Do Rabbits Like Quiet?


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If you have a pet rabbit, you probably have noticed that whenever you yell at someone loudly, raise TV volume or play loud music, your bunny tends to avoid such a noisy place and hides in a corner or searches for a quiet place.

Rabbit owners often get worried about such behavior, especially if they are having a bunny as a pet for the first time. This behavior seen in rabbits is completely different from that of other domesticated animals like cats and dogs. The question that arises in one’s mind is, “Do rabbits like quiet?”

If yes! What’s the reason behind it? Read the article below to know why your bunny acts in such a manner.

Do Rabbits Like Loud Noises?

No, rabbits don’t like loud noises. In fact, rabbits are afraid of loud sounds. For example, a wild rabbit can be afraid of a thunderstorm, while pet rabbits can easily get frightened by fireworks, vacuum cleaners, or loud children.

When you watch tv or listen to music at increased volumes to prevent boredom, you are making these small animals feel scared. In short, rabbits enjoy a peaceful place with no sounds.

Why Are Rabbits Afraid of Loud Bangs?

The reason rabbits are sensitive to loud sounds is that they are prey animals. They have a constant fear of being eaten away by feral cats, wild dogs, eagles, falcons, hawks, and other animals. Wild bunnies are more vulnerable to predators than pet rabbits.

Whenever they hear loud sounds or fear wild animals, they get into their underground tunnels to escape the predator. Pet bunnies also behave the same way and hide in their hutch.

How to Protect Rabbits From Noise?

Wild bunnies can manage to escape the predators or loud sounds on their own, but you need to take some steps to keep the furry friend safe inside the home. For this reason, build the rabbit’s room inside the house. Outdoor rabbits are not safe and easily get scared. But owners have many concerns about keeping the rabbits in a hutch inside the house.

The major concern is how the rabbit will get natural light? The solution to this problem is building a cage inside the house where there is a window nearby so that the site gets direct sunlight during the day. In this way, you can provide your bunny with natural light.

Moreover, when rabbits sleep at night, don’t try to provide them with artificial light. It will only distract them from sleeping. Rabbits can easily sleep in the mid of the day under natural light as well as at night in the darkness.

Don’t try to mess with their sleep schedule by providing any additional lights. All you need to take care of is that they have enough space to sleep and play around. Make a proper hutch or a cage, not a cardboard box. Furthermore, the cages sold at the pet stores are not as big as rabbits need.

Another concern might arise regarding the young rabbit babies. When rabbits reproduce, won’t the rabbit’s enclosure get smaller? For this purpose, spay the female rabbits and neuter the male rabbits. You won’t be able to accommodate litter in your house.

How Do Rabbits Show Fear?

Rabbits are not only afraid of noise but also get scared by uncommon smells such as blood, humans including new family members, and other pets such as cats, dogs, or some more animals who they take as their predators. Following are the signs rabbits show when they are frightened:


Grunting is referred to as a deep growly sound for a short interval. Rabbits grunt when they are afraid. They show this behavior usually when trying to protect their territory. If they hear the sound of a new bunny or another animal near their hutch, they start grunting.

Besides fear, this sign is also taken as the sign of the bunny being angry or frustrated. If you have more than one rabbit from the opposite sex, you can see one rabbit grunting at the other. It might be because he wants to mate. In such a situation, it’s best to leave the rabbits alone.


When rabbits see, hear, or smell something strange, they start thumping. Then, they suddenly become alert and stand still with, striking their rear foot on the ground.

Some rabbits thump one hind foot while some thump both the hind feet. Usually, by the time rabbits learn that the danger is gone, they stop thumping.

In this case, keep your rabbit engaged in some other activity to distract him from whatever danger he is perceiving. Then, to make your bunny feel safer, try to identify the danger and get rid of it.

Running Away

Ever seen a rabbit running away when you try to pick him up. Don’t worry, I know your intention was not bad, you were just trying to cuddle him or pet him, but he ended up running away. So you don’t have to feel bad at all.

Rabbits do this all the time when they are not bonded with the owner enough. They are prey to many animal species hence running away is a part of their innate behavior. So beforee you bought him from a pet store, he might have had a bad experience with other humans or a family who failed to bond with such a lovely and innocent creature.

Let the bunny take his time and treat him nicely. All he wants is affection and love. Once he has a strong bond with you, he won’t run away. Rather whenever he feels unsafe, he will run to you.


When rabbits hear loud and sudden sounds, they run to the place where they feel safe. It might be a cage or a rabbit house. They hide for a long time until they are assured that the danger is gone. If your rabbit spends a lot of time alone hiding in his hutch, it’s time to know the core problem.

Constant fear or stress can cause numerous health problems as well as a heart attack or sudden death. Rabbits need to be assured that they are safe with you, so don’t let them get bored or feel abandoned.

