Why Do Rabbits Dig at Your Clothes?


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Just some months ago I planned to have some rabbits as pets. I brought them, took good care of them, fed them well. What I can say is, my rabbits have a very good bonding with me.

But just some days ago, I found some hilarious holes on my clothes. I found out that my rabbits were doing this.

If you are facing this too and are puzzled that why do rabbits dig at your clothes? You have come to the right place man.

Let’s roll in.

Why Do Rabbits Dig at Your Clothes?

Rabbits dig at their owner’s clothes. Rabbits may dig at their owner’s clothes when they seek attention when they want to play when they are annoyed when they are scared and for some other reasons.

We will talk about every detail here. Let’s start.

Is It Bad If Rabbits Dig at Your Clothes?

Before start, you need to know that digging on your clothes is totally normal for your rabbits. It is one of their basic instincts you can say.

But they don’t do it at first. After some time passes, they do this kind of activity and you don’t need to worry about this. This is totally their natural behavior.

When they are wild they dig holes for many reasons. But after being a pet, a rabbit digging behavior has some particular reasons. In this article, you will know them.

Reasons behind Rabbits Dig Owner Clothes

Rabbits are silent animals. There are many pros and cons to being a rabbit owner.

They can not make a loud sound like other animals, also they are tiny and prey animals. So they face many more critical situations than others.

But they surely have emotions and ways to express their feeling. Digging clothes is one of those ways.
So this may be the stage where you can find answers to why do rabbits dig at your clothes.

Seeking Attention: Your rabbits need attention, my man. Maybe you’re too busy with other activities. Couldn’t find a chance to spend more time with your cute rabbits? If this happens, then yes, they need your attention.

Playful Mind: Wait! Have you ignored your rabbits while they were hopping around you? If you have done it then you’ve just broken their heart dude. They just needed you for playing!

Annoyed Rabbit: One or some of your rabbits are maybe annoyed with something. When they feel annoyed, they may do it to show their annoying situation.

Scared: This also can happen that your rabbits are getting scared frequently. Rabbit’s senses are much sharp and strong than humans. So if any predator comes close, they will understand it before you.

Preggo One: A pregnant rabbit might feel irritated or if there is an issue of mood swings then she would like to dig her owner’s clothes. When a pregnant rabbit is ready to breed, it tries to dig holes to create a safe place for upcoming babies. Just for doing that, she might dig your clothes.

Big Nails: If rabbit’s nails got long and sharp then they may dig your clothes even when they were not likely to do so. It could be just an accident. But if they find it funny, they would like to do it again and again.

Territorial Behavior: Rabbits are kind of likely to do territorial behavior. They poop willingly at their residence to show their territory. Digging holes in clothes can be the same reason.

Bored Rabbits: Your rabbits may feel bored. And boredom made them do this kind of work. When they don’t get a chance to go outside to play, they may dig at your clothes.

Smell Problem: This may sound funny or disturbing, I am saying sorry at the first. But if your clothes are dirty and smell bad then rabbits will dig holes in the clothes! Sounds crazy but happens.

Showing Dominance: Rabbits can be related to introverted people. I mean rabbits take time to believe their owner and when it is done, they like to dominate the owner.

‘I have dug your clothes cause you are mine’- can be their mentality. That’s cute, right?

Demanding Sex: Well, if you have only one rabbit or have some rabbits of same-gender then after some time passes they get matured and need sex. This is the time to bring a mate for him otherwise your poor clothes are in danger!

How to Stop Rabbits from Digging at My Clothes?

Well, I have said that rabbits digging holes in clothes is totally a normal behavior. But if it is too much then we need to think of a way of stopping them.

So here are some tips to follow to stop rabbits from digging at your clothes.

Show Enough Attention: Show enough attention and affection to your rabbits. Notice if they want you to be their playing partner. Or if they need you to bring them outside or if they need you to lift them up and show some love.

Bring Them Toys: There many toys for rabbits. If you are kind of a busy person and can’t spend much time with your rabbits then you can give them some toys to play with.

Moreover, if they want to chew any cloth, they can chew a clothed toy, not your dress.

Time to Spay Them: Maybe the time has come to spay them. When spay time comes, they behave unusual, digging clothes can be one of them.

Trim Their Nails: Try to trim their nails. It is both safe for your rabbits and your clothes. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting hurt from their own nails.

Provide Them A Rug: As digging is one of their basic instinct, so they will try to dig wherever they find something soft. Rabbit’s cage has a hard surface. So you can bring them a rug.

You can try this kind of rug. This will also create a natural vibe around them.

Bring A Mate: If rabbits get matured, they need sex then. So if you find them digging clothes often and behaving unusual, then bring a mate for sex.

Train Your Rabbits: And now the most effective step- train your rabbits. Rabbits can be trained. They can learn what to do and what not to do. You should train them not to dig your clothes.

Things to Consider

Don’t get upset when your rabbits do this kind of work. They don’t hate you, there are some reasons behind it. I hope you have studied the article well and now know the reasons. But if rabbits continue to do the same thing after following tips. You should meet a vet.


It may be hard to find out what works in a rabbit’s mind exactly. But when you notice them and find the holes on clothes and think why do rabbits dig at your clothes?

here are some ways in this article to prevent it.

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