Do Bunnies Bite?

“You don’t see it doesn’t mean it exists”

A dialogue from the movie “The art of self-defense”. Have you seen it yet? No? Try once. So why I am saying this kind of thing while writing this article right? Well, here we are talking about a very gentle, funny, and friendly animal- the rabbits.

So, as they are soft and tiny, they are dangerous? Do bunnies bite? Or anything that is harmful can be happened by them?

Today we are so gonna talk about these and this article will help you to understand your bunny’s behavior.

Do bunnies bite?

Yes, bunnies bite. When they are scared, tortured, disturbed, and hungry or in any situation that is totally not comfortable then they might bite.

Why do bunnies bite?

Before we discuss the reasons behind biting, we should see some facts. Those are:

  1. Bunnies are more likely to live together. At least they need one company.
  2. They don’t like to stay hungry for quite a long time.
  3. They need a place from harsh sound and light.
  4. Bunnies take much time than other animals to create a good bonding with the owner.
  5. Bunnies are good at hiding illness.
  6. A single bunny takes time to become familiar with another new bunny. Sometimes they fight too.

Ok, you must be thinking that why I am telling this. Because of these facts, these habits of bunnies are very important when they start biting.

When do bunnies bite?

  • Fear: If you chase your rabbit, pick it up suddenly, or restrain it then it feels scared. That time your bunny attempts to bite you.
  • Stress: Harsh noise, darkness, being alone for a long time creates stress in them. They got angry. An angry creature can do anything it wants.
  • Defending: When you do not spay or neuter your bunnies then they become defending, more likely to territoriality. If you approach them for showing affection, they might think that you are an intruder who is invading their space. Then you may be bitten by them while they were protecting themselves.
  • Pain and sickness: When they are in pain, they become fearful. Bitting, you is not a big deal for them then.
  • Rabbit error: When you give them food or just have touched any food and then you are touching them then they bite because your hand smells like food!

Do bunnies bite dangerous?

Before starting this I would like to mention the word “Nipping”. Most of the rabbits nip you instead of bitting. Nipping means biting you but not opening their mouth wide.

A nip from your bunnies is not harmful or painful. It’s a gentle behave from them. They do it when they try to show some dominance or that kind of thing. Also, they try to draw your attention by nipping you.

But biting is another thing. When a bunny bites you hard, you must feel pain. Remember, bunnies are prey animals. They are soft, tiny, and almost have no weapon with them to protect. They either flee away or dig the ground to hide in.

Their teeth are enough hard, long, and sharp. They chew things, bite their foods, and when in danger they might use teeth as a weapon. Though when a baby bunny bites you, it is not that painful. But when a grown-up bunny bites? Yes, it is painful almost all the time.

But good thing is, they do not contain poison in their teeth if you keep them clean and safe while giving them soft and herbivorous foods, their teeth are not much dangerous so their bite too.

Still, if your bunnies are not well treated and any of them is sick somehow then there are some problems.

Let’s check these out:

  • Tetanus: A disease from bacterial toxin gets into a wound in the mouth.
  • Tularemia: Though this is rare but can be happened to many pretty serious bunnies. But they can be cured by antibiotics.
  • Rabies: This can be a fatal disease to most of the bunnies when they are not well treated or kept in a dirty place.
  • Pasteurellosis: This bacteria can be found in the mouth and respiratory tracts. If any bunny carries this and bites you, then you may find infections.
    But all these diseases can be cured by proper medicine.

How to stop bunnies from biting?

Biting, fighting, or creating a mess inside the owner’s house is not things that bunnies love to do? No, they are friendly and create a good bond with the owner.

To stop bunnies biting you must follow these:

  • Try to pick them up slowly and a soft touch on their head, ears would be great.
  • When you are around them, try to play with them. Make them feel that you are not a toxic person.
  • Create a hutch and a playground for them which is out of harsh noise and strong light.
  • Don’t keep them hungry for a long time.
  • Try to give them various foods often.
  • Check every month each rabbit. If there is an infection or any suspicious marks.
  • Neuter and spay your rabbits when they are growing up.

Things to consider

Your pet animal can never be your enemy. Never. They feel special when we do any good for them. Try to be a good and caring owner, they will love you back too. Still, there are many bad bunnies like your bad child.

But when a child is bad what do we do? Do we abandon it? No. Your bunny is like that child too. Try to love it and make the bunny a very good and happy bunny. Because, after all, only love and the loving person wins.


Now you have informed about why do bunnies bite and what are the steps you can take to stop them biting. We all spread love among animals.

When any animal is our pet, then treating them well, making them safe, and feeling them happy is also our responsibilities.

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