Rigid Posture

Another sign of showing fear is standing in an alert position. For example, the rabbit might stand on the rear two feet, a straight and rigid body, with ears pointed outwards. It shows that the rabbit has sensed fear and is completely alert to run away in case something strange or dangerous shows up.

Freezing in Their Place

Bunny is an expert at acting freeze due to his unique personality. He stays at his place without moving a single body part.

How to Calm a Terrified Rabbit?

You have probably noticed your rabbit getting frightened easily; no doubt he is a prey animal, and fearing others is in his instinct. If your rabbit gets terrified due to some reason, try to calm him as soon as possible.

Don’t let your rabbit be terrified for a long period of time as it can be dangerous. Instead, try talking to him, assure him that he is safe, give him a treat, and make him realize that you will protect him no matter what. In this way, he can calm down.

A loud voice or your children’s loud screaming can also scare them, so never yell in front of your rabbit and keep your rabbit away from noisy areas. Avoid playing loud music instead; play some soothing music that will make him feel pleasant.

Play With the Rabbit

Showing affection to your bunny can help him a lot in a frenzy. Playing with him works wonders if he is terrified. Playing with the rabbit on the ground level makes your friend feel safer as the ground is his territory, and he doesn’t like being picked up above the ground.

Cuddle with him and provide him with a lot of toys. He will get busy with the toys and will calm down. Sometimes, rabbits begin to chew toys, therefore avoiding giving him toys that can harm him.

Pet the Rabbit

Rabbits love to be petted. Petting him gently can calm down your terrified rabbit. The safest place to pet your bunny is on his forehead. But don’t approach your hand directly towards him, as it can scare him even more.

Try learning your rabbit’s behavior and pet him in a way that can relax him, relieving all his stress. Other areas where rabbits like being petted are on the back, behind ears, and on cheeks, but they don’t like it when someone touches their chin, feet, and belly. They also like receiving a full-body massage.

Feed the Rabbit

The easiest way to make your rabbit feel relaxed and happy is by feeding him his favorite snacks. A fresh, tasty treat of fruits and veggies is perfect. Banana is something that most rabbits go crazy over. A meal full of fresh hay can also be a good one.

Bread, cookies, nuts, and grains should never be fed to the bunny; you will probably end up making him sick in an attempt to relax him. Instead, try to sit with your bunny and observe him when he is munching on his favorite treats. Then, when you feed him a variety of tasty foods, your bunny will rest assured that you truly care for him.

Why Are Rabbits Too Noisy at Night?

New rabbit owners might mistake the pets for nocturnal animals because of the disturbance they create at night. In fact, rabbits are crepuscular. Therefore, they are active during the twilight periods of the day, i.e., dawn and dusk.

These are the times when the intensity of the light is in between the bright sunshine and the dark night. This is because the predators are either not fully awake or are full after having their meal. In this way, rabbits can protect themselves by sleeping during the mid of the day and late at night.

As bunnies become super active in the late evenings, they might not let you go to the bed peacefully. Rabbits don’t disturb like other animals do, such as barking or meowing like a dog or a cat does, but they disturb you in their own way.

They will bring their toys to you so that you play with them. They are not the type to watch television with you. Most rabbits get bored and lose interest easily. They might hop into your lap to get cuddled or petted. They might start grunting and thumping if you put them in a separate room.

How to Put Noisy Rabbits to Sleep?

If your rabbit disturbs you a lot at night and won’t let you sleep, you can follow these steps to put them to sleep.

Give Them Food

Rabbits love being fed. You, too, will love seeing him chew his favorite snacks. You can give him a tasty meal of fresh hay to eat. A fresh and delicious treat of fruits and vegetables can also be given to the bunny in addition to hay. Unlike depicted in cartoons and pictures, giving him a lot of carrots is not a good idea. It will give him an upset stomach and make him sick.

Give a Quiet, Comfy Space

A rabbit feels safe when he has a comfortable place to sleep. A quiet hutch for a rabbit means a serene, calm, and composed bedroom. Turn off the lights. A fully lit room will only stimulate these activated pets to start playing.

While building his hutch, remember that it would be better to keep a separate sleeping area with soft edible bedding. Most of the time, when the rabbit is dead tired and hungry at the same time, it starts eating its bedding. So, opt for the bedding that won’t harm him if he eats some of it.

Exhaust Them by Playing

If your bunny doesn’t sleep on time and disturbs you, try to change his daily routine a bit. For example, make him do some exercises or play with him. Such activities engage him in using all his body parts, resulting in the bunny getting tired. A tired rabbit falls asleep as soon as his head touches the bedding.


Rabbits are extremely sensitive animals. Unlike a cat or a dog, a rabbit is afraid of loud sounds. It is because a rabbit is a prey animal and is always conscious of even the slightest sounds to protect himself from predators.

Whether pets or wild, bunnies always seek a quiet place to live in. As a rabbit owner, you must be aware of the fact that rabbits need quiet and comfy places. You must never do something to scare your innocent friend.

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