How to Tell if a Rabbit Is Pregnant?


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Petting animals is no less than caring for humans. They need the same care when they are in our house. Moreover, if you want to be their best friend you must show them love, affection, and care.

Rabbits are much sensitive than other animals. So, they also need extra care. And a pregnant rabbit needs much more care than usual.

But sometimes it is difficult to understand the pregnant rabbit. This is a place where you can know how to tell if a rabbit is pregnant. Let’s begin.

How to Tell if a Rabbit Is Pregnant?

When a rabbit is pregnant she weighs more than before. She seems tired and her mood swings often. She may dig holes, may try to find more foods and there would be many more symptoms.

We will try to talk about every detail of the rabbit’s pregnancy here.

When Do Rabbits Get Pregnant?

Before start, we should know when do rabbits get pregnant. Because sometimes a fake pregnancy also happens.

At the age of 11 to 12 weeks, a female rabbit becomes capable of doing sex and being pregnant. It can’t be said that before this age they don’t get pregnant, but this is a natural and safe age limit for them.

Signs of Rabbit’s Pregnancy

Rabbits are experts in hiding their sickness. They could look similar as usual even when they are sick or having an internal problem.

So, it is hard for most of us to find out a pregnant rabbit at the first stage. However, there are some obvious symptoms that lead to the answer of how to tell if a rabbit is pregnant.

Rabbit is Gaining Weight

If the female rabbit is gaining weight then she may be carrying her spawn which is called litter in zoology.

Though she may only gain just some ounce than usual, so you would not be able to find out in bare eyes. You should weigh her before giving her food and check her weight more than two or three times.

Realize the Babies Existence

You can understand if your rabbit is pregnant or not by feeling her lower abdomen. Lift her up slowly and put her in your hand. Softly touch her down the belly and you can feel the babies if she is pregnant.

Mood Changes

Just like a human, a rabbit’s mood also changes when she is pregnant. You may surprisingly find out that the female rabbit who liked you some days ago, suddenly behaves unusually.

Maybe she is trying to keep a distance from you or when you approach she may be grunting or thumping her feet. This can be mood-changing if she is pregnant.

Nesting Behavior

A female rabbit will do nesting behavior when she is pregnant. She might dig holes on the ground when outside and try to dig on your clothes when inside.

She might seem to find a secret place and trying to stay there for a while. She does this kind of activity when she is pregnant. She needs a place to give birth to her babies.

Hungry than Usual

The pregnant rabbit should seem hungry than usual. When you feed her she might be noticed to have more foods than usual. She would try to finish her food faster to get her dishes fulfilled again.

Pulling Furs

When a rabbit is pregnant, she might pull her fur out. This is their basic instinct. Maybe she feels irritation on her skin and pulls her furs out.

Moreover, pulling fur out can be a nesting behavior if you don’t provide her any cage or hutch for breeding. There are some great stuffs you can offer her for breeding.

Unwilling to Mate

This is the stage when a rabbit may feel a different kind of health issue. She won’t be able to feel the same as before.

So, she may lose interest in male rabbits and unwilling to have sex at this time. Though their gestation period doesn’t take long. Maybe just from 21 to 31 days.

Things to do for a Pregnant Rabbit

A pregnant rabbit is no less than a pregnant human. She needs the almost same care as we do for any pregnant lady.

As a conscious owner, you must arrange some things for your pregnant rabbits to reduce their pain and for safe breeding.

Let’s see what arrangements we can manage for a pregnant rabbit.

Separation: When you find out your rabbit is pregnant, separate her from other rabbits. If the pregnant rabbit is not separated, she might get hurt or male rabbits may try to intimate with her.

More Feeding: Feed her more than before. As she is pregnant now, she will demand more food. Try to give her fresh hay, grass, fruits, and healthy pellets.

Nest: Create a nest and offer her a good place for breeding. She needs a dry, calm place to take a rest and to get ready for giving birth.

Litterbox: There are many kinds of litterbox on market at a cheap price. Bring her one. At the time of pregnancy, rabbits may pee much.

Meet Vet: You should meet the vet when your rabbit is pregnant. A vet can suggest you some special tips and if your rabbit needs any medicine, the vet can help.

Do Rabbits Show False Pregnancy?

Yes, rabbits can confuse you with false pregnancy. They may show the same symptoms even when they are not pregnant.

But you can find out if it is false or not. If those symptoms don’t continue after 2 or 3 weeks, then it is false pregnancy.

Things to Consider

We, living beings are not so different at some stage. A stage like pregnancy is sensitive for both humans and animals. Rabbits need much care and affection too at this time.

You are now informed of all the symptoms of pregnancy and all the effective tips to follow when your rabbit is pregnant. Try to follow them and help the rabbit to bring beautiful rabbits on this earth.


If you have read through the article then you the person who already knows how to tell if a rabbit is pregnant. Your rabbits rely on you and when any of them is pregnant, she needs you more than others.

Stay there and we hope you get some angelic baby rabbits.

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