What Age Do Rabbits Stop Growing?


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You just brought the little guy couple weeks back and he has grown so much since then, right? Rabbits tend to grow quite fast. When I bought my first rabbit, I was wondering about the same thing, what age do rabbits stop growing. I have seen many rabbits grow and know precisely about it.

So, What Age Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

Smaller breeds of rabbits are fully grown in 5 to 7 months. Large and giant breeds can take up to 1 and a half years to be grown fully. There are also some rabbits who are smaller than their breed. But that’s not an exceptional case. That happens very often.

Rabbits from different breeds usually have different age of growth. Also, it depends on the nutrients they are getting from their food. Suppose, if you have bought a giant breed rabbit and have a small cage. You might need a bigger new cage to keep them when they’re grown fully.

What Age Do Rabbits Stop Growing?

The growth age gap is between 5 months to 18 months according to the breed. If you have smaller breeds, they can grow up to 7 months of age. If you have giant breeds, they can grow up to 18 months. But there are conditions to fulfill their growth.

You have to feed them the right amount of nutritious foods to make them grow till they can. If you don’t do that, the growth can stop before than that. But the minimum growth age of smaller breed will be 5 months and for giant breeds, it’ll be at least a year.

Now that’s completely your decision, if you want them to grow properly, you have to feed them properly, if you don’t, you can cut off the amount of calcium, protein, and nutrition. But that’s not an ideal thing to do.

What Is The Normal Weight For A Rabbit?

Rabbits are small creatures, right? You may not know that rabbits can weigh up to 20 pounds! Astonishing, isn’t it? There’s a breed of rabbit called the Flemish Giants rabbit. They can way up to 20 pounds.

The lowest weight of a fully-grown rabbit can be as low as 2 pounds. Flemish giant breeds and usually kept as a pet for rabbit shows. Usually, as a home pet, people don’t keep them.

The average weight of home pet rabbits is between 5 to 6 pounds. That’s a bearable weight. but 20 pounds is just too much to keep. Those who participate in rabbit shows, opt for the giant breed of rabbits. People like you and me, we like to have regular-sized rabbits.

Is Your Rabbit Too Skinny?

If your rabbit is fully grown, it will weigh at least 2 pounds. If it weighs less, it might have been fed a little less than usual. Of course, you can’t weigh your rabbit every now and then. There’s a way you can tell without weighing them.

A rabbit that is healthy will have a very smooth curve from neck to tail and hip to hip. If the curves are not right, he might not be as healthy as you think. You can feel their ribs but they will never feel sharp, rather they’ll feel rounded if your rabbit is healthy. If it feels a bit sharp, start giving him nutritious food. It’s important that your rabbit stays healthy.

Why Has My Rabbit Lost Weight?

Are you trying to keep your rabbit healthy by giving him leafy green vegetables? You’re doing a great job! Now, don’t get motivated to start overdoing it. Because only having vegetables can cause them to lose their weight.

Just like human beings need meat and protein every now and then along with vegetables, rabbits need too. You can’t just keep them on vegetables and expect them to be healthy. You have to provide them with the necessary foods.

What Is The Average Height Of A Rabbit?

Rabbit height can be averaged between 5 inches to 18 inches. You guessed it right, the Flemish Giant can get 18 inches tall. But you didn’t ask this question to know about their height, did you?

The average height of home pet rabbits is about 8 inches. though rabbits are not measured by height. They are measured by their length. Home pet rabbits can have a length of 43 centimeters.

How Long Do Rabbits Live?

Wild rabbits have a life expectancy of 1 to 2 years only. Thinking about losing your little friend already? Don’t get sad. Domestic rabbits have a longer life expectancy.

The most commonly domesticated rabbit is the European rabbit. They have a life expectancy of up to 9 years. So, if you get a European rabbit as your pet, you can keep them for up to 9 years on average.

Do Rabbit Teeth Keep Growing?

Their nails and teeth never stop growing. Just like I cut my nails, I have to do the same for my bunny in every 6 weeks. You can take care of the nails. But what can you do about the teeth?

If the teeth growth can’t be controlled, they are most likely to feel serious pain while trying to eat and opt-in to starve instead of having any food. You have to let rabbits naturally trim their teeth. Ever thought why rabbits grind so much and chew on their toys?

They usually grind and chew straw or their toys to trim their teeth naturally. Some people try to stop their rabbit from doing that. But it’s important that they chew on hay or their toys. Otherwise, the teeth will gradually keep growing until they find it very painful to eat.

When they start feeling the pain, they stop eating and start to starve. So, you have to let your rabbit just grind their teeth or chew on straw or their toys.

Final Thoughts

So, now you have the idea about what age do rabbits stop growing. Rabbits need ample amount of nutrition during their growth period. After they’ve grown, you can cut some nutrition from their food.

But never overdo. Always keep it controlled. Otherwise, lack of nutritious food may cause them to starve, get skinny and eventually get sick.

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