Why Does My Bunny Grunt?


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If I ask you what are the characteristics you prefer before having a pet animal in your house? What would be those reasons?

To me, noise-free is most important. I prefer those animals which are either totally noise-free or make a little noise.

We are talking about rabbits here. So, we should talk about the noises they make why and when. If you pet a bunny then you must have already noticed its grunting or honking and you may be asked yourself why does my bunny grunt?

Well, your inner self is not gonna reply to this but you are here and this article will guide you to the exact answer.

Why does my bunny grunt?

To gain attention from the owner, for expressing excitement, for wishing to mate, or to show its disturbance bunny grunts. Sometimes they grunt when they are scared or feel uneasy.

Is it normal when a bunny grunt?

Rabbits are considered as harmless and soundless animals. Whether a dog or cat can be furious sometimes to its owner but a bunny is never harmful or too noisy.

Still, they make noise. Yes, they do.

But there are many reasons for it. Grunting sounds something unusual. When your bunny is disturbed or been hungry for quite a long time then it grunts.

In short, when your bunny feels offended then it grunts. And this type of behavior is normal.

When a bunny grunts?

Before starting this, I am showing you some examples of what we do for them but what they think of us. It might sound crazy.

If you clean a rabbit’s hutch for its own good, they will think that you are destroying their territory. If you block the places where they hop and the place is dangerous, they will think you are removing away their favorite place.

As well as, if you return your rabbits to their hutch for their own safety, they will think that you are cutting down their playtime. While you attempt to pick them up and show some affection they will think you are picking them up to eat them!!

Sounds crazy right? But it’s true and behind these funny behaviors, you must remember your soft and tiny pet is a prey animal. So, being scared fast is not unusual for them.

Besides these, your bunny may grunt when:

  • Hungry for a long time.
  • Doesn’t feel comfortable with the place.
  • Scared.
  • Feels offended when anything approaches towards it.

Unusual Grunts: Why and What to Do?

Rabbits are sensitive animals. They even die because of depression and that depression can be made by harsh noise. They grunt in a very usual way, just like they honk.

But there may be some situations when they grunt in a very usual way. We must find out at once why they are doing this and what to do.

  • Any harsh noise or any bad smell causes them to feel disturbed and they grunt to draw your attention.
  • The rabbit is sick and feeling uncomfortable when it grunts a lot.
  • The same food routine every day and the food must have been boring and then they grunt.
  • They feel insecure when you approach then they grunt.
  • Alone rabbit also grunts when it needs a mate.

So now, what to do? I am trying my best to show you exactly the right steps you should take when this situation comes.

Let’s notice:

  • Make a hutch at a place where is out of harsh sound and smell.
  • Try any vet doctor if your rabbit seems sick or unhealthy.
  • Change the rabbit’s food often. They would like to taste new foods sometimes.
  • Don’t pick your rabbits up when they are new and still not a friend of you. Try to sit back when they hop around you.
  • Don’t step roughly when they are relaxing.
  • If you pet one rabbit and that little rabbit is not okay while playing alone, then it is time to bring another one.
  • If you have other pets in your house, then please try to show affection to everyone similarly.

Rabbit grunts to another rabbit

Sometimes it happens that you have raised two rabbits happily and suddenly one of them starts grunting to another rabbit. This is normal. This happens to the female one most.

If the female rabbit feels offended by other male rabbit’s action then it grunts. This happens mostly when the female rabbit is already pregnant and the male one is trying to mate. At this time, female rabbits don’t allow that and grunts to show a warning.

Sometimes food sharing is an issue also. To handle this, you should give them separately and neither grunting happens nor fighting.

Anyway, don’t make your rabbit jealous. Try to show the same affectionate behavior with both of the rabbits.

Things to consider

Grunting is a way of expressing any bad or unusual feeling from rabbits. They don’t bark or create any loud sound when they are feeling bad. So when a rabbit grunts, try to find out the possible reasons behind it.

Rabbits take much time than other animals to be friends with you. So, give them time and space when you bring any rabbit in your house.

You have already been informed of what the reasons are when they make grunt. Take step according to that suggestion and make your rabbits’ grunt free.


A pet makes you happy when you come back home or when you are stressed. So making them comfortable is also your responsibility.

As they are unable to make loud sounds, they can’t speak but what they do is grunting, honking, thumping their feet, or anything else to draw your attention when any critical situation happens, so you must keep a sharp eye on them when they create even a lower sound like grunt or honk.

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