How to Clip Rabbits Nails?


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Taking care of pets’ means a lot of things to do. Whichever pet you have in your house, you need to maintain many things to keep your pet clean and healthy.

If your pet is a rabbit, then you have to be more careful. Rabbits are small mammals. In wild, they manage their living way naturally, but when they are your pet, you are the only one who needs to take good care of them.

Today we will know how to clip rabbit’s nails and some other facts about rabbit’s nails.

How to Clip Rabbits Nails?

Just by using a simple nail clipper, you can clip your rabbit’s nails. But there are some serious steps to follow and you also need to know how many times you should clip a rabbit’s nails.

Let’s start the article and know how to clip rabbits nails.

Rabbits Nails

How much do we know about pets? Do we know the right things to do for them? Are we doing everything to give them a better life?

Maybe all of these questions have been raised in you sometimes. Well, to give pets a good life, we need to know about them. We should know their behavior, we should know their bodies, and so on.

Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. And their nails also keep growing as their blood supply called Kwik allows their nails to grow bigger. Bigger nails are real problems.

Problems of Rabbits Nails

First of all, rabbits do have not many organs to use them as shields. They only use their teeth and nails to fight against any predator.

Still, there are some acute problems if your rabbits have bigger and sharper nails. Let’s know what those problems of rabbit’s nails are.

  • If your rabbits stay with bigger and sharper nails, then they might hurt both you and themselves.
  • Digging on owner’s clothes is a common behavior of rabbits. If your rabbits have bigger nails, they might tear your clothes.
  • Rabbits are clean animals by nature. They groom themselves with their tongue. If their nails are bigger, they might get their tongue while grooming.
  • Rabbits love to play with each other. If your rabbits have bigger nails, they could hurt themselves.
  • There are situations when rabbits do fight each other. If one rabbit has bigger and shaper nails then the other might be seriously injured.
  • Any small object can easily get stuck in a rabbit’s big nails and when the rabbit eats food, that object can go down to the rabbit’s stomach and create serious pain.

So, these are the bad sides of rabbits have bigger nails. Let’s know how to clip rabbits nails.

Steps to Clip Rabbits Nails

Before proceeding, we should talk about some facts. Some facts that we generally don’t think about often.
You know, wild rabbits are something else. They don’t get their nails cut or clipped as they do not have any owner out there.

Maybe they just rub their nails on a stone or something like that to trim their nails when they feel irritated. But when you bring them into your house and pet them, it’s your duty to take care of their nails.

If it is your first time attempting to clip a rabbit’s nails, you may feel nervous and the same happens with your rabbits too. They also wouldn’t get the meaning of it and might be scared.

But don’t worry, there are really easy steps to clip rabbits’ nails. You just need to be more careful when you start clipping the nails of your rabbits.

01# Notice your rabbit’s nails

Give a sharp eye on your rabbit’s nails. All rabbits do have not the same motion of nails growth. Some rabbits’ nails get bigger fast and some are slower.

So, we can not tell when your rabbits’ nails will grow bigger. Just try to check their nails when they are around you or when you lift them up. You may also hear some kind of scratching sound from nails when they hop on the floor.

02# Select the right clipper

Rabbit’s nails are different than ours. So, we can not use the same clipper for them. Their nails are round in shape and our nails are thin and flat in shape.

So, you need to buy a nail clipper that has a rounded edge and can cut thick nails.

03# Use Styptic

‘Quick’ named blood vein stays under rabbit’s nails. If you cut the rabbit’s nails carefully, still there is a chance of bleeding. Use styptic powder on your hands to reduce the bleeding.

Buy a good styptic pencil or powder and keep it aside when you sit to clip your rabbit’s nails.

04# Do not force

If you find your rabbit is not getting calm then please do not force your rabbit. Give him some time. You should put your rabbit on your lap, show him some affection, make them feel better, and then start clipping slowly.

05# Go slowly

Make sure you are not quick and clip their nails slowly. If it hurts your rabbits, you will know right at the time. Then you may take time and your rabbits also don’t get scared.

06# Calm your rabbit

If you have more than one rabbit, then do not clip nails before others. Take one of the rabbits aside and make him calm. You can give them some fruits or nuts just to make them happy.

07# Cut only the tip

Cut only the tip of each nail. Sit under a bright place so that you can watch their nails closely. Just cut the tip and that’s all.

08# Keep someone else

Find someone else to help you to clip rabbit’s nails. If the rabbit is unrestful then tell the other man to hold the rabbit when you clip its nails.

09# Treat your rabbits

After finishing clipping your rabbit’s nails, give them a treat. So that, they realize that there is no danger when you clip their nails and get fun from it.

These steps may seem harder and complicated at the first sight. But when you do those couple of times, you will find them easily.

How Often You should Clip Rabbits Nails?

You should clip rabbit’s nails every 3-4 weeks at least. As we have said before, their nails do not grow at the same speed at the same time. So, you should just check the rabbit’s nails after 3 or 4 weeks and clip them off.

Things to Consider

Rabbits’ nails are needed to be trimmed often to make the rabbits healthy. Their nails are different than other animals, so we need to know the ways of clipping their nails.

However, if you have read the article well, then you know the ways. You also need to become experienced at clipping rabbits’ nails.


As a good owner, every rabbit owners need to know how to clip rabbits nails. This article may help them to know the exact steps to cut rabbits’ nails. If you are one of them, just please follow the steps.

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