When the temperature is low they sleep like a rounded ball just as cats or dogs. This warms their bodies and feels relaxing.
  5. One ear up: Generally while sleeping, two ears of a rabbit become relaxed and down. But if any of the ears are up, it means the rabbit is having light sleep.

Where a rabbit sleeps generally?

Rabbits can not understand the temperature and as they are prey animals, they try to find some places where they can hide and sleep. This feels safe and gives them sound sleep.

In wild, rabbits sleep under any shade as sunray is harmful to their body and they can not take the heat of it. So a shady place is much comfortable for sleeping for them.

They try to find a secured tree trunk to sleep. Sometimes this place can be their nest to start living too. But the first condition of choosing a place to live is― “SECURED”.

They also start digging a hole and a hole can be a good place to sleep. You may find many holes where rabbits graze generally.

If you pet a rabbit in your house then it can sleep under your bed, corner of any furniture or in a cage. They select those place which feels safe and can sleep there then. You can make a cardboard box for them to play, hide and also to sleep.


Sleeping rabbits don’t prefer to be disturbed. Like other animals, they also need sound sleep. This can relax their muscles and can make a good flow of blood into their body. So when you pet a rabbit, make sure you can provide it a good, comfortable sleeping place. They are lively at the time of dawn and dusk. So if you want to play with them, select any of those time periods and let them relax as well as sleep in the rest.

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