Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper?


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Unlike people, rabbits don’t complain about whatever they’re eating, right? They get bored pretty easy. To keep themselves busy rabbits chew on anything that crosses their way. But not all of them are edible. So, why do rabbits eat paper? Read along, you’ll find the answer to why this happens and is it harmful to them or not.

why do rabbits eat paper?

Overeating of paper is harmful to your rabbit. Just like humans, rabbits don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest paper. As humans, if we eat a small amount of paper, it won’t digest and it will be decomposed with other elements. It happens the same for rabbits. But if they overeat paper, it’ll be harder to decompose and they will get sick.

In this article, we will discuss thoroughly all the facts of a rabbit eating paper including its pros and cons. Also, in the end, you will learn how you can keep your rabbit away from eating paper.

Why Do Rabbits Eat Paper?

Rabbits don’t directly eat paper. They are playful creatures by nature. So, they are more interested to play with the paper. They love to shred them. While doing that, they may or may not eat paper.

If you find them eating the paper after playing, it’s a clear sign that they are hungry. You should give them your selected rabbit food. Thus, they will stop eating the paper and start having their food.

Do Rabbits Like To Eat Paper?

Rabbits like to play with papers. Usually, they like to keep themselves busy with something for a long time. You may see some rabbits playing with different things. Just because papers are easier to get hands-on, they play with them.

But they don’t really like eating paper over their regular food. You can try that and see for yourself. But you should have a complete idea about their food habits and nutrition to keep yourself informed about what they eat and what helps them to grow.

Should Rabbits Play With Shredded Paper?

Just because overeating paper can make your rabbit sick, does not mean you have to keep them far away from it.

But it’s true that paper can cause lethal damage. It’s not digestible, thus it blocks the intestines of the rabbit and causes great damage. Also, can kill your rabbit. How can you keep your rabbit safe?

There are two things that you can do. You can keep them totally away from paper. Or you can shred the papers and spread them on their hutch. I did the second thing with my one.

Does Shredded Paper Stop Rabbits From Eating Paper?

This is a follow-up question for you to ask. Many people use shredded paper as the lining for their rabbit’s Hutch including me. Trust me it didn’t stop my rabbit from eating paper whenever it was hungry.

But the papers were shredded, so they had no way to clot the intestines of the rabbits. Also, I keep a regular check if my rabbit is hungry or not. If you don’t have time to do that, you should apply to alternatives. It’s better safe than sorry.

What Can You Use For Hutch Lining Instead Of Shredded Paper?

You can use a lot of things. It has to be comfortable for them. Because rabbits are very delicate creatures, you have to keep them very safe from the smallest of things.

You can always use

Shredded papers are best because they provide the necessary amount of ventilation, but these linings don’t. That’s why, if you use any of these substrates, you have to make sure there’s enough ventilation.

How Can You Keep Your Rabbit Busy?

Being a very playful creature, rabbits require constant attention or a playmate or a toy to spend time. Sometimes shredded paper bedding is not enough to keep them busy, because by nature they are very curious animals. So, they like to discover new things.

If it’s possible, you have to ensure that you’re always there when your rabbit needs you. But that’s not possible for everyone’s case, is it? What can be the solution then?

You can follow my steps. I have brought a second rabbit to keep my little friend accompanied. Rabbits have a very fulfilling social life. They like to spend time with their friends. So, to keep one busy, bring a second rabbit.

Is Newspaper Toxic For Rabbits?

Newspapers were published using petroleum-based ink. That ink was actually very toxic. But now newspaper inks are very safe. So, you can easily use newspapers to line the hutch.

But you can never be more cautious. A little test can keep them safe. Just rub the ink, if it smudges off from the newspaper, then it’s petroleum because petroleum ink is heavy and it never completely dries out.

Only use newspaper which doesn’t have smudgy inks. In this way, it’s safer for your rabbits.

Is Toilet Paper Safe For Rabbits?

Toilet paper solutes very easily with water. That does not necessarily mean it can’t harm your bunny. It’s the least toxic among all kinds of papers.

So, if your rabbits eat a bit much from the toilet papers than usual, there’s nothing to be afraid of. But never give them toilet paper to eat. Just because it’s non-toxic that does not mean it’s nutritious for your little buddy.

Last Words

Finally, try to teach children about not feeding paper to the bunny. Because, playfully, children tend to force-feed animals very odd materials. that causes the animals to get sick or even worse, die. So, if your rabbits have access to children activity, teach them about food habit and dangers of the rabbits.

I’m sure you have found the answer to why do rabbits eat paper. If your bunny is having a small amount there’s nothing to be afraid of. Now, due to that if you deprive your rabbit of playing with paper, it will get sad and bunnies can die of sadness. So, always try to keep your little friends happy if you can.

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